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Agostini, Francesco December 2018 Improved GMP compliant approach to manipulate lipoaspirates, to cryopreserve stromal vascular fraction, and to expand adipose stem cells in xeno-free media Stem Cell Research & Therapy SVF cells Cellometer Auto M10
Karthikeyan, Subbulakshmi October 2018 Prolactin signaling drives tumorigenesis in human high grade serous ovarian cancer cells and in a spontaneous fallopian tube derived model Cancer Letters OVCAR3, FT33-Tag-Myc, and MOEhigh cells Cellometer K2
Ogier, Charline September 2018 Targeting the NRG1/HER3 pathway in tumor cells and cancer-associated fibroblasts with an anti-neuregulin 1 antibody inhibits tumor growth in pre-clinical models of pancreatic cancer Cancer Letters CAFs Cellometer
Yang, Hong-Wei September 2018 “An investigation of the distribution and location of mast cells affected by the stiffness of substrates as a mechanical niche” International Journal of Biological Sciences RBL-2H3 mast cell lines Cellometer Auto 2000
Wang, Chen September 2018 Is exclusion of leukocytes from platelet-rich plasma (PRP) a better choice for early intervertebral disc regeneration? Stem Cell Research & Therapy NPSCs Cellometer Auto T4
An, Younju August 2018 Activation of the p53 pathway with digiferrol isolated from Rubia philippinensis induces cell cycle arrest, apoptosis, and autophagy in colon cancer cells Food and Chemical Toxicology Food and Chemical Toxicology Colon cancer cells
Nguyen, Huynh Nga August 2018 Dietary 23–hydroxy ursolic acid protects against atherosclerosis and obesity by preventing dyslipidemia-induced monocyte priming and dysfunction Atherosclerosis Monocytes Cellometer
Laurie, Sonia August 2018 2B4 Mediates Inhibition of CD8+ T Cell Responses via Attenuation of Glycolysis and Cell Division The Jornal of Immunology Splenic lymphocytes and dLNs Cellometer Auto T4
Da Mesquita, Sandro August 2018 Functional aspects of meningeal lymphatics in ageing and Alzheimer’s disease Nature Cellometer
Herman, Allison August 2018 FXR1 Is an IL-19-Responsive RNA-Binding Protein that Destabilizes Pro-inflammatory Transcripts in Vascular Smooth Muscle Cells Cell Reports Vascular smooth muscle cells Cellometer Auto T4
Anding, Allyson August 2018 4-HPR Is an Endoplasmic Reticulum Stress Aggravator and Sensitizes Breast Cancer Cells Resistant to TRAIL/Apo2L Anticancer Research MCF-7 Cellometer Auto T4
Anding, Allyson August 2018 4-HPR Is an Endoplasmic Reticulum Stress Aggravator and Sensitizes Breast Cancer Cells Resistant to TRAIL/Apo2L Anticancer Research MCF-7 Cellometer Auto T4
Schultz, M.K. July 2018 Pharmacogenetic neuronal stimulation increases human tau pathology and trans-synaptic spread of tau to distal brain regions in mice Neurobiology of Disease ? Cellometer
Fang, LAn July 2018 SET1A-Mediated Mono-Methylation at K342 Regulates YAP Activation by Blocking Its Nuclear Export and Promotes Tumorigenesis Cancer Cell Cellometer
Xu, Guangxu July 2018 Topiramate exhibits anti-tumorigenic and metastatic effects in ovarian cancer cells American Journal of Translational Research OVCAR5, SKOV3 Cellometer
Fitzpatrick Dimond, Patricia July 2018 Single-Cell Cloning Remains a Challenge Biotechnology News Cellometer
Lee, Byung-Cheol July 2018 Cucumis Melo L. alleviates obesity and insulin resistance in obese human subjects and high fat diet-induced obese mice International Journal of Clinical and Experimental Medicine Adipose Cells Cellometer
Yan, Li July 2018 “Scalable Generation of Mesenchymal Stem Cells from Human Embryonic Stem Cells in 3D” International Journal of Biological Sciences EMSCSp Cellometer
Gordobil, Oihana July 2018 Potential use of kraft and organosolv lignins as a natural additive for healthcare products Royal Society of Chemistry A. niger fungal spores Cellometer Mini
Cooper, Laurence July 2018 POLYCLONAL GAMMA DELTA T CELLS FOR IMMUNOTHERAPY US Patent T-cells Cellometer Auto T4
Yang, Jia-Wei July 2018 Printable Graphene Oxide Micropatterns for a Bio‐Subretinal Chip Advanced Healthcare Materials Retinal Pigment Epithelial Cells Cellometer Auto T4 Plus
Wardell, Seth July 2018 PROCESSES FOR PRODUCTION OF TUMOR INFILTRATING LYMPHOCYTES AND USES OF SAME IN IMMUNOTHERAPY United States Patent Application Infiltrating lymphocytes Cellometer K2
Wang, Hui June 2018 Photosynthetic and biochemical responses of the freshwater green algae Closterium ehrenbergii Meneghini (Conjugatophyceae) exposed to the metal coppers and its implication for toxicity Journal of Microbiology Closterium ehrenbergii Cellometer
Wang, Hui June 2018 Photosynthetic and biochemical responses of the freshwater green algae Closterium ehrenbergii Meneghini (Conjugatophyceae) exposed to the metal coppers and its implication for toxicity testing Journal of Microbiology C. ehrenbergii Cellometer Vision
Wambach, Rachel June 2018 Effect of Promensil on Breast Cancer Cells in regard to the Estrogen Receptor Beta WPI Degree Requirement T47D (breast cancer) Cellometer Auto T4
Fawal, Mohamad-Ali June 2018 Cross Talk between One-Carbon Metabolism, Eph Signaling, and Histone Methylation Promotes Neural Stem Cell Differentiation Cell Reports NPC (neurons) Cellometer mini
Loret, Thomas June 2018 Predicting the in vivo pulmonary toxicity induced by acute exposure to poorly soluble nanomaterials by using advanced in vitro methods Particle and Fibre Toxicology Bronchioalveolar cells (mouse) Cellometer Auto 2000
Bozeman, Alana June 2018 Transplantation preferentially induces a KLRG-1lo CD127hi differentiation program in antigen-specific CD8+ T cells Transplant Immunology OT-I T cells Cellometer Auto T4
Huxley, Virginia June 2018 Sex Differences Influencing Micro‐ and Macrovascular Endothelial Phenotype In Vitro The Journal of Physiology Vascular endothelial cells (EC) Cellometer
Schott, Kerstin June 2018 Dephosphorylation of the HIV-1 restriction factor SAMHD1 is mediated by PP2A-B55α holoenzymes during mitotic exit Nature Communications monocyte-derived macrophages Cellometer Auto T4
Wu, Dang June 2018 Pharmacologic Inhibition Of Dihydroorotate Dehydrogenase Induces Apoptosis And Differentiation In Acute Myeloid Leukemia Cells Haematologica HL60 Cellometer Mini
Wall, Valerie June 2018 Smooth muscle glucose metabolism promotes monocyte recruitment and atherosclerosis in a mouse model of metabolic syndrome JCI Insight Monocytes and neutrophils Cellometer Auto 2000
Winter, Jean June 2018 Modifier locus mapping of a transgenic F2 mouse population identifies CCDC115 as a novel aggressive prostate cancer modifier gene in humans BMC Genomics LNCaP cells Cellometer T4
Rashid, Kahkashan June 2018 Lung cellular senescence is independent of aging in a mouse model of COPD/emphysema Scientific Reports bronchoalveolar lavage (BAL) cells Cellometer
Ferrer, Marc June 2018 Pharmacological and genomic profiling of neurofibromatosis type 1 plexiform neurofibroma-derived schwann cells Scientific Data “Primary plexiform neurofibroma-derived schwann cells” Cellometer
Zhang, Shuangli June 2018 Effects of connective tissue growth factor on prostate cancer bone metastasis and osteoblast differentiation Oncology Letters RM1 Cells Cellometer
Francis, Michael June 2018 PLACENTA-DERIVED MATRIX AND METHODS OF PREPARING AND USE THEREOF United States Patent Application Rin5f islet cells Cellometer
Walker, Lauren June 2018 The Validated Embryonic Stem Cell Test with Murine Embryonic Stem Cells Teratogenicity Testing Embryonic stem cells
Walker, Lauren June 2018 The Validated Embryonic Stem Cell Test with Murine Embryonic Stem Cells Teratogenicity Testing C. elegans Cellometer
Chen, Jin June 2018 18β-Glycyrrhetinic-acid-mediated unfolded protein response induces autophagy and apoptosis in hepatocellular carcinoma Nature- Scientific Reports HepG2, SMMC-7721, HLF, HLE, Hep3B, and LM3 Cellometer mini
Friedman, Jay June 2018 Inhibition of WEE1 kinase and cell cycle checkpoint activation sensitizes head and neck cancers to natural killer cell therapies BioMed Central KIL murine NK cells, mouse NK cells (WT B6 NK), MOC2, haNK, Human natural killer cells, UMSCC-6, UMSCC-9, YAC Cellometer Auto 2000
Schartner, Christoph June 2018 The regulation of corticotropin releasing hormone receptor 1 gene expression and its role in panic disorder Die Regulation der Corticotropin Releasing Hormon Rezeptor 1 Genexpression und ihre Rolle bei der Panikstörung Graduate School of Life Sciences, Julius-Maximilians-Universität Würzburg, HEK293 Cellometer
Bond, Vincent June 2018 Compositions and methods for treating diseases by inhibiting exosome release US Patent Application MCF-7 and MDA-MB-231 Cellometer
Thomann, Ulrich June 2018 Nmr methods and systems for the rapid detection of tick-borne pathogens US Patent Application RBL-2H3 mast cell lines Cellometer Auto 2000
Sun, Peifang June 2018 Dendritic Cell-Based ELISpot Assay for Assessing T-Cell IFN-γ Responses in Human Peripheral Blood Mononuclear Cells to Dengue Envelope Proteins Human Peripheral Blood Mononuclear Cells Cellometer Auto 2000
Anderson, James June 2018 HEAT TREATMENT TO PRODUCE GLYCOSIDES US Patent Application Yeast Cells Cellometer
Vendetti, Frank June 2018 ATR kinase inhibitor AZD6738 potentiates CD8+ T cell-dependent antitumor activity following radiation The Journal of Clinical Investigation Spleens, CT26 tumors, KrasG12D/Twist1 lungs Cellometer Auto T4
Eappen, Abraham June 2018 INFECTIOUS PLASMODIUM SPOROZOITES GROWN IN VITRO US Patent Application Oocysts sporozoites, PfSPZ Cellometer
Higuchi, Mark June 2018 CELL CULTURE EXPOSURE SYSTEM (CCES) United States Patent Application BEAS-2B cells Cellometer
Vermesh, Ophir June 2018 An intravascular magnetic wire for the high-throughput retrieval of circulating tumour cells in vivo Biomedical Engineering
Dore, Fiona May 2018 The synergistic effects of saxagliptin and metformin on CD34+ endothelial progenitor cells in early type 2 diabetes patients: a randomized clinical trial. Cardiovascular Diabetology CD34+ cells Cellometer Mini
Jackson, Travis May 2018 Acute Physiology and Neurologic Outcomes after Brain Injury in SCOP/PHLPP1 KO Mice Scientific Reports Neurons Cellometer
Rascalou, Adeline May 2018 Mitochondrial damage and cytoskeleton reorganization in human dermal fibroblasts exposed to artificial visible light similar to screen-emitted light Journal of Dermatological Sciences Dermal fibroblasts Cellometer
Carson, Ross May 2018 Statins impact primary embryonic mouse neural stem cell survival, cell death, and fate through distinct mechanisms PLoS One NSPCs Cellometer
Meininger, M. May 2018 Silver and copper addition enhances the antimicrobial activity of calcium hydroxide coatings on titanium Journal of Materials Science: Materials in Medicine “human fetal osteoblast cell line hFOB” Cellometer Auto T4
