Improving the Gene Therapy Development Process using Image Cytometry

Many factors and considerations must be optimized to develop the appropriate cell-based assays for gene therapy development.

Cellometer Vision uncovers new mechanisms by which Type I interferons direct autophagy in vitro

Introduction A diverse family of cytokines, Type I interferons (IFNs), is a group of proteins responsible for antiviral, antiproliferative, and immunomodulatory functions [1, 2]. Treating cells with Type I IFNs induces autophagy, a cellular recycling process that is considered a key cell survival strategy [3]. It is well known that Type I IFNs work through the JAK-STAT pathway, but recent evidence suggests that the MAP kinase pathway can affect the expression of IFN-regulated genes [4, 5]. Researchers demonstrated that IFN-induced autophagy affects cell cycle as well as cellular proliferation in a variety of cell lines. Because autophagy plays a major [...]

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