3D Phenotypic Cellular Models

3D phenotypical cellular models
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Assay Protocols & Demos

Growth Inhibition

Image and measure the size of 3D tumor spheroids under multiple drug and growth conditions over time.

Measure Apoptosis

Monitor apoptosis in 3D tumor spheroids.

Tumor Spheroid Viability

Detect and monitor the viability of 3D tumor spheroids.

Quantify Invasion into Matrigel

Measure the cell invasion from a spheroid into Matrigel.

Measure Migration onto ECM

Measure the cell outgrowth from a spheroid onto an extracellular matrix (ECM).

Tumorsphere Formation & Clonogenic Survival

Perform tumorsphere formation and clonogenic assays to quantify size and number of formed tumorspheres.

EBs & PDOs

Measure size and number of embryoid bodies and patient-derived organoids.

3D Confrontation Assay

Monitor the confrontation between 3D tumor spheroids.

Z-Stack & Volumetric Analysis

Acquire z-stack data from your cell samples and perform volumetric analysis with PerkinElmer high-content screening systems. ​