Belen Belete-Gilbert

About Belen Belete-Gilbert

Belen is the Southeast Territory Manager for Nexcelom Bioscience. She is obsessed with providing solutions & excellent customer service. A life-long learner & educator, she has navigated bench tops of academia to sales; striving to be 1% better every day. Will detour to enjoy good cappuccino or lager.

Nexcelom Automated Cell Counters: Accurate, Reproducible Cell Counts for the Entire Cell Therapy Workflow

Accurate Cell Counting for CAR T Therapy Variability is inevitable in the booming field of cell therapy, where “products” are derived from living human cells, where each donor is different. To ensure high quality, low production runs, and cost: Optimized apheresis collection, GMP/GLP friendly cell isolation and processing protocols are a must. In such workflows, accurate cell counting remains a bottleneck in the production and testing of cell therapy products. Good news and bad news. There is good and bad news, depending on how you see the world: The good news for labs that do a lot of cell counting [...]

Cellometer on Tap – Yeast Cell Counting for Breweries

How many brewers does it take to count yeast? This sounds like the beginning of a bad joke. In truth, cell counting is really simple but labor intensive & extremely time-consuming. With a Nexcelom Cellometer X2 – it only takes one click & 30 seconds per sample! Cellometer has earned a reputation as the “go to” cell counter for breweries seeking accurate yeast counts, viability & vitality. Just look at the map comparing the distribution of Nexcelom’s Cellometer automated yeast counters and the Top 50 breweries in the US. Data based on beer sales volume adapted from Brewery Association (BA) [...]