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ViaStain™ Cell Fitness Panel for Cellaca MX


The Cell Fitness Panel Kit is designed for researchers interested in acquiring data on cell sample health and quality.

Many samples in cellular therapy, immunotherapy, and cell line development, are by their nature unique and precious. Patient-derived primary samples are often comprised of a heterogeneous cell population and display a wide range of physiological behaviors. Whether these samples underwent a freeze/thaw cycle, or cell isolation procedure, or have been cultured within a bioreactor for an extended period, the Cell Fitness Panel is used to assess not only the wellbeing of cell samples but also to offer potential insights into samples with low or crashing viabilities.

The Cell Fitness Panel consists of five individual tests to assess viability, vitality, mid and late-stage apoptosis, and reactive oxidative stress.

Download the Cell Fitness Panel Assay Templates for Cellaca MX »

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