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Cellometer Teaching Lab Program

Cellometer Teaching Lab

Ideal for Academic Institutions or Teaching Professors

Students are introduced to automated cell counting methods and are better prepared for a career in the life sciences.

Tried and Tested.

The Teaching lab has been successfully implemented in university courses including Freshman Research Initiatives and Research Methodology.

Ideal for courses that introduce students to:

  • Using Industry Standard Biotechnology Tools and Techniques
  • Examining Fundamental Cell Biology: Cell Health, Morphology, Viability
  • Basic Laboratory Techniques: Hemacytometer vs Automated Counting
  • Hands-on Experience Using Research Tools in Student Driven Projects
  • How to Incorporate Novel Technology into Routine Work Flow

Teaching Lab Package Includes:

  • Cellometer Mini or Auto 1000 & Software
  • Box of 75 Cellometer Counting Chambers
  • 25 Manual Cell Counting Chambers
  • 5 Cell Calculation Note Pads
  • 1 Suggested Curriculum Outline (editable)
  • 1 Suggested Cell Counting Protocol & Worksheet (editable)
  • 12 Month Instrument Warranty
  • Remote Program Support
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