Sibley, Katelyne May 2018 “PRMT5 Mediates SREBP1 Independent Hepatic Signaling Networks in Lipid Homeostasis” WPI Degree Requirement AML12 cells Cellometer
Castro, E.D. May 2018 Enhancing the biodegradation rate of Poly(Lactic acid) films and PLA bio-nanocomposites in simulated composting through bioaugmentation Polymer Degradation and Stability Geobacillus Cellometer
Charlebois, Daniel May 2018 Negative Regulation Gene Circuits for Efflux Pump Control Synthetic Biology Cellometer
Haber, Lauric May 2018 Anti-MUC16 Antibodies, Antibody-Drug Conjugates, and Bispecific Antigen-Binding Molecules that Bind MUC16 and CD3, and Uses Thereof United States Patent Application Publication OVCAR-3 and SK-OV-3 cells Cellometer Auto T4
Qing-qi, Meng May 2018 Combined Rosiglitazone and Forskolin have neuroprotective effects in SD rats after spinal cord injury NSCs Cellometer Auto 1000
Brannetti, Barbara May 2018 TREATMENT OF CANCER USING CHIMERIC ANTIGEN RECEPTORS United States Patent Application Publication CAR-T Cells Cellometer Vision
Masters, April May 2018 Attrition of T Cell Zone Fibroblastic Reticular Cell Number and Function in Aged Spleens ImmunoHorizons Mouse Red Blood Cells Cellometer Auto 2000
Pepple, Kathryn May 2018 Comparison of Aqueous and Vitreous Lymphocyte Populations From Two Rat Models of Experimental Uveitis Investigating Ophthalmology & Visual Science Lymphocytes Cellometer Auto 2000
Chan, Leo May 2018 AUTOMATED YEAST BUDDING MEASUREMENT United States Patent Application Publication Yeast Cells Cellometer Vision
Li, Sha May 2018 Potential Detection of Cancer with Fluorinated Silicon Nanoparticles in 19F MR and Fluorescence Imaging Journal of Materials Chemistry B Non-small cell lung cancer cells Cellometer K2
Angst, Daniela May 2018 COMBINATION OF CHIMERIC ANTIGEN RECEPTOR THERAPY AND AMINO PYRIMIDINE DERIVATIVES United States Patent Application Publication CAR-T Cells Cellometer Vision
Chan, Leo May 2018 Methods for cell count and viability measurements United States Patent Application Publication Jurkat cells Cellometer Vision
Isaacs, John May 2018 SYNTHETIC ENHANCEMENT OF THE T-CELL ARMAMENTARIUM AS AN ANTI-CANCER THERAPY United States Patent Application Publication T-cells Cellometer
Bakale, Roger May 2018 Bendamustine derivatives and methods of using same United States Patent Application H460 large cell lung cancer Cellometer Auto T4
Manriquez Roman, Claudia May 2018 CRISPR/Cas9-induced Genetic Disruption and Characterization of UDP-Galactopyranose Mutase in Trypanosoma cruzi ProQuest Dissertations Publishing TRYPANOSOMA CRUZI Cellometer
Tang, Yuzhou May 2018 Studies on the P. aeruginosa T3S translocon assembly: interaction of PopD with membranes UMass Amherst Molecular and Cellular Biology Dissertations HeLa cells Cellometer
Rengel, Rocío April 2018 Overexpression of acetyl-CoA synthetase (ACS) enhances the biosynthesis of neutral lipids and starch in the green microalga Chlamydomonas reinhardtii Algal Research Chlamydomonas reinhardtii Cellometer Auto T4
Meadows, Kristen April 2018 Ozanimod (RPC1063), a selective S1PR1 and S1PR5 modulator, reduces chronic inflammation and alleviates kidney pathology in murine systemic lupus erythematosus PLOS One Splenocytes Cellometer Auto 2000
Schneider, Mary April 2018 Activation of the sympathetic nervous system suppresses mouse white adipose tissue hyperplasia through the β1 adrenergic receptor Physiological Reports SVF cells Cellometer Auto 2000
Liu, Xiaoxia April 2018 “B cell lymphoma with different metabolic characteristics show distinct sensitivities to metabolic inhibitors” Journal of Cancer B cell lymphoma Cellometer
I, Hauber April 2018 Improving Lentiviral Transduction of CD34+ Hematopoietic Stem and Progenitor Cells Human gene therapy methods CD34+ peripheral blood stem cells and progenitor cells (HSC) Cellometer
Wei, Ting April 2018 Small-Molecule Targeting of RNA Polymerase I Activates a Conserved Transcription Elongation Checkpoint Cell Reports A375 melanoma and U-2 OS osteosarcoma Cellometer Auto T4
Mobley, Melissa April 2018 Immune-cognitive system connectivity reduces bumblebee foraging success in complex multisensory floral environments Scientific Reports hemocytes Cellometer Auto T4
Cano, Melisssa April 2018 “Glycogen Synthesis and Metabolite Overflow Contribute to Energy Balancing in Cyanobacteria” CellPress Wild-type Synechocystis sp. PCC 6803 and ΔglgC strains Cellometer Auto X4
Camacho‑Fernández, Carolina April 2018 Comparison of six different methods to calculate cell densities Plant Methods Cellometer Auto T4
Lewis, Jennifer March 2018 Methods of generating functional human tissue US Patent Application Human iPSCs Cellometer
Cheng, Dan March 2018 Cytokine-induced killer cells as a feasible adoptive immunotherapy for the treatment of lung cancer Cell Death & Disease CIK cells Cellometer
Du, Cong March 2018 Highly efficient and expedited hepatic differentiation from human pluripotent stem cells by pure small-molecule cocktails Stem Cell Research & Therapy “Human pluripotent stem cells:hESCs-H1, H7, and hiPSCs” Cellometer Auto T4
Simone-Finstrom, Michael March 2018 Honey Bee Queens Do Not Count Mates to Assess their Mating Success Journal of Insect Behavior Sperm Cellometer Vision CBA
Sung, Min-Gyu March 2018 Wavelength shift strategy to enhance lipid productivity of Nannochloropsis gaditana Biotechnology for Biofuels N. gaditana Cellometer Auto X4
Chin, Gregory March 2018 TOLL LIKE RECEPTOR MODULATOR COMPOUNDS United States Patent Application Human PBMCs Cellometer
Jain, Arad March 2018 Metformin and Mitochondria: Analysis TEKNOS AdMSC cells Cellometer Mini
Seyedmousavi, Seyedmojtaba March 2018 Exogenous Stimulation of Type I Interferon Protects Mice with Chronic Granulomatous Disease from Aspergillosis through Early Recruitment of Host-Protective Neutrophils into the Lung MBio Lung cells Cellometer K2
Jain, Harsh March 2018 Synthesis, Characterization, and Function of an RNA‐Based Transfection Reagent Current Protocols HeLa pLuc 705 cells Cellometer Auto T4
Patani, Harshnira March 2018 Assessment of Fibroblast Growth Factor Receptor cancer-associated mutations and characterisation of endocrine signalling complexes “Thesis: University College London (UCL) Institute of Structural and Molecular Biology” 293F, Expi293F, and CHO-EBNA GS cells Cellometer Auto T4
Turner, Jackson February 2018 Dynamics of Acquisition of Antigen and T Cell Help Influence B Cell Fate in the T-Dependent Humoral Immune Response “Dissertation:University of Michigan 2017” Spleenocytes Cellometer Auto X4
Zangari, Maurizio February 2018 Surgical Thyroparathyroidectomy Prevents Progression of 5TGM1 Murine Multiple Myeloma In Vivo Journal of Bone Oncology 5TGM1 cells Cellometer Mini
Householder, Kyle February 2018 pH Driven Precipitation of Quisinostat onto PLA-PEG Nanoparticles Enables Treatment of Intracranial Glioblastoma Colloids and Surfaces B: Biointerfaces Cellometer Mini
Tighe, Robert February 2018 Euthanasia and Lavage Mediated Effects on Bronchoalveolar Measures of Lung Injury and Inflammation American Journal of Respiratory Cell and Molecular Biology Cells isolated from BALF Cellometer K2
Ceol, Craig February 2018 Targeting gdf6 and bmp signaling for anti-melanoma therapy US Patent Application A375, MeWo, HEK293T cells, and SK-MEL-28 cells Celometer Auto T4
Nyon, Mun February 2018 Engineering a stable CHO cell line for the expression of a MERS-coronavirus vaccine antigen Vaccine CHO and HEK293T cells Cellometer
Lee, Daeun January 2018 Therapeutic effect of Cucumis Melo L. extract on insulin resistance and the gut microbiome in Lepob/Lepob mice SVCs Cellometer
Stallcop, Loren January 2018 Razor-printed sticker microdevices for cell-based applications Lab on a Chip Cellometer Vision CBA
Jones, Kathryn January 2018 Vaccine-linked chemotherapy improves benznidazole efficacy for acute Chagas disease Infection and Immunity Cellometer
Kamikawa, Yasutaka January 2018 Involvement of p38MAPK in Impaired Neutrophil Bactericidal Activity of Hemodialysis Patients therapeutic apheresis and dialysis Neutrophil Cellometer
Graham, David January 2018 “Enucleated cells reveal differential roles of the nucleus in cell migration, polarity, and mechanotransduction” JCB Cellometer
Lemaire, Clementine January 2018 Fast and Label-Free Isolation of Circulating Tumor Cells from Blood: From a Research Microfluidic Platform to an Automated Fluidic Instrument, VTX-1 Liquid Biopsy System SAGE MCF7, MDA-MB-231, and H1975 cells Cellometer K2
Niklason, Laura January 2018 COMPOSITIONS AND METHODS OF INCREASING LONGEVITY OR TREATING CELLULAR STRESS United States Patent Application Human dermal fibroblast and TRIP13 cells Cellometer Auto T4
Cheng, Sheng-Jen January 2018 Simultaneous Drug Delivery and Cellular Imaging Using Graphene Oxide Biomaterials Science Cellometer Auto T4
Pierce, Robert January 2018 Method for the treatment of malignancies US Patent Application CT-26 WT cells Cellometer Auto 2000
Roberts, Rhiannon January 2018 The µ-calpain-ezrin axis: a potential target for therapy in inflammatory disease Neutrophils Cellometer
Zhang, Zhang January 2018 “Optimized DNA electroporation for primary human T cell engineering” BMC Biotechnology Cellometer Auto 2000
Albelda, Steven 2018 COMPOSITIONS TO DISRUPT PROTEIN KINASE A ANCHORING AND USES THEREOF United States Patent Application T cells Cellometer Vision
Zhao, Yifan 2018 Cadmium activates non-canonical Wnt signaling to impair hematopoietic stem cell function in mice Toxicological Sciences hematopoietic stem cells Cellometer
Mize, Maximillion 2018 Interleukin-17A exacerbates disease severity in BALB/c mice susceptible to lung infection with Mycoplasma pulmonis Infection and Immunity
Yu, Helen 2018 Homogeneous BTK Occupancy Assay for Pharmacodynamic Assessment of Tirabrutinib (GS-4059/ONO-4059) Target Engagement Society for Laboratory Automation and Screening PBMCs Cellometer
Stoolman, Joshua 2018 An IFNγ/CXCL2 regulatory pathway determines lesion localization during EAE Journal of Neuroinflammation Central Nervous System Infiltrating Cells Cellometer Auto T4
Qian, Guojun 2018 LPS inactivation by a host lipase allows lung epithelial cell sensitization for allergic asthma Journal of Experimental Medicine Lung epithelial cells
Sareila, Outi December 2017 Reactive oxygen species regulate both priming and established arthritis, but with different mechanisms Antioxid Redox Signal T Cells Cellometer
Colon-Street, Nila December 2017 Effects of tetracycline use on oral bacteriome-mycobiome interaction Escherichia coli, Streptococcus mutans, and E. coli Cellometer
Heffernan, John Michael December 2017 Engineering PNIPAAm Biomaterial Scaffolds to Model Microenvironmental Regulation of Glioblastoma Stem-Like Cells ProQuest Dissertations Publishing Glioblastoma Stem-Like Cells Cellometer
