Transcript: 1-step Yeast Concentration & Viability Determination

The Cellometer Auto X4 (10x) is an image-based, single-fluorescence instrument optimized for 1-step determination of yeast concentration and viability.

For concentration & viability analysis, yeast cells are incubated with a propidium iodide staining solution. 20µl of sample is pipetted into a Cellometer counting chamber and allowed to settle for 5 minutes. The chamber is then inserted into the Cellometer Auto X4 (10x) Cell Counter.

After selecting the assay type and entering the sample ID, the brightfield image will appear on the screen. After focusing, click count. The X4 counts all of the yeast cells in the brightfield image to determine total number. The brightfield counted image indicates individual cells counted within cell clumps. The X4 counts the yeast cells in the fluorescent image to obtain the total number of dead or non-viable cells.

When cell imaging and counting is complete, the initial results table displays total cells counted, concentration, % viability, and mean cell diameter. Imaging and calculations are completed in less than 60 seconds for each sample.

The yeast images and results table can be exported for data archiving or presentation.

After removing the disposable Cellometer cell-counting chamber, the Auto X4 is ready to analyze the next sample. No washing or instrument set-up is required.

The Auto X4 (10x) offers proven performance in a variety of research and industry settings, including the largest U.S. breweries. Download the Yeast Application Note at or contact Nexcelom for more information.