Automated imaging and detection of cytolytic plaques for neutralization assay

  1. A monolayer of host cells are seeded into a 6-, 12-, or 24-well plate
  2. Mixtures of the virus and various dilutions of the antibodies are produced and allowed to incubate for 2 hours
  3. After incubation, the different mixtures are then added to the host cells and incubated for another 2 hours
  4. The results showed a dose dependent decrease in the formation of cytolytic plaques as the antibody concentration increased
  5. In addition, plaque number and size information can be directly exported into excel for additional plotting and analysis
directly count cytolytic plaques

The Celigo Image Cytometer can directly count cytolytic plaques in plates

counted cytolytic plaques

Plate-view of counted cytolytic plaques treated with different antibody concentrations in a 12-well plate

Plaque count
67 19 4 2
63 13 2 0

Plaque count and size measurement from the Celigo

Plaque size (µm2)
453017.801 478668.211 375579.65 58492.7559
481462.961 313941.745 382699.547 NaN

The Celigo Image Cytometer automates antibody neutralization assays: