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Direct Count of White Blood Cells from Peripheral Blood Sample without Lysing Red Blood Cells

Cellometer Vision incorporates image based cell counting
and fluorescence detection in a compact and easy-to-use
instrument. With fluorescence detection capabilities,
Cellometer Vision is an ideal solution for many complex cell
population characterization assays such as rapidly counting
white-blood-cells in whole blood.

As one of the most important cellular components in
peripheral blood, the concentration of white blood cells is
routinely used in researching various diseases, such as
bacteria/virus infections, leukemia, or leucopenia. However,
conventional methods to count white blood cells include a
time consuming and tedious RBC lysisprocess.
Vision can be used to simplify traditional methods by mixing a

cell membrane permeable DNA dye (acridineorange) with
diluted whole blood sample that specifically stains white blood
cells. To quantitatively analyze WBCs, we simply pipette 20ml
of treated sample into a Cellometer Disposable Counting
Chamber and place the chamber into the instrument. Since
the counting chamber is disposable, no washing is required
between samples, there is no risk of cross contamination of
different samples, and the risk of exposure to biohazard
materials is reduced.

Using proprietary algorithms, Cellometer Vision’s robust
operating software accurately analyzes cell images,and
generates counting data in less than 60 seconds typically.
Cell images and all analysis data, including cell size distribution
histograms, can be saved for documentation. Data can also
be easily exported to Microsoft Excel spreadsheets for further

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