What’s “hoppening” in the Craft Brewing Industry?

Based on an article published by NPR this week, the Craft Brewing Industry is alive and well, with over 5,000 craft brewers in operation last year.  And for as many craft breweries that are out there, there are as many different ways to rank them!  The Brewers Association will rank by sales and production;  Vinepair has a map displaying the number of breweries by state; Thrillist seems to have organized the ranks based on their opinion of the offerings; Travel + Leisure positions the beer offerings with the city’s appeal.

Source: Brewers Association

Source: Brewers Association

Regardless of how you rank them, business is up. Take Tree House Brewing for example. In another NPR article, they were featured for attracting customers from as far as 6 hours away for their craft. They manage the demand by enforcing beer rations – requiring customers to fill out an order form, limiting each person to 10 cans and two 64-ounce growlers per visit.

Good indications for the Craft Brewing industry, in our opinion. And we support you, Craft Brewers. Come talk with us at the Craft Brewers Conference in Washington DC from April 11-13th at Booth# 4239.


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