Cellometer Auto 2000

Cellometer Auto 2000 Cell Viability Counter

When performed correctly, correlation studies make it easy to transition from manual counting to Cellometer automated cell counting. Because Cellometer Auto 2000 and Cellomether Vision utilize a dual-fluorescence detection system, fresh blood and bone marrow samples can be analyzed for total nucleated cell concentration and viability without lysing, thus simplifying the testing process and improving the accuracy and consistency of test results. The same method can be used to analyze both fresh and processed samples or users can switch to a more traditional trypan blue method following magnetic separation.

total nucleated cells: manual vs Cellometer Auto 2000

Figure 1. Sixteen samples (normal and mobilized peripheral blood, cord blood, and bone marrow aspirates) were lysed with 3% acetic acid and nuclei were stained with methylene blue. Cells were counted manually using a hemacytometer, one count per sample. A second aliquot of each sample was stained with AO/PI without lysing. Live and dead nucleated cells were counted automatically using the Cellometer Auto 2000. There was excellent correlation between the two methods (R2 value of 0.99%).