Cellometer Used in study to Establish Baseline Values of Autism Biomarkers in Saliva

University of Minnesota scientists analyzed the saliva of twelve “neurotypical” adult subjects for the levels of sixteen autism-associated biomarkers (glutamine, glutamic acid, CD-26, C4B, IFN-γ, MT-2, testosterone, IL-12, Carnitine, GSH, GSSG, cystine, GABA, serotonin, cortisol and melatonin) in the hopes that establishing baseline levels of these molecules in a control population might help identify autism-associated changes in non-neurotypical subjects in the future. The Cellometer was used to establish accurate cell counts throughout the experiment. Ten biomarkers were successfully measured and the sample collection protocol proved to be non-stressful and easy enough to use on a broad range of subjects. You [...]