About Nexcelom Bioscience

Expertise in Automatic Cell Counting and Analysis

In 2003, the founders of Nexcelom introduced the CP2, a convenient tool to assist with manual cell counting. According to Dr. Jean Qiu, founder and CTO at Nexcelom, “one day a customer at the NIH asked us to ‘make counting under the microscope go away.’ We invented Cellometer Auto T4 to measure cell concentration and viability.”

“The Cellometer has provided a much faster and more accurate method of counting the 100s of samples we need to set up for flow cytometry analysis.” – Dr. Janice Pluth, Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory

Since then, we have expanded our product range, upgraded system capabilities, and optimized fit-for-purpose methods to enable researchers to analyze all cell types, including small cells and primary cells, and to conduct modern cell-based assays. With sophisticated proprietary technologies, Nexcelom is a clear leader and innovator in the field of image-based cytometry for cell analysis.

Proven Performance

Today, scientists around the world use Cellometer, Cellaca, and Celigo instruments for cell quantification, analysis, and cell-based assays, in academic and government research institutes, biotechnology, and industrial settings. Nexcelom image cytometry and cell analysis solutions are integrated into a broad range of workflows in life sciences.

“This instrument [Cellaca MX] greatly increases the consistency of our experiments. And 10x faster than manual counting, no need for washing or contamination, so it will be excellent for decreasing of time-consuming and increasing the accuracy.” – Ayman Al-Labban, Qualipharm

Dedicated Support

Nexcelom focuses on providing novel tools to meet and exceed the specific wants and needs of today’s researchers. We collaborate with customers every day, analyzing new cell types, validating new cell-based assays, and exploring new therapeutic areas and methodologies. Through joint application development, we learn from our customers, the experts in their fields, and assist with integration into their current workflows.

We value our customers’ success. Our experienced technical support and applications specialists are committed to ensuring products work successfully in the customer’s hands and are always eager to provide support via phone, online, and on-site visits.

“We have been looking for a high-throughput cell counter like this for years, ever since we started working in IO.” – Immuno-oncology (I-O) group, AbbVie On Cellaca

As part of the life science community, we are proud of the extraordinary breakthroughs which have contributed to improving the health and wellbeing of people around the world. Our mission is to provide better tools for better biology for a better life.