Cellometer Vision CBA combines the simplicity of image cytometry with the power of flow analysis software to offer simple, accurate cell-based assays.

Generate comparable results to flow cytometry with the Vision CBA Analysis System: Apoptosis

Cellometer Vision CBA video demonstrations

  • Autophagy
  • Cell Cycle
  • Proliferation
  • Transfection
  • Viability … and Others

Features of the Vision CBA Analysis System

  • Dual-Fluorescence: The Vision CBA Analysis System comes equipped with two standard fluorescent optics modules for dual-staining analysis of primary cells in heterogeneous samples.
  • Fast Results: Obtain cell images, counts, size measurements, viability calculations, and population data in < 3 minutes.
  • Enhanced Sensitivity: Analyze more complex cell based assays for apoptosis, liver toxicity, cell cycle, drug resistance, and more.
  • Imaging Flexibility: Fluorescent optics modules ranging from UV to red can be changed in just a few minutes, enabling advanced immunophenotyping experiments.
  • Menu of Pre-Set Assays: Drop-down menu of assays with pre-set optical module selection, exposure time, and data calculation/presentation criteria make imaging and analysis easy.
  • Vision CBA Analysis Software: This advanced data presentation and analysis software incorporates FCS Express 4™ to generate the same sophisticated data output as most flow-based instruments, with the added advantage of cell images.