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Rapid Detection of Apoptosis in Jurkat Cells with FITC Conjugated Annexin-V

Cellometer Vision incorporates image based cell counting
and fluorescence detection in a compact and easy-to-use
instrument. With fluorescence detection capabilities,
Cellometer Vision is an ideal solution for many complex cell
population characterization assays such as rapidly detecting
apoptotic cells with FITC conjugated annexin-V.

Apoptosis is programmed cell death that plays a critical role in
organism homeostasis and tissue development. Abnormal
apoptosis processes have been associated with diseases
including various tumors. There are a number of in-vitro and
in-vivo assays for detecting apoptosis cells. Fluorescein FITC
conjugated annexin-V binding assay is one of the simplest
methods to detect the early stage of apoptosis. Traditionally,
flow cytometry is used to quantitatively analyze apotosis,
however, due to complexity, cost and availability limitations,
they are often not the best solution for rapid and routine cell

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