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Automated, label-free growth tracking and culture management within flasks and multi-well plates

The use of cell-based assays continues to grow in basic and
applied sciences research as the importance of assessing cellular
processes in biologically meaningful systems increases. Quality
control considerations for assay optimization include appropriate
growth media, optimal cell densities, suitable growth phases, and
other factors which likely influence cell-based assay outcomes.
Current cell culture practices often rely on manual methods
(e.g., manual observation of plates or flasks, hemacytometers)
to address these considerations, but manual approaches can be
subjective and inaccurate, and are not truly scalable or repeatable.
These techniques, and some of their automated alternatives
(e.g., automated microscopy, flow cytometry), require invasive
harvesting and/or staining of cultures, and measure only a small
representative sample of the total population. An ideal solution
to these issues would provide a non-invasive, non-destructive
manner to assess cell populations within their normal growth

The Celigo™ cytometer is a bench-top, brightfield and fluorescent
imaging system capable of identifying and counting adherent
and non-adherent cells within standard culture vessels. Celigo’s
unique optical system enables rapid and accurate imaging of
live cells within entire wells of multi-well plates. The Celigo
Label-Free Cell Counting application determines cell counts or
confluence by imaging cells in culture flasks and microplates
without disrupting or removing them. Direct counts are obtained
for every cell in every well, eliminating the need for calibration
curves and cell number estimation. For laboratories maintaining
many cell lines or large numbers of individual cultures, the Celigo
Label-Free Cell Counting application provides rapid, accurate,
and non-invasive monitoring of cell growth with minimal culture

The Growth Tracking application automatically integrates label-free cell counts of the same well/flask from different time points
to provide direct measurement of growth rates and doubling
times, which is also a good overall assessment of cell health. This
application note demonstrates the cell counting capability of Celigo and presents relevant case studies.

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