Christine Rollando

About Christine Rollando

Christine Rollando is a Biotech industry veteran with over 25 years of experience. She has had the pleasure to collaborate and offer technology advances to scientists throughout her extensive career, and to see the fruits of these labors transformed into great scientific achievement across the globe. Christine is the Western Manager for Nexcelom Biosciences.

Celigo Provides Image-Based Proof of Single-Cell Clonality

Over the last few years, single cell sorting has gained importance not only because it is an essential technique for day-to-day lab research, but also due to the regulatory process for new drugs. Single cell sorting is important The FDA identifies clonality as one of the most crucial steps in guaranteeing cell line quality and safety. However, the FDA does not currently specify what percentage of clonality is acceptable, nor do they specify which single cell sorting methods are recommended. As more and more pharmaceutical companies push drugs through clinical trials, FDA regulations and single cell sorting are of increasing [...]