Automate Hemocytometer for Murine Primary Samples

Cellometer Bright Field and Fluorescent Cell Counters for Murine Primary Samples

Obtain fast, accurate, and consistent cell viability and concentration measurements of primary murine samples in < 30 seconds —

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  • Tissue debris, cell debris, and red-blood cell contamination can lead to inconsistent cell counts from sample to sample when performing manual counting
  • Performing fluorescent-based analysis using Acridine Orange/ Propidium Iodide (AO/PI) allows for the identification and enumeration of only nucleated cells

Cell concentration and viability are two common measurements that are performed for great variety of primary murine samples: Mouse Tail Vein Bleeds, Splenocytes, Lymphocytes, BAL, Tissue Digests, Tumor Digests, and others.

Mouse Tail Vein Blood

Mouse Tail Vein Blood

  • Fluorescent staining of mononuclear cells ONLY in mouse tail vein bleed sample.
  • Red-blood cells seen in the bright-field are not stained and therefore are not counted.

Mouse Splenocytes

Mouse Splenocytes

  • Only nucleated cells are detected in each sample.
  • Viability and Concentration measurements are based on the fluorescent detection of live (green) and dead (red) cells.

Mouse Bronchoalveolar Lavage Sample

Mouse Bronchoalveolar Lavage Sample

  • Only nucleated cells are stained with acridine orange.
  • From multiple captured images the software automatically reports the cell concentration.

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Cellometer automatically quantifies cell viability and concentration for a variety of immunologically relevant samples such as: bone marrow, cord blood, splenocytes, lymphocytes, isolated mononuclear cells, tumor digests, murine samples, and others.

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