Sub-Shin, Won December 2017 Complementation of a mutation in CpSRP43 causing partial truncation of light-harvesting chlorophyll antenna in Chlorella vulgaris Scientific Reports Cellometer
Kurosaka, Jeffrey November 2017 VECTOR COMPETENCE OF Aedes sierrensis AND Culex pipiens COMPLEX (DIPTERA: CULICIDAE) FOR Dirofilaria immitis (SPIRURIDA: ONCHOCERCIDAE) IN NORTHERN CALIFORNIA ProQuest Cellometer
Gonzalez, Rafaael October 2017 Liveyon Regenerative Medicine Product Report Independent Third Party Studies Cellometer Auto 2000
Muschet, Caroline October 2017 “Molecular impact of metformin on hepatocellular metabolism “ Hep G2, HEK293, HeLa, Hepa1-6, COS-1 and 3T3-L1 (preadipocytes), SGBS (preadipocytes), and THLE-2 cells Cellometer Auto T4
Dutcher, Avery October 2017 Photosynthetic Growth of Synechocystis sp. PCC 6803 with Different Levels of CO2 Availability Research Reports from Life Science Freshmen Research Scholars Synechocystis sp. Cellometer Auto X4
Zahumensky, Jakub October 2017 Characterization of native and heterologously expressed membrane transporters in yeast using fluorescent probes Yeast Cells Cellometer Vision
Maximilians, Julius October 2017 The Growth Factor PDGF and its Signaling Pathways in Colorectal Cancer SW480, SW620, and Caco-2 cells Cellometer Auto T4
Lee, Seung-Wook September 2017 Euphorbia kansui attenuates insulin resistance in obese human subjects and high fat diet-induced obese mice Evidence-Based Complementary and Alternative Medicine Stromal vascular cells (SVCs) Cellometer
Long, Matthew September 2017 Pharmacologic inhibition of MEK1/2 reduces lung inflammation without impairing bacterial clearance in experimental Pseudomonas aeruginosa pneumonia Pneumonia bronchiolar lavage (BAL) cells Cellometer Auto 2000
Mittal, Lakshya August 2017 Ultra-microsecond pulsed curcumin for effective treatment of triple negative breast cancers ELSEVIER MDA-MB-231, TNBC cells Cellometer
Khajanchi, Bijay August 2017 Comparative genomic analysis and characterization of incompatibility group FIB plasmid encoded virulence factors of Salmonella enterica isolated from food sources BMC Genomics Caco-2 Cells Cellometer Auto T4
Biswas, Sudipta August 2017 TLR2 Plays a Key Role in Platelet Hyperreactivity and Accelerated Thrombosis Associated with Hyperlipidemia Circulation Research Cellometer
Wei, Spencer August 2017 Distinct Cellular Mechanisms Underlie Anti-CTLA-4 and Anti-PD-1 Checkpoint Blockade Cellometer Auto 2000 Murine Tumor Cells, peripheral lymph node cell, and human melanoma cells. Cellometer Auto 2000
Lin, Abraham August 2017 Immune Cells Enhance Selectivity of Nanosecond-Pulsed Plasma against Tumor Cells Plasma Medicine Immune Cells and Cancer cells Cellometer
Baek, In-Joon August 2017 “The mre11 A470 Alleles Influence the Hereditability and the Segregation of Telosomes in Saccharomyces cerevisiae” PLOS One “Strains “”isogenic to W303a (Mata HIS3 leu2, ura3, trp1, lys2, rad5-535) or W303 a (Mat a his3 leu2, ura3, trp1, lys2, rad5-535) strains…[and]KMM4 [Mat a his3 leu2 ura3 trp1 lys2 mre11A470T rad5-535]””” Cellometer Vision
Chen, Chen August 2017 Enhanced efficacy of the engineered antimicrobial peptide WLBU2 via direct airway delivery in a murine model of P. aeruginosa pneumonia Clinical Microbiology and Infection bronchoalveolar lavage (BAL) cells Cellometer Vision
Lu, Jiamo July 2017 Characterization of Potent and Selective Iodonium-Class Inhibitors of NADPH Oxidases ScienceDirect HT-29 Cells Cellometer Auto T4
Yurekli, B.S. July 2017 AT-101 acts as anti-proliferative and hormone suppressive agent in mouse pituitary corticotroph tumor cells Journal of Endocrinological Investigation AtT20 cells Cellometer Trypan Blue Staining
Haspel, A.D. July 2017 Bioavailability and tolerability of nebulised dexamethasone sodium phosphate in adult horses Equine Veterinary Journal Cellometer Auto T4
Choi, Pyung jun July 2017 Anti-proliferative activity of CGK012 against multiple myeloma cells via Wnt/β-catenin signaling attenuation Leukemia Research myeloma cells Cellometer
Zhang, Wenlin July 2017 Conditionally Immortal Slc4a11−/−Mouse Corneal Endothelial Cell Line Recapitulates Disrupted Glutaminolysis Seen in Slc4a11−/− Mouse Model iovs MCEC cells Cellometer Auto T4
Fidler, Trevor July 2017 Deletion of GLUT1 and GLUT3 Reveals Multiple Roles for Glucose Metabolism in Platelet and Megakaryocyte Function Cell reports Platlets Cellometer Auto M10
Chen, Shue July 2017 Cold-induced retrotransposition of fish LINEs Journal of Genetics and Genomics Cellometer
Wester, Anita July 2017 Stabilization of Angiotensin-(1–7) by key substitution with a cyclic non-natural amino acid Amino Acids 4T1 and HT-1080 cancer cell lines Cellometer
Herzog, Rebecca July 2017 Functional and Transcriptomic Characterization of Peritoneal Immune-Modulation by Addition of Alanyl-Glutamine to Dialysis Fluid Scientific Reports Peritoneal cells Cellometer Auto T4
Lee, Shwu-Maan July 2017 An N-terminal Pfs230 domain produced in baculovirus as a biological active transmission-blocking vaccine candidate Clinical and Vaccine Immunology Red blood cells Cellometer
Ronald , John June 2017 A PET Imaging Strategy to Visualize Activated T Cells in Acute Graft-versus-Host Disease Elicited by Allogenic Hematopoietic Cell Transplant Molecular and Cellular Pathology T Cells Cellometer
Xu, Xiaochun June 2017 LncRNA H19 promotes the differentiation of bovine skeletal muscle satellite cells by suppressing Sirt1/FoxO1 Cellular & Molecular Biology Letters Satellite cells and C2C12 Cellometer
Berglund, Alix June 2017 Transforming growth Factor-β2 Downregulates Major histocompatibility complex (Mhc) i and Mhc ii surface expression on equine Bone Marrow-Derived Mesenchymal stem cells Without altering Other Phenotypic cell surface Markers Frontiers in Veterinary Science allogeneic mesenchymal stem cells Cellometer Auto 2000
Graves, Duane June 2017 Biogeochemical oxidation of calcium sulfite hemihydrate to gypsum in flue gas desulfurization byproduct using sulfur-oxidizing bacteria Elsevier SOB cells Cellometer
Tan, Huaxin June 2017 Spider Toxin Peptide Lycosin-I Functionalized Gold Nanoparticles for in vivo Tumor Targeting and Therapy IVYSPRING “””HeLa (CCL-2), MAT-Ly-Lu (CRL2376), SW480 (CCL-228), Hek293t (CRL-11268G-1), HUVEC (CRL-1730) and HBL100 (HTB-124)””” Cellometer K2
Charlins, Paige May 2017 A humanized mouse-based HIV-1 viral outgrowth assay with higher sensitivity than in vitro qVOA in detecting latently infected cells from individuals on ART with undetectable viral loads ELSEVIER Peripheral CD4+ T cells Cellometer Auto 2000
Bishwas, Shrestha May 2017 Role of Dendritic Cells in Pathology of Respiratory Syncytial Virus Infection in Neonates ProQuest Dendritic Cells Cellometer
Chan, Leo May 2017 A high-throughput image cytometry-based screening method for the detection of IL2-induced peripheral blood mononuclear cell-mediated cytotoxicity Cytotherapy peripheral blood mononuclear cells (PBMC) Cellometer
Chowdhary, Vaidehi May 2017 Concomitant Disruption of CD4 and CD8 Genes Facilitates the Development of Double Negative αβ TCR+Peripheral T Cells That Respond Robustly to Staphylococcal Superantigen The Journal of Immunology Peripheral double negative (DNT) cells Cellometer
Gilbert, Daniel May 2017 Cell Viability Assays Springer Link Cellometer
Lin, Abraham May 2017 Nanosecond-Pulsed DBD Plasma-Generated Reactive Oxygen Species Trigger Immunogenic Cell Death in A549 Lung Carcinoma Cells through Intracellular Oxidative Stress International Journal of Molecular Sciences human lung carcinoma cells (A549) and human monocyte cell line (THP-1) Cellometer Vision CBA
Shea, Barry May 2017 Uncoupling of the profibrotic and hemostatic effects of thrombin in lung fibrosis JCI Insight Bronchoalvelar lavage (BAL) cells Cellometer
Huxley, Virginia May 2017 Phenotypic Sexual Dimorphism of Micro- and Macrovascular Endothelium with Respect to Size, Growth, and Wound Repair The FASEB Journal Endothelial Cells (EC) Cellometer
Heischmann, Svenja May 2017 Validation of the Cell Line LS180 as a Model for Study of the Gastrointestinal Toxicity of Mycophenolic Acid Journal of Xenobiotica adenocarcinoma cell line LS180 Cellometer Auto T4
Heffernan, John May 2017 PNIPAAm-co-Jeffamine® (PNJ) scaffolds as in vitro models for niche enrichment of Glioblastoma stem-like cells ELSEVIER Glioblastoma stem-like cells Cellometer Mini
Smith, J. Robert May 2017 Human Umbilical Cord Mesenchymal Stromal Cell Isolation, Expansion, Cryopreservation, and Characterization Current Protocols in Stem Cell Biology mesenchymal stromal cells (MSCs) Cellometer Auto 2000
Garrido-fleury, Carmen May 2017 METHODS AND COMPOSITIONS FOR DIAGNOSING, MONITORING AND TREATING CANCER United States Patent Application myeloid-derived suppressor cells (MDSC) Cellometer Mini
Anso, Elena May 2017 The mitochondrial respiratory chain is essential for haematopoietic stem cell function Nature Cell Biology lineage-negative (Lin−) cells Cellometer Vision CBA
KOTLABOVÁ, KLÁRA May 2017 The role of Src-family kinases in the immunological synapse of antigen presenting cells CHARLES UNIVERSITY IN PRAGUE T Cells Cellometer Auto T4
Baek, In-Joon May 2017 Telomere Heritability and Chromatin Structure Tulane University Medical Center MRE11 or mre11A407T cells Cellometer Vision
Salaberria, Asier May 2017 The Antifungal Activity of Functionalized Chitin Nanocrystals in Poly (Lactid Acid) Films Materials Aspergillus niger Cellometer Mini
Scadden, David May 2017 METHODS, ASSAYS, AND SYSTEMS RELATING TO SAKT United States Patent Application BM cells Cellometer
Jiao, Yue-Ying May 2017 A single intranasal administration of virus-like particle vaccine induces an efficient protection for mice against human respiratory syncytial virus Antiviral Research Lung mononuclear cells Cellometert Mini
McDonald, J. Tyson May 2017 Host mediated inflammatory influence on glioblastoma multiforme recurrence following high-dose ionizing radiation PLOS ONE U87-MG glioblastoma cell line Cellometer Auto T4
Doersch, Karen May 2017 The impact of quercetin on wound healing relates to changes in αV and β1 integrin expression Experimental Biology and Medicine fibroblast cells Cellometer
Pecaut, Michael May 2017 Is spaceflight-induced immune dysfunction linked to systemic changes in metabolism? Plos One Spleen Cells Cellometer Auto T4
Jin, Tao May 2017 Damage to the microbial cell membrane during pyrolytic sugar utilization and strategies for increasing resistance Journal of Industrial Microbiology & Biotechnology Cellometer M10
Baek, In-Joon May 2017 Mre11 Regulated Conservative Segregation of 7 Chromatin and Heritability in Telosomes of Saccharomyces cerevisiae PLOS ONE Cellometer Vision
Shammas, Ronnie April 2017 Gold Nanostars for Cellular Tracking and Photothermal Cancer Cell Ablation American Society of Plastic Surgeons Stem cells, SKBR3 cancer cells Cellometer
