Evaluating Anticancer Drug Compounds using Image Cytometry

Earlier this month I wrote an article for Labcompare, "Image-Based, Automated Analysis of 3-D Tumor Spheroids", focusing on the image-based automated analysis of 3D tumor spheroids using the Celigo image cytometer. Because of its versatility, Celigo has been used to generate quantitative data for both 2D and 3D assays. This makes it possible for researchers to gain a deeper understanding of how drugs may affect the tumors by performing high-throughput screening experiments, measure tumor size and viability as well as monitor migration and invasion.  For these and many other assays, Celigo eliminates data collection via manual microscopy, replaces end-point assays [...]

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EACR Conference Series- Goodbye Flat Biology: In Vivo Inspired Cancer Biology and Therapy

9-12 September 2018 | Berlin, Germany Stand #3 11 September 12:10 INDUSTRY SYMPOSIUM - NEXCELOM BIOSCIENCE Somaieh Hedayat, The Institute of Cancer Research, UK "Patients derived organoids (PDOs) to model therapy response ex vivo"Somaieh Hedayat is working towards a PhD on how the tissue microenvironment can affect the response of metastatic colorectal cancer cells to antiangiogenic therapies. Prior to beginning her PhD, she spent 10 years working as a Higher Scientific Officer (HSO) in the Drug Discovery Unit on target validation and cancer biomarker projects. After gaining experience in in vivo and ex vivo biology, she decided to adjust her career path slightly [...]

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22nd Annual Merck Technology Symposium

Come visit us at booth #413 Merck Technology Symposium 2018 September 5-6, 2018 Ocean Place Resort Long Branch, NJ Posters being presented: High-throughput foci counting of viral titer and antibody neutralization assays using the Celigo Image Cytometer for developing a novel cross-reactive influenza vaccine Long-term time-course monitoring of NK cell-mediated ADCC using the Celigo Image Cytometer A high-throughput 3D tumor spheroid screening method for drug discovery using imaging cytometry

Nexcelom Automated Cell Counters: Accurate, Reproducible Cell Counts for the Entire Cell Therapy Workflow

Accurate Cell Counting for CAR T Therapy Variability is inevitable in the booming field of cell therapy, where “products” are derived from living human cells, where each donor is different. To ensure high quality, low production runs, and cost: Optimized apheresis collection, GMP/GLP friendly cell isolation and processing protocols are a must. In such workflows, accurate cell counting remains a bottleneck in the production and testing of cell therapy products. Good news and bad news. There is good and bad news, depending on how you see the world: The good news for labs that do a lot of cell counting [...]

Celigo Provides Image-Based Proof of Single-Cell Clonality

Over the last few years, single cell sorting has gained importance not only because it is an essential technique for day-to-day lab research, but also due to the regulatory process for new drugs. Single cell sorting is important The FDA identifies clonality as one of the most crucial steps in guaranteeing cell line quality and safety. However, the FDA does not currently specify what percentage of clonality is acceptable, nor do they specify which single cell sorting methods are recommended. As more and more pharmaceutical companies push drugs through clinical trials, FDA regulations and single cell sorting are of increasing [...]

An Automated Cell Counting Superhero – All in the Palm of Your Hand

Tired of manual cell counting? Let's face it, manual cell counting is tedious. When your day is filled with culturing many cell lines at one time, that's hours of your day just to get the data you need. Not only that, the manual process can be riddled with judgment errors, miscounts, and user-to-user variability. I know what you’re thinking, "You're telling me my hours hunched over a microscope counting cells may not even be producing reliable data?!" Yup. You need a superhero. "So what are my options?" Well, what if there were a powerful superhero that could take a small [...]

Immuno-Oncology Summit

August 27-31, 2018 | Boston, MA "Join over 600 thought leaders at industry’s leading Immuno-Oncology event and learn about the latest research in a comprehensive 12-track program, network and build lasting collaborations with an international mix of delegates from industry and academia, and gain actionable solutions to drive your organization’s next-generation immunotherapy programs." - www.immuno-oncologysummit.com Learn more

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Brewing Summit 2018

August 12-15, 2018 | San Diego, CA "It's been a busy four years and we're excited to see you all in sunny San Diego for Brewing Summit 2018! Master Brewers and ASBC join forces to bring you the most extensive lineup of leaders in the beer brewing industry. Discover all the latest insights and innovations—with engineering insights, new developments in quality procedures, recipes to try, technical sessions, networking events, and more. Whether you're currently working as a craft brewer or just starting out in your field, there are plenty of opportunities to advance your scope of technical knowledge at Brewing Summit [...]

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Cellometer on Tap – Yeast Cell Counting for Breweries

How many brewers does it take to count yeast? This sounds like the beginning of a bad joke. In truth, cell counting is really simple but labor intensive & extremely time-consuming. With a Nexcelom Cellometer X2 – it only takes one click & 30 seconds per sample! Cellometer has earned a reputation as the “go to” cell counter for breweries seeking accurate yeast counts, viability & vitality. Just look at the map comparing the distribution of Nexcelom’s Cellometer automated yeast counters and the Top 50 breweries in the US. Data based on beer sales volume adapted from Brewery Association (BA) [...]