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Monitor iPSC Reprogramming, Stem Cell Pluripotency, Differentiation

Here we demonstrate the ability of the Celigo adherent cell cytometer to combine the advantages of microscope imaging and flow cytometry population analysis in a plate-based kinetic assay for the study of iPSC

  • Follow iPSC reprogramming over time without trypsinization
  • Image, record and detect all the colonies in the whole well of 6-well plates
  • Faster assay (7 minutes to read a 6-well plate)
  • High proliferation rate of iPSC and death of feeder cell will not affect results as compared to FC analysis

Using a transgenic MEF cell line containing mOrange OKSM and GFP Nanog we were able to track the evolution of iPSC colonies by detecting the production of orange colonies and the subsequent evolution of green colonies.

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