Lehmann, Jason April 2017 T cell subtypes and reciprocal inflammatory mediator expression differentiate P. falciparum memory recall responses in asymptomatic and symptomatic malaria patients in southeastern Haiti PLOS One RBCs and erythrocytes Cellometer
Kim, Ga-Yeong April 2017 Bicarbonate-based Cultivation of Dunaliella salina for Enhancing Carbon Utilization Efficiency ELSEVIER Dunaliella sp. Cellometer
Wang, Jilong April 2017 Biocompatible Swelling Graphene Oxide Reinforced Double Network Hydrogels with High Toughness and Stiffness New Journal of Chemistry Cellometer Vision
Plasek, Jaromir April 2017 A novel method for assessment of local pH in periplasmic space and of cell surface potential in yeast Journal of Bioenergetics and Biomembranes Saccharomyces cerevisiae Cellometer Vision CBA
Mittal, L. April 2017 International Journal of Current Research and Academic Review Cellometer
Manicone, Anne April 2017 Matrix Metalloproteinase-28 Is a Key Contributor to Emphysema Pathogenesis The American Journal of Pathology Cellometer
Sun, Yu April 2017 SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR FETAL AND MATERNAL RED BLOOD CELL COUNTING United States Patent Application Fetal and Red Blood Cells Cellometer
Seavey, Jonathan April 2017 Early local delivery of vancomycin suppresses ectopic bone formation in a rat model of trauma-induced heterotopic ossification Journal of Orthopaedic Research Cellometer
Wen, Xiao April 2017 In Vitro Transport Activity and Trafficking of MRP2/ABCC2 Polymorphic Variants Pharmaceutical Research Flp-In HEK293 Cells Cellometer Vision
Alyahya, Linda April 2017 Expression of ADAM Metalloproteases during Transforming Growth Factor β-Induced Senescence in Breast Cancer Cells SUM149PT and SUM102PT cells Cellometer
Leyuan, Xu April 2017 Folic Acid-Decorated Polyamidoamine Dendrimer Exhibits High Tumor Uptake and Sustained Highly Localized Retention in Solid Tumors: Its Utility for Local siRNA Delivery ELSEVIER Squamous Cancer Cells Cellometer Auto T4
Ng, Chee-Loon April 2017 A Multi-Platform Optical Sensor for In Vivo and In Vitro Algae Classification Sensors Cellometer Mini
Huang, Yongyang April 2017 Characterizing 3D morphology of multicellular tumor spheroids using optical coherence tomography (Conference Presentation) SPIE Proceedings Cellometer
Ng, Chee-Loon April 2017 A Multi-Platform Optical Sensor for In Vivo and In Vitro Algae Classification Sensors Algae cells cellometer mini
Li, Jun April 2017 Biological characteristics and karyotiping of a new isolation method for human adipose mesenchymal stem cells in vitro ELSEVIER human adipose-derived stromal stem cells (ASCs) Cellometer Auto K2
Eshelman, Melanie April 2017 TCF7L1 recruits CtBP and HDAC1 to repress DICKKOPF4 gene expression in human colorectal cancer cells ELSEVIER HCT116 and CRC cells Cellometer
Li, Yao-Fa April 2017 Prostaglandin actions in established insect cell lines In Vitro Cellular & Developmental Biology-Animal TcA-CLG1 cells Cellometer Vision
Chen, Ina April 2017 Transcriptomic profiling and quantitative high-throughput (qHTS) drug screening of CDH1 deficient hereditary diffuse gastric cancer (HDGC) cells identify treatment leads for familial gastric cancer Journal of Translational Medicine Gastric cancer: lines SNU-1, SNU-5, SNU-16, KATO III, AGS, NCI-N87, and BxPC-3 and HeLa cell Cellometer Auto T4
Duran, Camille April 2017 S1P Synergizes with Wall Shear Stress and Other Angiogenic Factors to Induce Endothelial Cell Sprouting Responses Springer Link endothelial cells (Ecs) Cellometer Auto 1000
Goldman, Aaron April 2017 METABOLICALLY-ACTIVATED DRUG CONJUGATES TO OVERCOME RESISTANCE IN CANCER THERAPY United States Patent Application Cancer Cells Cellometer
Gerloff, Janice April 2017 Inflammatory Response by Different e-Cigarette Flavoring Chemicals Identified by GC-MS in e-Liquids on Human Lung Epithelial Cells and Fibroblasts ATS Journals Epithelial Cells and Fibroblasts Cellometer
Ullman, Erica April 2017 Anti-LAG3 Antibodies and Uses Thereof United States Patent Application T cells Cellometer
Buondo, John Paul April 2017 Method To Enhance Yeast Growth For Fermentative Bioproduct Production, And Nutrient Composition For Same United States Patent Application Yeast cells Cellometer
Mayes, Kimberly April 2017 The Role of the Nucleosome Remodeling Factor NURF in Inhibiting T and Natural Killer Cell Mediated Antitumor Immunity by Suppressing Tumor Antigenicity and Natural Cytotoxicity Receptor Co-ligands Virginia Commonwealth University Richmond, Virginia Tumor Cells Cellometer Auto T4
Martyniak, Brian March 2017 Analysis of Organic Acids, Carbohydrates, and Yeast Quantity of Beers Brewed with Brettanomyces Yeast Brettanomyces yeasts Cellometer
Steichen, Seth March 2017 TRACKING AN ALGAL PREDATOR: MONITORING THE DYNAMICS OF Vampirovibrio chlorellavorus IN OUTDOOR CULTURE ProQuest algal cells Cellometer Vision The Cellometer vision was used to count cells in bright-field and fluorescence.
Sims, Emily March 2017 MicroRNA 21 targets BCL2 mRNA to increase apoptosis in rat and human beta cells Diabetologia INS-1 832/13 beta cells Cellometer
Park, Seoyoung March 2017 Smenospongidine suppresses the proliferation of multiple myeloma cells by promoting CCAAT/enhancer-binding protein homologous protein-mediated β-catenin degradation Archives of Pharmacal Research myeloma cells and RPMI-8266 cells Cellometer Vision The Cellometer Vision was used to examine the cells with the Caspase-3/7 assay.
Pierro, J. March 2017 Anti-proliferative effect of metformin on a feline injection site sarcoma cell line independent of Mtor inhibition Research in Veterinary Science Sarcoma Cells Cellometer The Cellometer was used to determine the number of cells.
Marin, Ioana March 2017 Microbiota alteration is associated with the development of stress-induced despair behavior Scientific Reports Intestional Cells Cellometer The Cellometer was used to determine the cell counts and viabilities of intestinal cells.
Roßbach, Kristine March 2017 Assessment of the Efficacy of Histamine Receptor Antagonists in Murine Models of Atopic Dermatitis Histamine Receptors as Drug Targets Cellometer
Gobrecht, Jillian March 2017 Induction of cytotoxic and genotoxic damage following exposure of V79 cells to cadmium chloride ELSEVIER V79 cells Cellometer Vision The Cellometer Vision was used to calculate the cell viability.
Ince, Tan March 2017 Cell Culture Media United States Patent Application Breast cancer cells Cellometer Cells were stained with Trypan Blue and quantified using the Cellometer.
Biquand, Elise March 2017 Acceptable symbiont cell size differs among cnidarian species and may limit symbiont diversity The ISME Journal Symbiodinium cells Cellometer X4 Determined Cell Size
Sharma, Anežka March 2017 Different DNA damage response of cis and trans isomers of commonly used UV filter after the exposure on adult human liver stem cells and human lymphoblastoid cells Science of The Total Environment Cellometer Auto T4 The Cellometer Auto T4 was used to determine the cell viability using Trypan Blue staining.
Dong, Xiao March 2017 Accurate identification of single-nucleotide variants in whole-genome-amplified single cells Nature Methods Cellometer
Joung, Julia March 2017 Genome-scale CRISPR-Cas9 knockout and transcriptional activation screening Nature Protocols HEK293FT and hESC HUESS6 cells Cellometer calculate the cell concentration
Ibuot, Aniefon March 2017 Metal bioremediation by CrMTP4 over-expressing Chlamydomonas reinhardtii in comparison to natural wastewater-tolerant microalgae strains ELSEVIER Chlamydomonas reinhardtii Cellometer Auto T4
Zhipan, Dai March 2017 Rab3A Inhibition of Ca2+-Dependent Dopamine Release from PC12 Cells Involves Interaction with Synaptotagmin I Journal of Cellular Biochemistry PC12 Cells Cellometer K2 The Cellometer K2 was used to determine the transfection efficiency of the cells.
Medina, Sebastian March 2017 Low Level Arsenite Exposures Suppress the Development of Bone Marrow Erythroid Progenitors and Result in Anemia in Adult Male Mice ELSEVIER Bone Marrow Cells and BFU-E Cells Cellometer Auto 2000 The Cellometer Auto 2000 was used with AOPI to determine the cell viabilities and concentrations.
Chen, Qiang March 2017 SIRT6 Is Essential for Adipocyte Differentiation by Regulating Mitotic Clonal Expansion Cell reports 3T3-L1 cells Cellometer Auto 2000
Juhasz, Agnes March 2017 NADPH Oxidase 1 Supports Proliferation of Colon Cancer Cells by Modulating Reactive Oxygen Species-Dependent Signal Transduction The Journal of Biological Chemistry Colon Cancer Cells Cellometer Auto T4
Ruckerl, Dominik March 2017 Macrophage origin limits functional plasticity in helminth-bacterial co-infection The Journal of Immunology peritoneal cavity exudate cells (PEC) Cellometer Auto T4
Cooper, Matthew March 2017 Azacitidine Mitigates Graft-versus-Host Disease via Differential Effects on the Proliferation of T Effectors and Natural Regulatory T Cells In Vivo The Journal of Immunology T Cells Cellometer
Lin, Ann March 2017 CRISPR/Cas9 mutagenesis invalidates a putative cancer dependency targeted in on-going clinical trials eLife HCC70, HCC1937, MDA-MB-453, MDA-MB-468, ZR-75–1 cells. T24 Cal51, A375, MDA-MB-231, HCT116, Cama1, JIMT-1, U118-MG, T47D, MCF7 cells. Cellometer Auto T4
Hu, Yan March 2017 Identification of cardiac hemo-vascular precursors and their requirement of sphingosine-1-phosphate receptor 1 for heart development Scintific Reports isolated bone marrow and spleen cells Cellometer Mini
Zheng, Wanwei March 2017 Neural precursor cell expressed, developmentally downregulated 8‑activating enzyme inhibitor MLN4924 sensitizes colorectal cancer cells to oxaliplatin by inducing DNA damage, G2 cell cycle arrest and apoptosis Molecular Medicine Reports CRC cells, MCF-7 cells, colorectal, Hep-2 laryngeal carcinoma cells, and A549 cells Cellometer Auto T4
Zhong, Jing March 2017 TGF-β1 induces HMGA1 expression: The role of HMGA1 in thyroid cancer proliferation and invasion International Journal of Oncology Human thyroid cancer cell line TPC1 and SW579 cells. Cellometer
Jian, Bin March 2017 Spheroidal formation preserves human stem cells for prolonged time under ambient conditions for facile storage and transportation ELSEVIER Stem Cells Cellometer
Ukita, Yoshiaki March 2017 Development of a Bead-Based Multiplexed Immunoassay Using Image Cytometric Analysis Sensors and Materials Spherical polystyrene microbeads Cellometer K2
Sanford, Jonathan February 2017 Single nucleotide polymorphisms in the FcγR3A and TAP1 genes impact ADCC in cynomolgus monkey PBMCs Immunogenetics PBMC Cellometer X2 The Cellometer X2 was used to count PBMC cells stained with AOPI and determined the viability.
