Here’s a great example of how the Celigo image cytometer is able to perform common experiments while saving time and money!

Ignyta, Inc. was looking for a new way to perform reagent-free proliferation analyses with suspension cells. This new method had to produce results which correlated well to their current method, Cell Titer-Glo®. Nexcelom and Ignyta partnered to perform a head-to-head cell proliferation comparison between Celigo® and Cell Titer-Glo. Using four suspension cell types (Ba/F3 parental cell line, Ba/F3 expressing an oncogenic gene, oncogenic gene mutant A and B), Ignyta plated all cells at a concentration of 5,000 cells/well in the presence of various concentrations of four drugs (1-4). Three days later, Celigo evaluated cell proliferation using bright field to capture and analyze whole-well images in less than 5 minutes per plate. The exact same plates were then used to perform the standard (“lyse and read”) Cell Titer-Glo assay.

The two methods produced IC50 values that were highly comparable across all cell types and drug concentrations (r2=0.998). Celigo proved to be a rapid, accurate analysis for Ignyta’s suspension cells, providing images for visual verification and a reagent-free method which meant the same cells could be analyzed repeatedly over a time course. Now, Ignyta had a simplified process by which to analyze cell proliferation, one that was highly correlated to their previous method and required no reagents or additional incubation times, saving time, cost, and supplies.

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