Cape May Brewery

Nexcelom has been using a slogan for the past few years – Better tools for better biology for better life. We manufacture better tools (Cellometer & Celigo) that help researchers perform better biology (cell counts, viability, drug discovery, cell-based assays, etc…) which leads to advances in science and better life for everyone involved! When we were coming up with the slogan, we were going to finish the third part to read “for better science” – but one of our customer groups are breweries (yeast are cells, too!)  – and we didn’t want to exclude such an important group.

One of our newest brewery customers is Cape May Brewing Company, in Cape May, NJ.  Like many of our customers, they didn’t just decide to purchase the instrument. Instead, they first took us up on our Free, In-Lab Evaluation program. (It’s typically for a week, but we often extend it as requested by customers.) It’s a simple process: we ship the instrument, software and some starter materials, we get the users trained and confident in using the instrument, and the end user plays with it for a week – to really see how it performs on a day-in, day-out routine.

Cellometer X2 from Nexcelom

After evaluating our Cellometer X2, Cape May loved it so much, they decided to purchase. And they are so excited about their Cellometer, they wrote an awesome post about it on their blog. Check that out here! (We loved their blog post so much, we’re talking about their blog post in our blog post!)  They sum up the purpose of the instrument in a really great way – “In the simplest terms and the most convenient definition: it’s a piece of machinery that counts cells”  They have even begun to think of what to name it. “[W]e’re thinking of calling CeeLo”  

If you’re interested in learning more about our Free Evaluation Program – check out our webpage for the simple forms we’ll need from you, and then our Support team will be in touch to confirm the details with you.  And Cape May – we think CeeLo is a great name for your X2!