Zeng, W. February 2017 Xenografting of isolated equine (Equus caballus) testis cells results in de novo morphogenesis of seminiferous tubules but not spermatogenesis Andrology Equine (Equus caballus) Testis Cells Cellometer Auto T4 The Cellometer Auto T4 was used to determine the number of cells.
Liang, Jun February 2017 Anticancer Drug Camptothecin Test in 3D Hydrogel Networks with HeLa cells Scientific Reports HeLa cells Cellometer Mini The Cellometer Mini was used to determine the HeLa cell concentration.
Alvarez-Carbonell, David February 2017 Toll-like receptor 3 activation selectively reverses HIV latency in microglial cells Retrovirology human immortalized microglial cells (hµglia) Cellometer Vision
Elshafae, Said February 2017 The Effect of a Histone Deacetylase Inhibitor (AR‐42) on Canine Prostate Cancer Growth and Metastasis The Prostate Ace-1 cells Cellometer Auto T4 trypan blue cell counting and basic cell counting
Gao, Lixia February 2017 Targeting autophagy as a strategy for drug discovery and therapeutic modulation Targeting autophagy as a strategy for drug discovery and therapeutic modulation Cellometer
Sampaio , Pedro February 2017 High-throughput FTIR-based bioprocess analysis of recombinant cyprosin production Journal of Industrial Microbiology & Biotechnology Yeast cells Cellometer
Gerlof, Janice February 2017 Inflammatory Response and Barrier Dysfunction by Different e-Cigarette Flavoring Chemicals Identified by Gas Chromatography–Mass Spectrometry in e-Liquids and e-Vapors on Human Lung Epithelial Cells and Fibroblasts Applied In Vitro Toxicology 16-HBE cells Cellometer The Cellometer was used to calculate the cell viability before and after being exposed to different chemicals.
Wang, Lin February 2017 PAQR3 augments amino acid deprivation-induced autophagy by inhibiting mTORC1 signaling Cellular Signaling Cellometer Mini The Cellometer Mini was used to calculate the diameter of the cells.
Goodman, Cynthia February 2017 Cell lines derived from the squash bug, Anasa tristis (Coreidae: Hemiptera) Springer Link They derived cell lines from the squash bug, Anasa tristis, and called the two lines BCIRL-AtE-CLG11 and BCIRL-AtE-CLG15. Cellometer Vision The Cellometer Vision R was used to count trypan blue stained cells.
Woo, Kim February 2017 Development and characterization of mouse monoclonal antibodies reactive with chicken CXCLi2 ELSEVIER peripheral blood mononuclear cells (PBMC) Cellometer X2
Radhakrishnan, Devesh February 2017 Modeling, estimation, and control of glycosylation in monoclonal antibodies produced in CHO cells ProQuest CHO Cells Cellometer
Muratori, Claudia February 2017 Effect of Cooling On Cell Volume and Viability After Nanoelectroporation The Journal of Membrane Biology U-937 monocytes Cellometer Vision
Solenov, Evgeniy February 2017 Methods to Measure Water Permeability Cellometer
Jacobs, Evan January 2017 Cytokines elevated in HIV elite controllers reduce HIV replication in vitro and modulate HIV restriction factor expression Journal of Virology CD4+ cells Cellometer Auto X4
Kaya, Murat January 2017 Biological, mechanical, optical and physiochemical properties of natural chitin films obtained from the dorsal pronotum and the wing of cockroach Carbohydrate Polymers Blaberus giganteus cells Cellometer Mini
Fallahi-Sichani, Mohammed January 2017 Adaptive resistance of Melanoma cells to RAF inhibition via reversible induction of a slowly dividing de-differentiated state Molecular Systems Biology Tumor cells, stromal cells, melanoma cells, BRAF cells Cellometer Auto T4
Jun Zang, Zhi January 2017 Transplantation of CD51+ stem Leydig cells: A new strategy for the treatment of testosterone deficiency Stem Cells Leydig cells Cellometer Auto T4 The Cellometer Auto T4 was used to determine cell proliferation.
Alain, Belabbes January 2017 Chemical variability, antioxidant and antifungal activities of essential oils and hydrosol extract of Calendula arvensis L. from western Algeria Chemistry & Biodiversity Cellometer Vision
Francois, Lissa January 2017 Down-regulation of the placental BCRP/ABCG2 transporter in response to hypoxia signaling ELSEVIER BeWo placental cells Cellometer Vision
Benedek, Gil January 2017 Novel feedback loop between M2 macrophages/microglia and regulatory B cells in estrogen-protected EAE mice ELSEVIER B Cells Cellometer Auto T4 The cells were stained with Trypan Blue and counted with the Cellometer Auto T4
Pillai, Sreeraj January 2017 Enrichment and Molecular Analysis of Breast Cancer Disseminated Tumor Cells from Bone Marrow Using Microfiltration PLOS ONE Nucleated Bone Marrow Cells Cellometer Vision CBA The Cellometer Vision CBA was used to count nucleated cells in bone marrow samples.
Srinivasan, Satish January 2017 Mitochondrial dysfunction and mitochondrial dynamics-The cancer connection Biochimica et Biophysica Acta (BBA) – Bioenergetics primary esophageal epithelial cells Cellometer Vision CBA Primary esophageal epithelial cell size distribution was analyzed on the Cellometer Vision CBA.
Harmon, Tia January 2017 Nanoparticle-linked antagonist for leptin signaling inhibition in breast cancer Raishideng Human ER+ MCF-7 cells and HCC1806 cells. Cellometer Vision The Cellometer Vision was used to analyze the amount of cells in the S phase of the cell cycle.
Saluzzo, Julieta January 2017 The regulation of tumor suppressor protein, p53, and estrogen receptor (ERα) by resveratrol in breast cancer cells Genes & Cancer T-47D human breast cancer cells Cellometer Vision Stained with PI and counted
Cronk, James January 2017 Influenza A induces dysfunctional immunity and death in MeCP2- overexpressing mice JCI Insight Whole blood cells and lung cells Cellometer Auto 2000 AOPI staining and counting
Crepin, Ronan January 2017 Nanobodies against surface biomarkers enable the analysis of tumor genetic heterogeneity in uveal melanoma Patient Derived Xenografts Pigment Cell & Melanoma Research uveal melanoma (UM) cells Cellometer Auto T4
Sadhu, Satya January 2017 In Vitro and In Vivo Antimetastatic Effect of Glutathione Disulfide Liposomes SAGE NCI-H226 and B16-F10 cells Cellometer Auto T4 The Cellometer Auto T4 was used to count NCI-H226 and B16-F10 cells.
Willebrand, Ralf January 2017 Activation of Eosinophils – cytokine release and survival signals Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg (FAU) Cellometer Auto T4
Tran, A.Q.M 2017 Repurposing topiramate as a novel targeted therapy for ovarian cancer Gynecologic Oncology cellometer
Sullivan, S.A. 2017 Asparagus polysaccharide inhibits cell proliferation, adhesion and invasion in endometrial cancer cells Gynecologic Oncology endometrial cancer cells Cellometer
Ammosova, Tatiana December 2016 Protein phosphatase-1 regulates expression of Neuregulin-1 Biology mNIPP1 cells Cellometer
M. Winter, Jean December 2016 Mapping complex traits in a diversity outbred F1 mouse population identifies germline modifiers of metastasis in human prostate cancer Cell Systems Human prostate cancer cell lines Cellometer
Susta, Leonardo December 2016 Derivation of chicken induced pluripotent stem cells tolerant to Newcastle disease virus-induced lysis through multiple round of infection Virology Journal Induced pluripotent stem cells Cellometer Auto T4
Hamdan Ramdani, Lamia December 2016 Effects of Spiro-Bisheterocyles on proliferation and apoptosis in human breast cancer cell lines International Journal of Cancer Research and Treatment MCF-7 and MDA-MB-231 cells Cellometer K2
Kaya, Murat December 2016 Incorporation of sporopollenin enhances acid-base durability, hydrophobicity, and mechanical, antifungal and antioxidant properties of chitosan films Journal of Industrial and Engineering Chemistry Cellometer Mini
Nally, Jarlath December 2016 Emerging infectious disease implications of invasive mammalian species: The greater white-toothed shrew (crocidura russula) is associated with a novel serovar of pathogenic leptospura in Ireland Neglected Tropical Disease- PLOS SMRT cells Cellometer
Blum, Carina December 2016 Mg:Ca ratio as regulating factor for osteoclastic in vitro resorption of struvite biocements Materials Science and Engineering multinucleated osteoclastic cells Cellometer Auto T4
Shults, Keith December 2016 Methods of assessing cellular breast samples and compositions for use in practicing the same FPO White blood cells (WBCs) Cellometer
Sabatini, David December 2016 Therapeutic strategies for treating mitochondrial disorders FPO 143B CytB cells Cellometer Auto T4
Shah, Sandeeo December 2016 Evaluation of stem cell-derived red blood cells as a transfusion product using a novel animal model PLOS one CD34+ cells and whole red blood cells Cellometer Auto X4
Wu, Wei-Bin December 2016 Downregulation of peroxiredoxin-3 by hydrophobic bile acid induces mitochondrial dysfunction and cellular senescence in human trophoblasts Scientific Reports Trophoblast cells Cellometer Auto 1000
Phelps, Michael December 2016 CRISPR screen identifies the NCOR/HDAC3 complex as a major suppressor of differentiation in rhabdomyosarcoma PNAS Cancer cell types Cellometer
Atanasio , Amanda December 2016 Non-human animals having a disruption in a C9ORF72 locus FPO Plasma cells, monocytes, granulocytes, F4/80+ macrophages Cellometer Auto T4
Argus, Joseph December 2016 An optimized method for measuring fatty acids and cholesterol in stable isotope labeled cells Journal of Lipid Research Normal and Neoplastic cells Cellometer K2
Hurwitz, Stephanie December 2016 CD63 regulates Epstein-Barr virus LMP1 exosomal packaging, enhancement of vesicle production, and non-canonical NF-kB signaling Journal of Virology Malignant cells Cellometer Vision
Zovoilis, Anthanasios December 2016 Destabilization of B2 RNA by EZH2 activates the stress response Cell Press Mouse cells Cellometer
Morizane, Ryuji December 2016 Generation of nephron progenitor cells and kidney organoids from human pluripotent stem cells Nature Protocols human pluripotent stem cells (hPSCs) Cellometer
Long, Matthew December 2016 MEK1/2 inhibition promotes macrophage reparative properties The Journal of Immunology bone marrow cell types Cellometer Auto 2000
Xue, Shuai December 2016 A synthetic- biology-inspired therapeutic strategy for targeting and treating hepatogenous diabetes American Society of Gene & Cell therapy Human embryonic kidney cells Cellometer
Abey, Sarah December 2016 Lysozyme association with circulating RNA, extracellular vesicles, and chronic stress BBA Clinical Intestinal epithelial cells, CRL-1790 cells Cellometer
Mae Long, Carrie December 2016 Potential inhibitory influence of miRNA 210 on regulatory T-cells during epicutaneous chemical sensitization Genes dLN derived T cells Cellometer
Zhang, Yajing December 2016 MiR-216a decreases MALAT1 expression, induces G2/M arrest and apoptosis in pancreatic cancer cells Biochemical & Biophysical Research Communications PANC-1 and BxPC3 cells Cellometer
Srivastava, Amit December 2016 Serial in vivo imaging of transplanted allogeneic neural stem cell survival in a mouse model of amyotrophic laeral sclerosis Experimental Neurology Neural stem cells (NSCs) Cellometer Auto 2000
Zhou, Tingyang December 2016 Redox mechanisms in radiotherapy hypoxic preconditioning These- The Ohio State University Breast cancer cells (MCF-7) Cellometer Mini
Agnihothram, Sudhakar December 2016 Titanium Dioxide nanoparticles evoke proinflammatory response during murine norovirus infection despite having minimal effects on virus replication International Journal of Nanotechnology in Medicine & Engineering RAW 264.7 cells Cellometer Auto T4
