Nexcelom Posters

Topic Title Presented Model Link
Cellaca MX, Cellometer K2, Cell Therapy, Instrument-to-Instrument CV, fluorescent beads, high-throughput cell counter Large-Batch Evaluation of Cell Counter Instrument-to-Instrument Consistency for Cell Therapy Applications 2022 Cellaca Download
Celigo® imaging cytometer, Aggrewell™400 plates, T47D Breast Cancer Spheroid, Calcein AM, Propidium Iodide High-throughput chemotherapeutic drug screening of tumor spheroids with individual spheroid results using image cytometry 2022 Celigo Download
high-throughput, cho cells, bioprocessing, Cellaca MX Improved Inter-Instrument Consistency and High Precision for CHO Cell Bioprocessing using the Cellaca MX 2021 Cellaca Download
high-throughput, concentration, viability, Celigo, image cytometry, Acridine orange, Propidium iodide Image Cytometry-Based High-Throughput Cell Concentration and Viability Detection Method using AOPI Fluorescent Stains 2017 Celigo Download
yeast, viability, concentration, flash pasteurized, Cellometer X2, image cytometry A rapid viability validation method of flash pasteurized yeast using Cellometer image cytometer 2016 Cellometer X2 Download
high throughput screening, image cytometry, Celigo, 3D tumor spheroid, Caspase 3/7, viability, Calcein AM/PI, growth inhibition, invasion inhibition A high-throughput 3D tumor spheroid screening method for drug discovery using imaging cytometry 2016 Celigo Download
ADCC, image cytometry, Celigo, cytotoxicity, GFP, 3D tumor spheroid A novel image cytometric analysis method for T cell-mediated cytotoxicity of 3D tumor spheroids 2016 Celigo Download
Cell proliferation, cytotoxicity, image cytometry, viability, drug screening, Celigo Comparison of label-free cell cytotoxicity image cytometric detection method to CellTiter-Glo® 2016 Celigo Download
Apoptosis, Celigo, Caspase 3/7, Image cytometry Real-time Caspase 3/7 measurement of suspension and adherent cells using the Celigo image cytometer 2016 Celigo Download
Cell-mediated cytotoxicity, ADCC, Calcein AM, direct cell counting, IL2, PBMC, K562 A high-throughput image cytometry-based screening method for the detection of IL2-induced peripheral blood mononuclear cell-mediated cytotoxicity 2016 Celigo Download
Adoptive Cell Transfer Therapy, Immunotherapy, CAR T, Sleeping Beauty, AOPI, Viability, Cellometer, Image Cytometer Consistently and accurately measure CAR T cell concentration and viability using Cellometer Image Cytometry for adoptive cell transfer therapy 2015 Cellometer Download
Super yeast, declumping, acid treatment, Cellometer X2, image cytometry, brewery A Simple Cost Effective Treatment for Declumping Super Yeast 2015 Cellometer Download
Cell Cycle, Apoptosis, Viability, high throughput, Celigo, image cytometry A High Throughput Direct Adherent Cell Analysis Method for Cell Cycle and Apoptosis using Celigo Imaging Cytometer 2015 Celigo Download
Cell migration, wound healing, high throughput, Celigo, image cytometry, Oris plate A Novel image based cytometry analysis for measuring cell migration in wound healing assay 2015 Celigo Download
phagocytosis, antibody internalization, pHrodo, high throughput, Celigo, image cytometry A rapid image cytometric analysis method for phagocytosis using Celigo Imaging Cytometer 2015 Celigo Download
iPSC, reprogramming, Nanog GFP, high throughput, Celigo, image cytometry A Rapid Fluorescent Image Cytometry Method for Validation and Monitoring of 2° reprogrammed iPSC Colonies 2015 Celigo Download
Stromal Vascular Fractions (SVF), AOPI, viability, cell counting, Cellometer, image cytometry A Rapid Image Cytometry Method for Quantification of Canine Stromal Vascular Fraction Cells 2015 Cellometer Download
3D tumor spheroid, Tumorspheriod size, Growth inhibition, Invasion, Migration measurement A rapid 3D tumor spheroid analysis method using the Celigo Imaging Cytometry 2015 Celigo Download
Cytotoxicity, Cell-mediated cytotoxicity, ADCC, Calcein AM, Direct cell counting Quantification of Natural Killer Cell-Mediated Cytotoxicity using Celigo Imaging Cytometry 2015 Celigo Download
Ovarian Cancer Cells, Cell Cycle, Apoptosis, c-Myc-Max Measuring Antitumor Effect of c-Myc-Max heterodimerizationinhibitor 100258-F4 on Ovarian Cancer Cells using Cellometer Imaging Cytometry 2015 Cellometer Download
