Automate Hemacytometer … Now Even Faster and Easier

Cellometer Bright Field Cell Counters

Cellometer Bright Field Cell Counters


  • Cell count and trypan blue viability in <10 seconds!
  • Proprietary Cell Membrane Outline Algorithm to count irregular shaped cells, cells in clusters and produce cell size histograms
  • View, print, and save counted cell images, data reports, and cell size histograms

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All-In-One System.

Cellometer Auto 1000
A convenient stand-alone system with a large, userfriendly touch screen.

Proven Performance.

Cellometer Auto T4
Used by all 40 NCI comprehensive cancer centers and the top 10 pharmaceutical companies.


Cellometer Mini
The most affordable option for accurate, automated cell counting and trypan blue viability.

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Examples of Cellometer in Publications

Cell count for large cancer cell line panels: “A genome-wide screen for microdeletions reveals disruption of polarity complex genes in diverse human cancers.” Rothenberg SM, Mohapatra G, Rivera MN, et al. (2010) Cancer Res 70: 2158-64.
Cell viability by trypan blue: “Increased Expression of the dsRNA-Activated Protein Kinase PKR in Breast Cancer Promotes Sensitivity to Doxorubicin.” Bennett RL, Carruthers AL, Hui T, et al. (2012) PLoS One 7: 1-12.
Cell size analysis for mesenchymal stem cells: “Quantitative Approaches to Detect Donor and Passage Differences in Adipogenic Potential and Clonogenicity in Human Bone Marrow-Derived Mesenchymal Stem Cells.” Lo Surdo J, Bauer SR. (2012) Tissue Eng Part C Methods 18: 877-89.

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