High-throughput Imaging Cytometry as a Powerful Tool for Drug Repurposing

Drug repurposing, also known as drug repositioning is a powerful tool for the rapid expansion of available therapy options by identifying new therapeutic uses from pre-existing drugs.

High-throughput Microneutralization Method for Feline Coronavirus

The Celigo Image Cytometer reduces assay time while providing richer, quantitative readouts to accelerate assessment of vaccine and antiviral compound candidates.

High-Throughput Viral Titer Analysis

There are many methods to determine a viral titer, with each having its pros and cons, however the increasing need to have high throughput methods to determine viral titers are ever-pressing.

Demo On-Demand: Eliminate the cell counting bottleneck

Watch our demo on-demand and discover a better way to count cells with the next-generation high-throughput cell counter!

High throughput, high-resolution image acquisition for DNA damage detection

Celigo playing an important role in high throughput, high-resolution image acquisition for DNA damage detection. The Celigo S captures 16 images of each well that are then stitched into a single representation Open access article: Next generation high throughput DNA damage detection platform for genotoxic compound screening

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Benefits of direct high-throughput cell counting in immuno-oncology research

By directly imaging and counting every cell in a well over a course of a drug treatment, the Celigo can perform the cytotoxicity assays in a label-free format.

3D Tumor Spheroid Analysis Method for HTS Drug Discovery using Celigo Imaging Cytometer

It's White Paper Wednesday! Read our featured white paper: 3D Tumor Spheroid Analysis Method for HTS Drug Discovery using Celigo Imaging Cytometer U87MG cells were used to create tumorspheres in 384-well plates that were subsequently analyzed by imaging. The data illustrate that reproducible 3D spheroids can be formed in 384-well plates. Fluorescent viability studies were carried out with the imager using pixel intensity analysis. Moreover, the assay was validated for drug screen using various drug compounds that have shown anti-proliferative effects. Together, these data demonstrate that the tumorsphere formation assay can be developed, validated and used for high-throughput anti-cancer compound [...]

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