You’ll be up and running your assays in 15 minutes, from delivery to cell analysis! Everything you need is included:
  • Ready-to-use laptop with software pre-installed.
  • Out-of-the-box ready Cellometer Spectrum, no calibration needed.
  • A complimentary box of slides and reagents.

It really is plug-and-play. Check out the Spectrum out-of-the-box video to see how simple and fast it is to set up.

Once the Spectrum is Set Up, What Can It Do?

Cellometer Spectrum Image Cytometer
The Cellometer Spectrum Image Cytometer performs cell-based assays in minutes. The system has user-changeable fluorescent optics modules (green, red, far red and blue) and provides flow results without flow cytometry.
  • No Washing, no clogging, no daily calibration
  • Nucleated cell counting & viability without RBC lysis
  • Only 20 µL per sample
  • Pre-programmed assays, ready to use

Cellometer Spectrum covers a wide range of applications:

  • Primary Cell Counting

Total Nuclear Count

Viability: Trypan, AO/PI

Cell Concentration

  • Functional Assays


Cell Cycle

Cell Proliferation

  • QC or Purity Check

Surface Markers

Stem Cell Markers

Transduction Efficiency

To learn more about the Cellometer Spectrum and how it fits into your workflow, Request a Demo from one of our Ph.D. Application Scientists!