van der Toom, Emma December 2016 A surface tension magnetophoretic device for rare cell isolation and characterization Medicine Oncology Circulating tumor cells (CTCs) Cellometer
Thomas de Silva, Daniela December 2016 Physicochemical characterization of leaf extracts from Ocotea lancifolia and its effect against wood-rot fungi International Biodeterioration & Biodegradation Fungal cells Cellometer Vision
Wyatt, Linda December 2016 Generation of Recombinant vaccinia viruses Crruent Protocols in Molecular Biology BHK-21 and CEF cells Cellometer
Bharat Joshi, Jugal December 2016 ID4 and FKBP52 interaction regulates androgen receptor activity: Mechanistic Insight Clark Atlanta University Normal Prostate epithelial cells (RWPE-1) and Prostate cancer cells (LNCaP) Cellometer Vision
Bekirogullari, M. December 2016 Production of lipid-based fuels and chemicals from microalgae: An integrated experimental and model-based optimization study Algal Research C. reinhardtii Cellometer Auto T4 Counting live cells
Michalski, Daniel December 2016 In Vivo Characterization of the Drosophila mRNA 3’- end Processing Core Cleavage Complex: Poly(A) mRNA & Histone mRNA 3’-end Processing ProQuest Dmel-2 cells . Cellometer
Perin, Giorgio November 2016 Novel micro-photobioreactor design and monitoring method for assessing microalgae response to light intensity Algal Research Nannochloropsis gaditana cells Cellometer Auto X4
Montford, John November 2016 Cytosoloic phospholipase A2a increases proliferation and de-differentiation of human renal tubular epithelial cells Prostaglandins & Other lipid mediators HK-2 cells Cellometer
Fattah, Abdel November 2016 In situ 3D label free contactless bioprinting of cells through Diamagnetophoresis ACS Biomaterials Science & Engineering Whole Blood Cellometer Auto 2000
Xiao, Liang November 2016 E. coli surface properties differ between stream water and sediment environments Frontiers in Microbiology E. coli cells Cellometer
Liang, Xiao November 2016 E. coli surface properties differ between stream water and sediment environments Frontiers in Microbiology E. coli cells Cellometer
Alcaraz Silva, Barbara November 2016 Differences in the recruitment of DNA repair proteins at subtelomeric and interstitial I-Scel endonuclease-induced DNA double-strand breaks DNA Repair GFP-negative cells Cellometer Vision
Gohel, Dhanesh November 2016 Stable nanomagnetic particle dispersions FPO Eukaryotic & CD4+ cells Cellometer Vision
Berglund, A.K November 2016 Allogeneic MHC-mismatched equine bone marrow-derived mesenchymal stem cells are targeted for death by cytotoxic anti-MHC antibodies Equine Veterinary Journal Allogeneic mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) Cellometer Auto 2000
Muratori, Claudia November 2016 The cytotoxic synergy of nanosecond electric pulses low temperature lead to apoptosis Scientific Reports Human monocyte lymphoma cells Cellometer Vision
Al Zallouha, Margueritta November 2016 Usefulness of toxicological validation of VOCs catalytic degradation by air-liquid interface exposure system Environmental Research Human A549 lung cells Cellometer
Ma, Bin November 2016 ATP-competitive MLKL binders have no functional impact on Necroptosis PLOS one Jurkat cells Cellometer
Martyniak, Brian November 2016 A novel concentration and viability detection method for Brettanomyces using the Cellometer Image Cytometry Journal of Microbiology & Biotechnology Yeast cells Cellometer
Davis, Ruth J. November 2016 Avoiding phagocytosis- related artifact in myeloid derived suppressor cell T-lymphocyte suppression assays Journal of Immunological Methods Myeloid derived suppressor cells (MDSCs) Cellometer Auto 2000
Magat Balinang, Joyce November 2016 Human Neural progenitor cells are productively infected by R5-tropic HIV-1: Opiate interactions on infection and function involve Cdk5 signaling Virginia Commonwealth University Neural progenitor cells (NPCs) Cellometer Auto T4
Yang, Chunrong November 2016 Effect of steroidal saponins-loaded nano-bioglass/phosphatidylserine/collagen bone substitute on bone healing Biomedical Engineering/ Biomedizinische Technik MC3T3-E1 cells Cellometer
Garapaty, Anusha November 2016 Tunable particles alter macrophage uptake based on combinatorial effects of physical properties Bioengineering & Translational Medicine J774 macrophages Cellometer Auto M10
Morke, Caroline November 2016 Caveolae-mediated phagocytosis of biomaterial surface structures of human osteoblasts University of Rostock human osteoblasts Cellometer Mini
Cramer, Shira November 2016 Systemic depletion of L-cyte(e)ine with cyst(e)inase increases reactive oxygen species and suppresses tumor growth Nature Medicine cancer cell lines Cellometer
Lin, Yixin November 2016 Regulation of the placental BCRP transporter by PPAR gamma Journal of Biochemical and Molecular Toxicology Human BeWo placental choriocarcinoma cells Cellometer Vision
Gomez-Lopez, Nardhy November 2016 Neutrophil extracellular traps in the amniotic cavity of women with intra-amniotic infection Reproductive Sciences Neutrophil extracellular traps (NETs), White blood cells Cellometer
Lawson, Tristan November 2016 Process development for expansion of human mesenchymal stromal cells in a 50 L single-use stirred tank bioreactor Biochemical Engineering Journal Human MSCs (Mesenchymal stromal cells) Cellometer Auto T4
Lessing, Derek November 2016 A high-throughput small molecule screen identifies synergism between DNA methylation and Aurora kinase pathways for X reactivation PNAS Mammalian female cells Cellometer
Joung, Julia November 2016 Protocol: Genome- scale CRISPR-Cas9 Knockout and transcriptional activation screening MIT HEK 293FT cells Cellometer
Wu, Yao November 2016 Cucurbitacin-I induces hypertrophy in H9c2 cardiomyoblasts through activation of autophagy via MEK/ERK1/2 signaling pathway Toxicology Letters H9c2 cells
Mayer, Jorg October 2016 The immunomodulatory effects of a commercial antiviral homeopathic compound in C57BL/6 mice, pre and post vaccine International Immunopharmacology Mouse cell line Cellometer Auto T4
Lanier, Viola October 2016 Leptin-induced transphosphorylation of vascular endothelial growth factor receptor increases Notch and stimulates endothelial cell angiogenic transformation The International Journal of Biochemistry & Cell Biology Cancer & endothelial cells Cellometer
Schumacher, Neele October 2016 Circulating soluble IL-6R but not ADAM17 activation drives mononuclear cell migration in tissue inflammation The Journal of Immunology Mononuclear cells Cellometer
Witt, AE October 2016 Identification of a cancer stem cell-specific function for the histone deacetylases, HDAC1 and HDAC7, in breast and ovarian cancer Oncogene cancer stem cells (CSCs), non-stem-tumour cells (nsTCs) Cellometer
Lelic, Alina October 2016 Immunogenicity of varicella Zoster vaccine and immunologic predictors of response in a cohort of elderly nursing home residents The Journal of Infectious Diseases CD4+ T- cells Cellometer Auto 2000
Holland, Steven C. October 2016 Impacts of genetically engineered alterations in carbon sink pathways on photosynthetic performance Algal Research PCC6803, JU547 Cellometer X4
Harting, Tatjana October 2016 The effect of dichloroacetate in canine prostate adenocarcinomas and transitional cell carcinomas in vitro International Journal of Oncology Human SH-SY5Y neuroblastoma cells, CD4+ T cells Cellometer Auto T4
Stover, Kelsey October 2016 Topically applied manganese-porphyrins BMX-001 and BMX-010 display a significant anti-inflammatory response in a mouse model of allergic dermatitis Archives of Dermatological Research bone marrow derived dendritic cells (BMDCs) and T-cells Cellometer
Gui, Dan October 2016 Environment dictates dependence on mitochondrial compleproduction complex I for NAD+ and aspartate production and determines cancer cell sensitivity for metformin Cell Metabolism cancer cells Cellometer
Bader, Hannah October 2016 Inactivation of the tumor suppressor gene von Hippel-Lindau (VHL) in granulocytes contributes to development of liver hemangiomas in a mouse model BMC Cancer Hematopoietic stem cells Cellometer
Fujiwara, Yuko October 2016 RANKL produced by osteocytes is required for the increase in B cells and bone less caused by estrogen deficiency in mice The Journal of Biological Chemistry B cells Cellometer Auto 2000
Rantakari, Pia October 2016 Fetal liver endothelium regulates the seeding of tissue-resident macrophages Nature Haematopoietic stem cells Cellometer
Vegerhof, Adi October 2016 Thermal therapy with magnetic nanoparticles for cell destruction Biomedical Optics Express A431 cells Cellometer
Zhou, Renpeng October 2016 Small diameter blood vessels bioengineered from human adipose-derived stem cells Scientific Reports Smooth muscle and endothelial cells Cellometer Auto T4
Ryan, Hollie October 2016 Effects of a non-thermal plasma needle device on HPV-16 positive cervical cancer cell viability in vitro Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society Adherent human cervical carcinoma cell lines, CaSki cells Cellometer Vision CBA
Beyer, Ashley October 2016 Comparison of human hematopoietic reconstitution in different strains of immunodeficient mice Stem Cell and Development CD34+, CD133+ cells, T-cells, NK cells Cellometer Auto X4
Kratochwill, Klaus October 2016 Addition of Alanyl-Glutamine to dialysis fluid restores peritoneal cellular stress responses- A first-in-man trial Plos One Peripheral blood monocytes Cellometer
Sridharan, BanuPriya October 2016 in vivo evaluation of stem cells aggregates on osteochondral regeneration Journal of Orthopaedic Research Rat bone marrow mesenchymal stem cells (rBMSC) Cellometer Auto T4
Brunson, John K. October 2016 Lac-1 and Lag-1 with ras-1 affect aging and the biological clock in Neurospora crassa Ecology and Evolution E. coli and N.crassa cells Cellometer Auto 2000
Hung, Chi F. October 2016 Ablation of Pericyte-like cells in lungs by oropharyngeal aspiration of diphtheria toxin American Journal of Respiratory cell and Molecular Biology FoxD1-derived cells Cellometer Auto 2000
Juan, Aster October 2016 Roles of H3K27me2 and H3K27me3 examined during fate specifications of embryonic stem cells Cell Reports Mouse embryonic stem cell (ESC’s) Cellometer K2
Marcoux, Genevieve October 2016 Revealing the diversity of extracellular vesicles using high-dimensional flow cytometry anaylses Scientific Reports Platelets and RBCs Cellometer M10
Barua, Papori October 2016 A rapid and miniaturized system using Alamar blue to assess fungal spore viability: implications for biosecurity European Journal of Plant Pathology Fungal Spores Cellometer
Chae, Yooeun October 2016 Effect of fluoride on the cell viability, cell organelle potential, and photosynthetic capacity of freshwater and soil algae Environmental Pollution Green algae cells Cellometer Auto T4
Lizardo, Michael October 2016 Upregulation of Glucose- regulated protein 78 in Metastatic cancer cells is necessary for lung metastasis progression Neoplasia MNNG, 143B and 4T1 cells Cellometer Vision CBA
Deng, Zhaojie October 2016 Synchronizing stochastic circadian oscillators in single cells of Neurospora crassa Scientific Reports Cyanobacterial cells Cellometer Auto 2000
