It’s White Paper Wednesday! This month’s featured white paper: Using Cellometer Vision and Cyto-ID Stain for Autophagy Detection in Living Cells

AutophagyOur understanding of autophagy has expanded tremendously in recent years, largely due to the identification of the many genes involved in the process, and the use of GFP-LC3 fusion proteins to visually monitor autophagosomes and autophagic activity both biochemically and microscopically [1, 2]. Recently, a novel fluorescent probe, Cyto-ID ® Green autophagy dye, has been developed to facilitate the investigation of the autophagic process [3-5]. In this study, a novel method was performed using the Cellometer image cytometry in combination with Cyto-ID Green autophagy dye for detecting autophagy in live cells. First, Cyto-ID Green autophagy dye was validated by observing co-localization of the dye and RFP-LC3 in HeLa cells using fluorescence microscopy.
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