Cell-mediated cytotoxicity, ADCC, Calcein AM, direct cell counting Cell-Mediated Cytotoxicity Assay by High-Throughput Direct Cell Counting in Microplates using Fluorescence-Based Image Cytometry 2015 Celigo Download
Induced pluripotent stem cell (iPSC), Nanog-GFP, mouse embryonic fibroblast (MEF) Non-disruptively count and quantify fluorescent iPS colonies during 2° reprogramming: 7 min per 6-well plate, dual-fluorescence whole well imaging cytometry 2014 Celigo Download
Spheroid, Chemotherapy, High-Throughput Progressing 3D Spheroid Analysis into a HTS Drug Discovery Method 2014 Celigo Download
TCID50, Infectious Foci, MOI, Viral Titer, Cytopathicity Automated Method to Determine Infectious Dose (TCID50) 2014 Celigo Download
Cellular Therapy Rapid Image Cytometry Method for Measuring Concentration and Viability of Primary Cells used in Cellular Therapy 2014 Cellometer Download
Brewing yeast, viability, vitality Image-Based Cytometric Analysis of Fluorescent Viability and Vitality Staining Methods for Saccharomyces Cerevisiae 2014 Cellometer Download
Cell Line Development Automation Method to Increase Efficiency in Cell Line Development 2014 Celigo Download
Fluorescent Proteins, GFP, RFP, CFP Discriminating Multiplexed GFP Reporters in Primary Articular Chondrocyte Cultures using Cellometer Image Cytometry 2014 Cellometer Download
Trypan Blue, AOPI Morphological observations using image cytometry for the comparison of trypan blue and fluorescence-based cellular viability 2014 Cellometer Download
Yeast, budding Automated Quantification of Budding Saccharomyces cerevisiae using a Novel Image Cytometry Method 2013 Cellometer Download
Image Cytometry Cellometer Image Cytometry as a Complementary Analysis Tool to Flow Cytometry for Visual Verification of Gated Cell Populations 2013 Cellometer Download
Yeast, vitality Novel image cytometric method for detection of physiological and metabolic changes in Saccharomyces cerevisiae 2013 Cellometer Download
PBMC Accurate PBMC Concentration Measurement using Image Cytometry to Eliminate RBC-Induced Counting Error 2013 Cellometer Download
Autophagy A Novel Image-Based Cytometry Method for Autophagy Detection in Living Cells 2012 Cellometer Download
Pathogenic Fungi Rapid Quantification of Pathogenic Fungi by Cellometer Image-Based Cytometry 2012 Cellometer Download
Cell proliferation A Novel Method for Kinetic Measurements of Rare Immune Cell Proliferation using Cellometer Image-Based Cytometry 2012 Cellometer Download
Brightfield, Fluorescence, Microplate, Imaging Cytometer Brightfield and Fluorescent Image Analysis for Screening Applications using the Celigo Adherent Cell Cytometer 2011 Celigo Download
Viability A Novel Imaging Cytometry Method for Quantitative Cell Viability Assay 2011 Cellometer Download
Yeast, viability Comparison of fluorescence methods for determining yeast viability using a novel automated image-based cell counting and viability system 2011 Cellometer Download
Mammospheres, Breast Cancer Drugs Automated Morphometric Analysis of Mammospheres: Characterization of Breast Cancer Drugs 2010 Celigo Download
Surface marker Surface Marker Based Direct Cell Concentration Measurements Using a High Sensitivity Imaging Cytometry Method 2010 Cellometer Download
Cell Cycle A Rapid Alternative Method for Cell Cycle Analysis Using Cellometer Vision 2010 Cellometer Download
Immunophenotyping A Novel Imaging Cytometry Method for Immunophenotyping 2010 Cellometer Download
Apoptosis Apoptosis Analysis of Jurkat Cells using the Cellometer Vision 2010 Cellometer Download
Yeast, biofuel, viability Concentration and Viability Measurement of Yeast in Corn Mash using the Cellometer Vision 2010 Cellometer Download
PBMC Concentration and Viability Measurement of PBMC using the Cellometer Vision 2010 Cellometer Download
Cell proliferation, Label-free, Drug toxicity A Rapid, Label-Free, In Situ Assay Method for Cell Proliferation and Drug Toxicity 2009 Celigo Download
Cell Counting Obtaining Consistent and Accurate Cell Counting Results with Cellometer Automatic Cell Counters 2009 Cellometer Download