Bor-Chen Weng, Brian October 2016 The phytogestrogenic stilbenes, araciden-1 and resveratrol, modulate regulatory T cell functions responsible for successful aging in aged ICR mice International Journal of Molecular Medicine CD4+CD25+ cells Cellometer Auto T4
Bahal, Raman October 2016 In vivo correction of anaemia in B-thalassemic mice by yPNA-mediated gene editing with nanoparticle delivery Nature Communications Haematopoietic stem cells Cellometer Auto T4
Yuan, Lingqin October 2016 Glutaminase inhibitor compound 968 cell proliferation and sensitizes paclitaxel in ovarian cancer American Journal of Translational Research Ovarian cancer cells Cellometer
Ingersoll, Matthew October 2016 Statin derivatives as therapeutic agents for castration-resistant Q3 prostate cancer ELSEVIER Human prostate carcinoma cell lines LNCaP, VCaP, PC-3, DU145 cells and C-81 Cellometer Auto T4 Trypan Blue Staining
Pezzi, Nicole September 2016 Aire knockdown in medullary thymic epithelial cells aire protein, deregulates cell adhesion genes and decreases thymocyte Molecular Immunology Medullary thymic epithelial cells Cellometer
Beddall, Margaret September 2016 A simple tube adapter to expedite and automate thawing of viably frozen cells Journal of Immunological Methods T-Cells Cellometer
Chal, Jerome September 2016 Generation of human muscle fibers and satellite-like cells from human pluripotent stem cells in vitro Nature Protocols hPSCs Cellometer
Upchurch, David September 2016 Effects of administration of adipose-derived stromal vascular fraction and platelet-rich plasma to dogs with osteoarthritis of the hip joints American Journal of Veterinary Research Adipose & stromal cells Cellometer Auto 2000
Singh, Rani September 2016 Modulation of infection-mediated migration of neutrophils and CXCR2 trafficking by osteopontin Immunology: The Journal of cells, molecules, systems & technologies Bone marrow mouse cells Cellometer T4/ Auto 2000
Brechka, Hannah September 2016 Contribution of caudal mullerian duct mesenchyme to prostate development Stem Cells and Development Prostate epithelial cells, human embryonic stem cells Cellometer
Jackson-Jones, Lucy September 2016 IL-33 delivery induces serous cavity macrophage proliferation independent of interleukin-4 receptor alpha European Journal of Immunology Cellometer Auto T4
Kwon, Myung September 2016 Mechanotransduction- induced lipid production system with high robustness and controllability for microalgae Scientific Reports Suspension cells Cellometer Auto T4
Forino, Martino September 2016 Bioassay-guided identification of the antihyperglycaemic consitituents of walnut (juglans regia) leaves Journal of Functional Foods HepG2 and Caco-2 cell lines Cellometer Auto T4
Kucinska, Malgorzata September 2016 Beyond mouse cancer models: Three -dimensional human-relevant in vitro and non-mammalian in vivo models for photodynamic therapy Mutation Research/Reviews in mutation research Cellometer
Gamboa Castro, Marielena September 2016 Custering and Jamming in epithelial-mesenchymal co-cultures Biological Soft Matter Mesenchymal stem cells Cellometer
Muschet, Caroline September 2016 Removing the bottlenecks of cell culture metabolomics: Fast normalization procedure, correlation of metabolites to cell number, and impact of the cell harvesting method Metabolomics adherent cells Cellometer Auto T4 plus
Sykes, David September 2016 Inhibition of Dihydroorotate dehydrogenase overcomes differentiation blockade in acute myeloid in leukemia Cell leukemic cells Cellometer
Borthwick , Lee September 2016 Macrophages are critical to the maintenance of IL-13- dependent lung inflammation and fibrosis Mucosal Immunology CD4+ Th2 cells, T cells Cellometer Auto T4
Xu, Huan September 2016 Differential sensitivities of bone marrow, spleen and thymus to genotoxicity induced by environmentally relevant concentrations of arsenite Toxicology Letters Cellometer Auto 2000 bone marrow, spleen & thymus mouse cells
Zhai, Yuanmei September 2016 Growth differentiation factor 15 contributes to cancer-associated fibroblasts-mediated chemo-protection of AML cells Journal of Experimental & Clinical cancer research Bone marrow (BM) microenvironment & leukemia cells Cellometer Mini
Song Jang, Dae September 2016 Cell-based high throughput screening identifies galactocerebrosidase enhancers as potential small-molecule therapies for Krabbe’s Journal of Neuroscience Research 145M-Twi-hGALC-G270D, BHK-21 cells Cellometer
Kalinec, Gilda September 2016 Working with Auditory HEI-OC1 cells Jove HEI-OC1 cells Cellometer
Milasan, Andreea September 2016 Extracellular vesicles are present in mouse lymph and their level differs in atherosclerosis Journal of Extracellular Vesicles Antigen and immune cells Cellometer Auto X4
Zhang , Lu September 2016 NT1014, a novel biguanide, inhibits ovarian cancer growth in vitro and in vivo Journal of Hematology & Oncology human ovarian cancer cell lines Cellometer
Atmaca, Harika September 2016 Comparative anaylsis of XTT assay and xCelligence system by measuring cytotoxicity of resveratrol in human cancer cell lines Turkish Journal of Biochemistry Cellometer
Chen, Yannan September 2016 Loss of TAB3 expression by shRNA exhibits suppressive bioactivity and increased chemical sensitivity of ovarian cancer cell lines via the NF-kB pathway Cell Proliferation HO8910 and SKOV3 ovarian cancer cells Cellometer
Pederson, Jenny September 2016 Fluid dynamic modeling to support the development of flow-based hepatocyte culture systems for metabolism studies Frontiers Hepatic progenitor cells Cellometer
Lu, Chao September 2016 Role of circadian gene clock duing differentiation of mouse pluripotent stem cells Protein and Cell Mouse embryonic stem cell (ESC’s) Cellometer
Ingersoll, Matthew September 2016 Statin derivatives as therapeutic agents for castration-resistant prostate cancer Cancer Letter CR PCa cells Cellometer Auto T4
Kugathasan, Pirathiv September 2016 In vivo and in vitro effects of vortioxetine on molecules associated with neuroplasticity Journal of Psychopharmacology Cellometer Auto T4
Hammer, Susanne September 2016 Longitudinal claudin gene expression analyses in canine mammary tissues and thereof derived primary cultures and cell lines International Journal of Molecular Sciences Epithelial and endothelial cells Cellometer Auto T4
Mishra, Sapna September 2016 Microscopic investigation to determine the effect of Beauveria bassiana (Bals) Vuill. and Cymbopogon citratus (DC) Stapf. treatment on different life stages of musca domestica Journal of Parasitic diseases Spinous cells Cellometer Vision
Chung, Sung Hee September 2016 The effect of chemical and physical characteristics of nano graphene oxide layer on epithelial cell behavior Journal of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology epithelial cells Cellometer
Giguere, S. September 2016 Comparative pharmacokinetics of minocycline in foals and adult horses Journal of Veterinary Pharmacology & Therapeutics Pulmonary epithelial lining fluid (PELF) & Bronchoalveolar cells (BAL) Cellometer Auto T4
Kanamoto, Ayako September 2016 Valproic acid inhibits irradiation-induced epithelial-mesenchymal transition and stem cell-like characteristics in esophageal squamous cell carcinoma Journal of Oncology ESCC TE9 cells Cellometer Vision
Goeh, Jung September 2016 V-1 regulates capping protein activity in vivo PNAS V-1 cells Cellometer
Kasinathan, Jhansi Rani September 2016 A novel method for high enrichment of human corneal epithelial stem cells for genomic analysis Microscopy research and Technique Corneal epithelial stem cells (CESCs) Cellometer Vision Trio
Parks, Alexandre August 2016 Lysosomotropic cationic drugs induce cytostatic and cytotoxic effects: Role of liposolubility and autophagic flux and antagonism by cholesterol ablation Toxicology and Applied Pharmacology Tumor cells, primary human endothelial cells, and U937 Cells Cellometer Mini
Kapoor, Sumeet August 2016 Intracellular delivery of peptide cargos using polyhydroxybutyrate based biodegradable nanoparticles: studies on antitumor efficacy of BCL-2 converting peptide, NuBCP-9 International Journal of Pharmaceuticals MCF-7 cells Cellometer Vision
Ding, Zhonghui August 2016 OLA1, a translational regulator of p21, maintains optimal cell proliferation necessary for developmental progression Molecular & Cellular Biology Mouse cells Cellometer
Sahu, Nisebita August 2016 Functional screening implicates miR-371-3p and peroxiredoxin 6 in reversible tolerance to cancer drugs Nature Communications Tumour cells Cellometer
Weerakkody, Dhammika August 2016 Novel pH-sensitive cyclic peptides Scientific Reports 4T1 mammary tumor cells Cellometer
Khuc, Thai August 2016 Using B-lactamase and nanoluc luciferase reporter gene assays to identify inhibitors of the HIF-1 signaling pathway High-Throughput screening assays in Toxicology cancer cell lines Cellometer
Zhao, Jinghua August 2016 Cell based assay for identifying the modulators of antioxidant response element signaling pathway High-throughput screening assays in toxicology Cellometer
Hsu, Chia-Wen August 2016 Transactivation and coactivator recruitment assays for measuring farnesoid X receptor activity Springer Link FXR-bla cells Cellometer
Fernanda Montiel-Gonzalez, Maria August 2016 An efficient system for selectively altering genetic information within mRNA’s Nucleic Acids Research HEK293T cells Cellometer Vision
Kim, Ki-Wook August 2016 MCHII+ resident peritoneal and pleural macrophages rely on IRF4 for development from circulating monocytes The Journal of Experimental Medicine blood monocytes Cellometer
Chargin, Amanda August 2016 Quantification of PD-L1 and PD-1 expression on tumor and immune cells in non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC) using non-enzymatic tissue dissociation and flow cytometry Cancer Immunology, Immunotherapy Immune cells Cellometer Auto T4
Velma, Venkatranreddy August 2016 Low doses of Cisplatin induce gene alterations, cell cycle arrest, and apoptosis in human promyelocytic leukemia cells Biomarker Insights HL-60 cells Cellometer Vision CBA
Sudhakar, Agnihothram July 2016 Silicon Dioxide impedes antiviral response and causes genotoxic insult during calicivirus replication Jounral of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology Feline kidney epithelial cells Cellometer Auto T4
Sudhakar, Agnihothram July 2016 Silicon Dioxide impedes antiviral response and causes genotoxic insult during calicivirus replication Journal of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology Feline kidney epithelial cells Cellometer Auto T4
Hauser, Anastasia July 2016 Peptide conjugated magnetic nanoparticles for magnetically mediated energy delivery to lung cancer cells Nanomedicine A549 and H358 cells Cellometer
Seedhom, Mina July 2016 Protein Translation Activity: A new measure of host immune cell activation The Journal of Immunology T cells Cellometer Vision
Royston, Daniel July 2016 Single-Tube 10-Fluorochrome analysis for efficient flow cytometric evaluation of minimal residual disease in plasma cell myeloma American Journal of Clinical Pathology Cellometer Auto 2000
Zarif, Jelani July 2016 A phased strategy to differentiate human CD14+ monocytes into classically and alternatively activated macrophages and dendritic cells The International Journal of Life Science Methods Dendritic cells Cellometer Auto T4
Ngen, Ethel July 2016 Imaging the DNA Alkylator Melphalan by by CEST MRI: An advanced approach to Theranostics Molecular Pharmaceutics Cellometer
