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Brochure: Celigo Image Cytometer

The bench-top Celigo image cytometry system provides high-throughput, whole-well imaging and quantitative data through image analysis in bright field and up to four fluorescent channels, for a wide variety of cell-based assays. It is routinely used to investigate adherent and suspension cells,
3D tumor spheroids and colonies of iPSC and cancer stem cells. It is compatible with microwell plates from 6 to 1536-well and T-flask formats.

The work-flow based intuitive software provides concurrent imaging and analysis; kinetic analysis such as time-lapse growth tracking, flow cytometry-like gating analysis and reporting of cell populations. Cell images of specific populations may be displayed with color overlays.

The Celigo product allows users to perform high-speed, fully automated imaging and quantification of a wide range of cell types across complex sample types. It enables an extensive menu of applications including label-free cell counting, confluence-based cell growth tracking, killing assays,
apoptosis, cell cycle analysis, migration and invasion assays, as well as cellular assays for receptor internalization, protein expression and detection, phosphorylation and phagocytosis.

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