Informational Webinar

In this informational webinar, Dr. Leo Chan, R&D Manager at Nexcelom Bioscience explores current, conventional methods to perform ADCC assays and explores image cytometry as an alternative, improved method. Dr. Chan begins by reviewing the current methods and provides some advantages of using image cytometry. Lastly, Leo provides real examples of assays performed with image cytometry including direct tumor cytotoxicity, direct cell-mediated cytotoxicity, ADCC and CDC. In this informational webinar, Product Manager, Timothy Smith, examines a commonly asked question – can automated cell counting be trusted? Tim covers aspects such as the instrument’s accuracy, consistency and repeatability as a means of building trust and confidence in the results. He also examines current challenges with manual counting methods. To wrap up this webinar, Tim reviews how to validate and perform verification on an automated system once you’ve brought one into your lab.