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Automated Methods for Counting and Analyzing Stem Cell Samples

The Cellometer line of automated cell counters incorporates
image based cell counting and fluorescence detection in a
compact and easy-to-use instrument that reliably automates
cell counting, viability determination and other fluorescence
assays. By simply pipetting 20µL of sample into a disposable
chamber, Cellometer acquires cell images that are
analyzed to determine cell counts, concentration, cell sizes,
and fluorescence intensity, typically in 30 seconds or less.

This combination of features makes it ideal for use in stem
cell research. Samples can be counted and viability
determined with trypan blue in the Cellometer Auto T4 Plus.
Cellometer Vision combines this brightfield functionality with
fluorescence detection to also determine stem cell viability
using fluorescence stains such as propidium iodide, and
being able to accurately determine concentration of
nucleated cells in human bone marrow or cord blood. The
fluorescence imaging mode can also be used to quantify
GFP transfection efficiency when transfecting stem cells.

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