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Cellometer Vision CBA Image Cytometry System

Cellometer Vision CBA Image Cytometry System

Incorporation of FCS Express 4 Software (De Novo Software) into the Vision CBA Analysis System has enabled users to conduct image-based analysis of cell-based assays requiring enhanced gating for the most accurate, reliable, and reproducible results. Side-by-side comparison of results for apoptosis, cell cycle, mitochondrial potential, autophagy, ABC transporter assays, aggresome detection, CD4+ / CD8+ immunophenotyping, and other assays has shown Cellometer image-based analysis results to be comparable to flow cytometry.

Flow core labs can utilize the Vision CBA instrument to pre-screen samples prior to sorting and flow cytometry analysis and to run 1-color and 2-color assays for cell cycle, apoptosis, GFP transfection, mitochondrial potential, and more … freeing up their flow system for the more complex studies.

Individual researchers performing simple 1-color and 2-color analysis appreciate the simplicity and accessibility of the Vision CBA. The ability to analyze samples right away, using only 20µl of sample, enables researchers to accelerate and expand their experiments. Researchers can analyze a number of time-points, rather than one endpoint result. The FCS Express 4 Software offers straightforward data analysis procedures and outputs familiar to many flow users.

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