Using Cellometer Image Cytometer to Perform Consistent and Accurate Cell Cycle, Apoptosis, and GFP Analysis

Cellometer K2 and Vision instruments are capable of not only accurately and quickly measuring the cell concentration and viability, but also have the capability to perform multiple cell-based assays. Below we highlight three such assays:

Cell Cycle Apoptosis GFP
Cell Cycle Apoptosis GFP

Performing Cell Cycle Assay

  • Analyze and compare the effects of different cell cycle pharmacological agents.
  • Provides researchers with the ability to visually review and confirm counted cells.
  • Use the provided FCS Express™ templates for quick and easy data analysis and presentation.
  • Data acquired on the Cellometer Image Cytometer is comparable to data acquired on flow cytometers.
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Performing Apoptosis Assay

  • Perform Annexin V, Caspase 3, Caspase 8, and JC-1 apoptosis assays.
  • Use Cellometer acquired images to examine cell size and morphology of apoptotic cells.
  • Data acquired on the Cellometer Image Cytometer is comparable to flow cytometry analysis.
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Detection of GFP Expression

  • Measure the percent of cells that are expressing GFP.
  • Simultaneously obtain cell viability and percent of GFP positive cells in a single assay.
  • Perform dual expression GFP/RFP assay.
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