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Webinar on Demand: The use of genetically modified mouse models and in vitro cell culture models for efficacy studies in immuno-oncology

Mouse models are an integral part of cancer research. Syngeneic tumor models and human immune cell-engrafted mice are two of the popular preclinical tools in immuno-oncology studies. During the first half of the webinar Dr. Frank An discusses the following:

  • Use of genetically humanized mice for antibody efficacy studies in mouse syngeneic cancer models.
  • Use of severely immuno-deficient B-NDG mice to characterize human immune cells activities (T and NK cells).

In the second half of the webinar, Dr. Andrea Love discusses challenges in immuno-oncology research and in vitro cell-based assays that can be used to overcome these. We will introduce image cytometry and how it is used to investigate therapeutic efficacy of cancer immunotherapies. We will review:

  • Immune cell functional assays to assess viability, cell health, and cell proliferation
  • Complex co-culture assays to measure specificity of immunotherapies
  • Personalized organoid models for cell-mediated cytotoxicity
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Frank An, PhD

Frank An, PhD
Frank is the Senior Director of In Vitro Pharmacology and Immuno-oncology at Biocytogen as an expert in advancing lead candidates, with strong expertise in applications of coordinated in vivo pharmacology, in vitro assays, and pharmacokinetics/pharmacodynamics (PK/PD) studies. Frank earned his PhD. from Brandeis University in Molecular and Cellular Biology and has contributed his skills to research operations at Millennium Pharmaceuticals (now Takeda), Bicycle Therapeutics, Horizon Discovery, and Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard.


Andrea C. Love, PhD
Andrea received her PhD in Immunology and Microbiology from New York Medical College. Her research focused on immune cell signaling and activation in the context of infectious disease, with particular emphasis on differential host-pathogen interactions. She joined Nexcelom in 2014 as a Field Applications Scientist, and currently serves as a Senior Business Development Manager, providing subject-matter expertise in the immunology and immuno-oncology research areas.