EACR Conference Series- Goodbye Flat Biology: In Vivo Inspired Cancer Biology and Therapy

9-12 September 2018 | Berlin, Germany
Stand #3


    • Somaieh Hedayat, The Institute of Cancer Research, UK “Patients derived organoids (PDOs) to model therapy response ex vivoSomaieh Hedayat is working towards a PhD on how the tissue microenvironment can affect the response of metastatic colorectal cancer cells to antiangiogenic therapies. Prior to beginning her PhD, she spent 10 years working as a Higher Scientific Officer (HSO) in the Drug Discovery Unit on target validation and cancer biomarker projects. After gaining experience in in vivo and ex vivo biology, she decided to adjust her career path slightly and in 2016 embarked on a PhD.
  • Muge Sarper, The Institute of Cancer Research, UK “Large-scale phenotypic drug screen on biomimetic 3D models”Muge Sarper. I have done my PhD in Barts Cancer Institute with Prof Louise Jones. I studied how microenvironment-derived cues influence breast cancer progression and established one of the first 3D models of pre-invasive breast cancer. Then I moved to Imperial College London for a bioengineering postdoc. I worked on pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma (PDAC) mechanobiology and generated biomimetic 3D tools to study cancer cell-stroma interactions and biophysical properties. I have joined ICR in November 2016. I have developed PDAC multicellular models for a phenotypic high throughput screen and so far screened 12288 annotated compounds. This will allow identifications of novel targets and therefore landscaping new biology in PDAC.
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