Cellometer Automated Cell Counter Evaluation Program

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All 1-week evaluations include:

  • Cellometer instrument

  • Cellometer counting chambers for 50 tests

  • Getting Started Guide and Comparision to Hemacytometer Procedure

See what our customers are saying

The Cellometer Auto T4 cell counter has made cell counting simpler and more standardized. A tedious job has been eliminated. Thanks Nexcelom!

John Sipes, NCI

Our Cellometer Auto T4 has continued to be a time saver and make cell counting less of a headache! Being able to program different cell types is also a great feature.

Colleen Worne, University of Utah

The Cellometer Auto 1000 is fast and was easy to purchase with an on-time delivery for my experiments! Good quality cell counter. Our results are very reproducible and reliable!

Roshan Kumari, UTHSC

The Cellometer Auto 1000 is the best cell counter I have ever used! It does not require cell staining, easily and rapidly offers the cell concentrations and can also provide cell diameters. This machine is user-friendly and does not need complex steps. Also, it can store the data for many measured times. I love this cell counter and would recommend to friends in other labs!

Pengchao Zhang, Houston Methodist Research Institute

We absolutely love the Cellometer Auto 2000! The counting is consistent, the purity check that it does for us is amazing. Thank you Nexcelom for making cell counting easier, for scientists/researchers everywhere!

Tinisha McDonald, City of Hope

The Cellometer Auto 2000 can differentiate between live and dead cells which was not possible for us prior to this cell counter. It gives us viability and recovery is easy to calculate. It is very user-friendly and we can always save the data on our computer once the counting is done!

Mukesh Mudgal, Florida International University

The Cellometer K2 is fast and very accurate. We love that the dye is nuclear to ensure the accuracy of the cell counts. Sure beats counting by hand!

Amanda Clark, Biomere

The Cellometer K2 is easy to use and great for counting cells that are prone to clumping together. I can’t cell culture without this machine!

Michael Lee, City of Hope

Our Cellometer X2 cell counter makes counting cells easier and less time consuming! Also, the unit is reliable and needs little to no maintenance. It just always works well!

Sarah DeLorenze, Two Roads Brewing Company

In a production brewery environment where accurate yeast cell counts and viabilities are essential to creating the perfect beer, the Cellometer X2 system makes the process simple and accurate without complex training or additional equipment. I would recommend this system to any brewery!

Tom Boudreau, Stone Brewing

Cellometer Auto T4

Auto T4 automated cell counter

Try Cellometer Auto T4 for Free: Automated concentration and trypan blue viability of cell lines … even clumpy cells

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Cellometer Auto 2000

auto 2000 automated cell counter

Try Cellometer Auto 2000 for Free: Viability of primary cells in complex samples containing debris and red blood cells.

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Cellometer Auto 1000

Auto 1000 automated cell counter

Try Cellometer Auto 1000 for Free: All-in-one, touch-screen instrument for accurate, automated Trypan Blue viability.

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Cellometer K2

Try Cellometer K2 for Free: Cell counting and analysis for hepatocytes, stem cells, splenocytes, tumor suspension and other primary cells.

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Cellometer X1/X2

Try Cellometer X1 / X2 for Free: Optimized for brewing yeast, wine yeast, platelets and other small cells.

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