Meet the Winners!

Win a Cell Counter Contest Winners!

We are delighted to announce the winners of the contest to win a cell counter. We received many creative expressions of frustration with manual cell counting that demonstrated the widespread dissatisfaction with what is known to be a tedious, time-consuming method that results in less accurate results than can be achieved with our Cellometer Automated Cell Counters.

Cell Counter Winner

Submitted by:
Oscar Palomares
Complutense University of Madrid
Madrid, Spain

Cell Counter Contest Winner

Submitted by:
Marie Riis Mortensen
Aarhus University
Aarhus, Jutland, Denmark

Cell Counter Contest Winner

Submitted by:
Dustin Ammendolia
University of Toronto
Toronto, Ontario, Canada


Give up manual cell counting!

We have an automated cell counter to fit your needs.

Bright Field Cell Counters

The most affordable automatic cell counter for accurate cell counting and trypan blue viability.

affordable bright field automated cell counter

Automated cell counter for concentration and trypan blue viability of cell lines, even clumpy cells, with optional GMP/GLP software.

automated cell counter - bright field

All-in-one automated cell counter, touch-screen instrument for accurate, fast trypan blue viability.

touch screen automated cell counter

Fluorescent Cell Counters

Viability of primary cells containing debris and red blood cells.

all-in-one viability cell counter

Optimized for brewing yeast, wine yeast, platelets and other small cells.

automated fluorescent viability cell counter

Analysis of hepatocytes, stem cells, splenocytes, tumor suspension and other complex primary cells.

fluorescent viability cell counter