Novel Fluorescent Viability and Vitality Detection Method for Ale and Lager Yeast Fermentation using Cellometer Vision

It's White Paper Wednesday! Read our featured white paper: Novel Fluorescent Viability and Vitality Detection Method for Ale and Lager Yeast Fermentation using Cellometer Vision Automated cell counting methods can monitor yeast concentration and viability throughout fermentation to ascertain cell health and the amount of yeast to be pitched or repitched, all of which contributes to the quality and flavor consistency of the final product [1,2,3]. Analyzing physiological and metabolic characteristics of the yeast cells permits operators to efficiently monitor yeast viability and vitality for quality control purposes, which impacts long-term storage and other physiological stresses.     Download our white [...]

Cellometer assists in creation of reference database of 1,800 quantified yeast proteins

Researchers at the University of Manchester (UK) created a reference database of 1,800 quantified S. cerevisiae proteins via specific isotope labeling and mass spectrometry. This is the largest database of its kind created to date, and the goal was to obtain a better understanding of intracellular protein concentrations, important information for those involved in molecular systems biology. The Cellometer was used to maintain accurate cell counts throughout experimentation. This database can now serve as a standard for the yeast proteome in all research going forward. Read the full publication here.  The Cellometer automated cell counters can provide many advantages in [...]

BrewDog embraces and endorses Cellometer X2 technology as they expand

In 2007 two guys (and their dog) set out on a journey to revolutionize the brewing industry. With a passion for flavor, quality and a love of craft brewing, they created the BrewDog brand. Almost a decade later they are by far one of the world’s premier craft brewers, with an ever-expanding British brewery, 26 independent bars around the world, and range of brews that have become the staple of the craft connoisseurs. Along with a huge export business comes the breaking of ground on BrewDog’s new US brewery (Ohio). In order to continue producing the highest quality beers consistently [...]

Craft brewers enhance brewing process and product taste using the Cellometer X1 and X2 instruments

Avery Brewing Company in Boulder, Colorado has introduced a Cellometer to their brewing process, improving their procedures, as well as the product’s taste and quality. The Cellometer is employed as a quality control check over the yeast cells inside the facility’s fermenters. Making sure the yeast cells fermenting the beer are healthy and enzymatically active ensures a high quality product, with fewer mutated and/or dying cells that can negatively affect the beer’s flavor. Adam, the owner  of Avery Brewing Co. says that the Cellometer has “changed the way we made beer and it also changed the way our beer tastes”.   Watch this episode of [...]

Quantification of Pathogenic Yeast / Fungi

Rapid Quantification of Pathogenic Fungi by Cellometer Image-Based Cytometry Joint collaboration between Nexcelom Bioscience and Merrimack College Objective: To demonstrate a simple image cytometry method for the quantification of viable pathogenic fungi, Histoplasma capsulatum. To validate image cytometry as a viable alternative method to CFU counting, a method that is time-consuming (sometimes taking 1-2 weeks for the formation of visible colonies), labor-intensive, and limited in efficiency and sensitivity. To validate image cytometry as a viable alternate to flow cytometry, due to the high cost, complexity, and biosafety containment issues associated with the use of flow cytometry for analysis of pathogenic [...]

1-Step Yeast Concentration and Yeast Viability: Fermentation Monitoring for Brewing

Monitoring of yeast viability during the fermentation process is an important quality control procedure employed by the brewing industry. Consistent yeast viability during the fermentation process is critical for batch-to-batch consistency and overall product quality. The Cellometer Auto X4 (10x) Fluorescent Cell Counter is specifically optimized for simple, 1-step determination of yeast concentration and viability and is ideal for both small and large breweries looking to automate their fermentation monitoring. Performance of the Cellometer Auto X4 (10x) has been proven in the largest breweries in the U.S. […]

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