Acquire Fast, Accurate and Consistent Cell Viability and Concentration Measurements of Small Cells (2 microns or greater)!

Obtaining consistent viability and concentration measurements for small cells like yeast, platelets or algae can be challenging. The Cellometers X1 and X2 can both perform bright-field and fluorescent counting of cells 2 microns and greater.

  • X1 and X2 Cellometers are equipped with a 10X magnification lens.
  • Both are capable of providing consistent concentration and viability measurements for cell samples that are 2 microns in size and greater.
  • Both instruments are routinely used in laboratories around the world interested in studying small cells.

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Platelets stained with Calcein AM

Whole Blood sample was diluted in PBS and stained with Calcein AM. Concentration of platelets was determined by counting Calcein AM positive platelets. Via cell size gating and exclusion, larger leukocytes were not counted (shown in a yellow circle outline).

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Corn mash sample was diluted in water and stained with AO/PI (acridine orange and propidium iodide). Concentration and viability was determined by looking at live cells (in green) stained with AO and dead cells stained with PI (in red).

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Algae concentration and viability was examined by looking at the percent live, chlorophyll a producing algae, and the percent dead propidium iodide positive cells.