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Our Mission

Nexcelom Bioscience is at the forefront of the development of image cytometry products for cell analysis in life science and biomedical research. With a growing global presence, Nexcelom is looking for confident people to help us continue to drive our purpose of “Better Tools for Better Biology for Better Life”. Nexcelom Bioscience’s products are used in thousands of research laboratories in academic institutes and biotech companies.

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How We Work

Meet Some of Our Teammates


Scott McMenemy

Regional Sales Manager, New England


Lyndsey Vavra

Head of Sales & Service Operations


Bruce Zheng

Quality Engineer

Our Core Fundamentals

Nexcelom’s culture is built on these seven core fundamentals. Not only do we strongly believe these fundamentals help us build stronger teams, inspire us to continually innovate, and create a healthy work environment, but we also believe these fundamentals are key to each individual’s self-growth and professional development.

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Our Covid Response

COVID-19 is impacting everyone around the world and every aspect of our daily lives: our social interactions, our family life, our communities, and, of course, how all of us work at Nexcelom Bioscience. We are meeting and working each day to come up with creative and collaborative ways on how we can best support our employees during this challenging time. The health and safety of our employees is and has been our top priority as we have thought about how and where people should work during the pandemic. We look forward to the day in the future where we can again collaborate together – safely and in person.

Our Recent Work

Some Photos of Us!

How We Play

Nexcelom Company Culture

Meet Andrea

At Nexcelom Bioscience, we believe in creating exceptional work experiences for all. We believe in maintaining our corporate culture and adapting to changes in the current workforce environment. That is why we continuously engage our employees and create a community by hosting virtual events year-round. It has never been more important to celebrate employee accomplishments and show our appreciation to the Nexcelom team for all their efforts.

Virtual Training

We are dedicated to developing our team through training, continuous feedback, career progression, and recognition.  We help each other every day to be our best. Individual development is one of our goals in every employee, and we have been keeping that promise through newly developed virtual training courses.

Virtual Fun!

One way we’ve been having fun from home is through weekly happy hours. While they may be virtual, that doesn’t take away from people socializing! It gives us a chance to meet our new hires, talk about our plans for the weekend, and most importantly, get to know each other a little better.

In Person Fun

From ice cream trucks to pet day, our party planning committee is always creating events for our team. We’ve attached some images below and we hope we’ll be back to having fun in person very soon!

In The Lab

Some Photos of Us!

People Focused

Nexcelom is a company driven by our people.  We are innovative, driven, constantly learning, and extremely proud to contribute better tools for better biology for better life.  We hire the best people who will thrive in an amazing culture built on amazing people. We make and keep promises to each other and our customers.  We are dedicated to developing our team through training, continuous feedback, career progression, and recognition.  We help each other every day to be our best.  We are growing.  Come join us! CLICK HERE to learn more about how we work, or, view all our current openings.

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