Transcript: Cellometer X2 Image Cytometer for Cell Counting and Analysis

The Cellometer X2 is an Image Cytometer for Cell Counting and Analysis focused primarily on yeast samples.

The system provides consistent, reliable and accurate counting results.

Viability is done with fluorescent stains.

Cell-based assays such as Cell Cycle or Vitality can also be performed.

Here is an example of a viability measurement. 20 microliters of yeast sample is mixed with Propidium Iodide solution and then loaded into the Cellometer counting chamber.

Unlike manual counting with a hemacytometer, the counting chamber is loaded into the Cellometer X2 which replaces the user’s eyes and microscope.

Cell images are previewed and a click of a button starts cell counting.

Bright field images are taken for total cell count. Fluorescent images are taken for dead cell count.

Cellometer then takes the cell images and analyzes them based on preset parameters to determine live and dead cell concentration and viability.

After cell images are acquired, results are displayed on the screen.

Results include the total count, cell size histogram, percent viability and concentration.

Results can be printed or saved to a network location in Text or Excel file formats.

To meet the desired target cell concentration or cell number, the software includes an intuitive sample adjustment calculator.

Cell images can be viewed to confirm counted cells.

The all plastic counting chamber is easily disposed of after use.

The Cellometer X2 consistently delivers reliable and accurate results.

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