How Long Does it Take to Set Up a Cellometer Spectrum Image Cytometer?

The Cellometer Spectrum Image Cytometer performs cell-based assays in minutes. The system has user-changeable fluorescent optics modules and provides flow results without flow cytometry.

Cellometer Vision helps undergraduates explore immunophenotyping in mouse bone marrow stem cells

A collaboration between Merrimack College (North Andover, MA) and Nexcelom Bioscience LLC used a Cellometer Vision in an undergraduate immunology classroom to explore differentiation, activation, cell surface marker expression and cytokine production in mouse bone marrow stem cells. The Cellometer Vision allowed the students to visualize and analyze their cells for various surface markers before designing experiments to explore the activity of natural anti-inflammatory compounds on TNF-alpha production. Read the full publication here.  More than 50% of Nexcelom employees hold advanced degrees - so it's no surprise that we love collaborations with other scientists and institutions. Many of our academic [...]

Using the Cellometer Vision Image Cytometer for Immunophenotyping

It's White Paper Wednesday! Read our featured white paper: Using the Cellometer Vision Image Cytometer for Immunophenotyping By developing fluorescent-based assays to immunophenotype cells, the Cellometer imaging cytometry can provide a quick, simple, and inexpensive alternative for biomedical research, which may be beneficial for smaller research laboratories and clinics. In this publication, we demonstrate an immunophenotyping assay to detect percentages of lymphocyte populations in the spleen and thumus via cell surface markers CD4, CD8, B220, and CD5 with Cellometer imaging cytometry as an alternative to flow cytometry. The data obtained by Cellometer were compared to those from conventional flow cytometry [...]

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