Image Cytometry cell analysis systems

Image cytometry with bright field plus 2 to 4 fluorescent channels for simple cell-based assays with flow-like data output.

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Count 24 samples in 48 seconds with trypan blue or in 2.5 minutes with fluorescence using a plate-based format.

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Cellometer Fluorescent Viability Cell Counters

Automated cell counters with fixed single or dual fluorescent optics modules to determine viability while automatically excluding debris.

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Bright field automated cell counters

Automated cell counter machines perform cell count, concentration and trypan blue viability on cultured cell lines and purified primary samples.

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Cellometer has counted over 2,000 cell types, and the list is growing!
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“The Cellometer Vision CBA has removed the variances regarding human error and subjectivity testing essentially overnight from our operations!”

Joseph Thomas, Mass Bay Brewing Company

“We absolutely love the Cellometer Auto 2000! The counting is consistent, the purity check that it does for us is amazing. Thank you Nexcelom for making cell counting easier, for scientists/researchers everywhere!”

Tinisha McDonald, City of Hope

“The Cellometer Auto T4 cell counter has made cell counting simpler and more standardized. A tedious job has been eliminated. Thanks Nexcelom!”

John Sipes, NCI

“Our lab has purchased the Cellometer X2. We found that counting yeast cell cultures is very fast and accurate, especially since we can change the parameters. For example, we can change cell counts based on cell size. Also, there is an option of declustering which is exceptionally helpful for yeast cultures that are arrested at the G2 stage of the cell cycle, which is necessary for many of our experiments.”

Cynthia Sakofsky, NIEHS

“The aspects of being able to image proliferation are key to our experiments. The Celigo Imaging Cytometer is very user-friendly and the support staff is outstanding!”

Pam Bogert, Mayo Clinic

Our Customers

Nexcelom is focused on providing novel tools to meet the specific needs of today’s researchers. Our applications specialists are in the field with customers every day, analyzing new cell types, validating new cell-based assays, and exploring new therapeutic areas. Our experienced technical support and applications specialists are committed to ensuring products work successfully in the customer’s hands.