Lilly, Jacob July 2016 Surface-initiated polymerizations for the rapid sorting of rare cancer cells University of Kentucky Epithelial cancer cells Cellometer
Chaudhari, Snehal July 2016 Bacterial folates provide an exogenous signal for C. elegans germline stem cell proliferation Developmental Cell C. elegans germ cells Cellometer
Lian, Shenyi July 2016 PRL-3 promotes cell adhesion by interacting with JAM2 in colon cancer Oncology Letter Colon cancer cell lines Cellometer Auto T4
Hurwitz, Stephanie July 2016 Nanparticles analysis sheds budding insights into genetic drivers of extracellular vesicle biogenesis Journal of Extracellular Vesicles Human cancer cells Cellometer Vision
Cardenas-Garcia, Stivalis July 2016 Effects of chicken interferon gamma on newcastle disease virus vaccine immunogenicity PLOS one Primary Chicken Embryo fibroblast cells Cellometer Auto T4
Filiano, Anthony July 2016 Unexpected role of interferon-y in regulating neuronal connectivity and social behaviour Nature T-cells Cellometer
Furumoto, Yasuko July 2016 Tofacitinib ameliorates murine lupus and its associated vascular dysfunction Arthritis & Rheumatology CD3+ T cells Cellometer
Sharabi, Yehonatan July 2016 Elevated cerebrospinal fluid ratios of cysteinyl-dopamine/3,4-dihydroxyphenylacetic acid in parkinsonian synucleinopathies Parkinsonism & Related disorders Cellometer
Knapinska, Anna July 2016 Matrix metalloproteinases as reagents for cell isolation Enzyme and Microbial Technology MMP-12 cells Cellometer Auto T4
Nolin, James July 2016 Identification of epithelial phospholipase A2 Receptor 1 (PLA2R1) as a potential target in asthma American Journal of Respiratory Cell Molecular Biology Submucosal glandular epthelium and columnar epithelial cells Cellometer
Meneghesso, Andrea July 2016 Photoacclimation of photosynthesis in the Eustigmatophycean Nannochloropsis gaditana Photosynthesis Research Nannochloropsis gaditana cells Cellometer Auto X4
Yedjou, Clement July 2016 Natural plant extracts induced DNA damage and apoptosis through oxidative stress in transgenic mouse model Cancer Research transgenic mouse mammary tumor cells Cancer Research
Argyros, Aaron July 2016 Methods for the improvement of product yield and production in a microorganism through glycerol recycling FPO Yeast cells Cellometer
Hauser, Anastasia July 2016 Targeted iron oxide nanoparticles for the enhancement of radiation therapy Biomaterials Cancer cell lines Cellometer
Minster, Ryan July 2016 A thrifty variant in CREBRF strongly influences body mass index in Samoans Nature Genetics Adipocyte cells Cellometer
Jarnuczak, Andrew July 2016 Analysis of intrinsic peptide detectability via integrated label-free and SRM- based absolute quantitative proteomics Journal of Proteome Research Cellometer Auto M10
Maldonado, Eduardo July 2016 ATP/ADP turnover and import of glycolytic ATP into mitochondria in cancer cells in independent of the Adenine Nucleotide Translocator The Journal of Biological Chemistry cancer cell lines Cellometer Vision
Kuehl, Philip July 2016 Is Systemic PK really an indicator of pulmonary deposition? A fluticasone propionate case study Respiratory Drug Delivery BAL cells Cellometer
Circu, Magdalena July 2016 Chloroquine-induced lysosomal membrane permeabilization restores sensitivity to casplatin in refractory lung cancer cells Cancer Research A549 lung cancer cells Cellometer Vision
Wysham, Weiya July 2016 Orlistat decreases endometrial cancer cell proliferation: Implications for a novel treatment strategy Cancer Research Endometrial cancer cell lines (KLE & ECC-1) Cellometer
Circu, Magdelena July 2016 Cisplatin refractory lung cancer cells exhibit an increased autophagic flux at baseline and following exposure to cisplatin Cancer Research cisR A549 lung cancer cells Cellometer Vision
McCabe, Paul July 2016 Synovial fluid white cell count in Knee Osteoarthritis: Association with structural findings and treatment response Arthritis & Rheumatology SF WCC Cellometer Vision
Liu, Jixiang July 2016 7- hydoxycoumarin-based cell-tracking reagents FPO T cells Cellometer
Xu, Huan July 2016 Interactive genotoxicity induced by environmentally relevant concentrations of benzo(a)pyrene metabolites and arsenite in mouse thymus cells Toxicological Sciences T-cells Cellometer Auto 2000
Hutzler, J. Matthew July 2016 Custom- Pooled human hepatocytes for clearance prediction of aldehyde oxidase substrates Q2 Solutions Human hepatocytes cellometer
Manevich, Yefim June 2016 Targeting Redox signaling and bioenergetics determine lung cancer sensitivity to a New Isoflavone, ME-344 The Journal of Pharmacology Cancer cell lines Cellometer
Mackenzie, Rebecca June 2016 Absolute protein quantification of the yeast chaperome under conditions of heat shock Proteomics yeast cells Cellometer Auto
Hassan, B.B. June 2016 Feline Mammary Cancer novel nude mouse model and molecular characterization of invasion and metastasis genes Veterinary Pathology Feline mammary cacinoma cells (FMCs) Cellometer
Zetterberg, Craig June 2016 VX-509 (Decernotinib)- mediated CYP3A time-dependent inhibition: An aldehyde oxidase metabolite as a perpetrator of drug-drug interactions Drug Metabolism & Disposition Hepatocytes Cellometer
Shin, Sung-Eun June 2016 CRISPR/Cas9- induced knockout and knock-in mutations in Chlamydomonas reinhardtii Scientific Reports Algae cells Cellometer Auto T4
Cooper, Laurence Jn. June 2016 Human application of engineered chimeric antigen receptor (CAR) T-cells FPO T-cells Cellometer Auto T4
Raman, Vishak June 2016 Electroporation- based enhanced anti-cancer effects of veliparib on triple negative breast cancer cells Molecular cancer Therapeutics Triple negative human breast cancer cells Cellometer
Zetterberg, Craig June 2016 VX-509 (Decernotinib)-Mediated CYP3A time-dependent inhibition: An aldehyde oxidase metabolite as a perpetrator of drug-drug interactions Drug Metabolism & Disposition Hepatocytes Cellometer
Shin, Sung-Eun June 2016 CRISPR/Cas9- induced knockout and knock-in mutations in Chlamydomonas reinhardtii Scientific Reports Algae cells Cellometer Auto T4
Cooper, Laurence Jn. June 2016 Human application of engineered chimeric antigen receptor(CAR) T-cells FPO T-cells Cellometer Auto T4
Raman, Vishak June 2016 Electroporation-based enhanced anti-cancer effect of veliparib on triple negative breast cancer cells Molecular Cancer Therapeutics Triple negative human breast cancer cells Cellometer
Smedley, Jeremy June 2016 Laparoscopic technique for serial collection of Para-Colonic, left colonic, and inferior mesenteric lymph nodes in Macaques Plos One Dendric cells, T and B cells Cellometer Auto T4
Looby, Richard June 2016 APJ Receptor Compounds FPO HEK cells Cellometer Auto T4
Alboresi , A. June 2016 Light remodels lipid biosynthesis in Nannochloropsis gaditana by modulating carbon partitioning between organelles Plant Physiology ML and HL cells Cellometer Auto X4
Xin, Maobin June 2016 An Implantable and controlled drug-release silk fibroin nanofibrous matrix to advance the treatment of solid tumour cancers Biomaterials HCT116 Cellometer Auto T4
Wang, Zixi June 2016 NEED4L catalyzes ubiquitnation of PIK3CA and regulates PI3-ALT signaling The Journal of Biological Chemistry NEED4L Cellometer
Gurer, Cagan June 2016 Non-human animals having a humanized cluster of differentiation 47 gene FPO human cancer cells Cellometer Auto T4
Liskovykh, Mikhail June 2016 Moving toward a higher efficiency of microcell-mediated chromosome transfer Molecular Therapy- Methods & clinical development Human mesenchymal stem cells Cellometer
Kilgore, Joshua June 2016 Buformin exhibits anti-proliferative and anti-invasive effects in endometrial cancer cells American Journal of Translational Research ECC-1 cells, endometrial cancer cells, Ishikawa cells Cellometer
Manevich, Yefim June 2016 Redox signaling and bioenergetics influence lung cancer cell line sensitivity to the isoflavone ME-344 The Journal of Pharmacology Lung cancer cell lines Cellometer Auto T4
Melzer, Susanne June 2016 Trypan blue as an affordable marker for automated live-dead cell analysis in image cytometry The Journal of Scanning Microscopies red blood cells Cellometer
D’Cunha , Napoleon June 2016 Pioneering a novel class Tetrahydroimidazopyridines with anti-proliferative property study against prostate cancer Clark Atlanta University DU145 and PC3 cells Cellometer Auto T4
Miller, Duane Douglas June 2016 Immunosuppressive compounds and therapeutics FPO CD3+, T and B & INS-1E cells Cellometer Auto T4
Bedoya, Felipe June 2016 Methods of making chimeric antigen receptor- expressing cells FPO T and NK cells Cellometer
Solomon, Susan June 2016 Systems and methods for producing stem cells and differentiated cells FPO adult somatic cells, induced pluripotent stem cells Cellometer
Dotson, Abby June 2016 Sex differences and the role of PPAR alpha in experimental stroke Metabolic Brain Disease Mouse Leukocytes Cellometer Auto T4
Lin, Qiuye May 2016 Modulation of the TNFa-induced gene expression profile of intestinal epithelial cells by soy fermented with lactic acid bacteria Journal of Functional Foods Intestinal epithelial cells (IEC) Cellometer Vision
Marxer, Monika May 2016 Insect antimicrobial peptides act synergistically to inhibit a trypanosome parasite Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society B Cellometer
Wen, Li-Li May 2016 Perfluorooctanesulfonate mediates renal tubular cell apoptosis through PPARgamma inactivation Plos One Cellometer Mini
McCulley, Kelsey May 2016 Assessment of Natural Killer cell cytotoxicity using Image cytometry method Natural Killer Cells NK Cells Cellometer
Odeh, Adam May 2016 Regulatory CD4+ CD25+ T cells dampen inflammatory disease in Murine mycoplasma pneumonia and promote IL-17 and IFN-y responses Plos One CD4+, CD25+, T cells Cellometer T4
Zhang, Lei May 2016 Harmful effects of Leukocyte- rich platelet-rich plasma on rabbit tendon stem cells in Vitro The American Journal of Sports Medicine TSC cells Cellometer Auto
Wysham, Weiya May 2016 Effects of fatty acid synthase inhibition by orlistat on proliferation of endometrial cancer cell lines Targeted Oncology KLE cells Cellometer
Trape, Adriana Priscila May 2016 Effects of CDK4/6 inhibition in hormone receptor- positive/human epidermal growth factor receptor 2-negative breast cancer cells with acquired resistance to paclitaxel Journal of Cancer HER2, T47D cells Cellometer
Kaushik, Akask May 2016 Inhibition of the hexosamine biosynthetic pathway promotes castration-resistant prostate cancer Nature Communications CRPC cells Cellometer
Gaignaux, Amelie May 2016 A biospecimen proficiency testing program for biobank accreditation: Four years of experience Biopreservation and Biobanking Cellometer
Goldstein, David S. May 2016 3,4-Dihydroxyphenylethanol (Hydroxytyrosol) mitigates the increase in spontaneous oxidation of dopamine during monoamine oxidase inhibition in PC12 cells Neurochemical Research PC12 cells Cellometer
Anderson, Stacey E. May 2016 Evaluation of the irritancy and hypersensitivity potential following topical application of didecyldimethylammonium chloride Journal of Immunotoxicology CD44+, CD4+, CD8+ T cells, CD86+ B cells, dendritic cells Cellometer
Gavino, Aries Caesar May 2016 STAT3 inhibition prevents lung inflammation, remodeling, and accumulation of Th2 and Th17 cells in a murine asthma models Allergy- European Journal of Allergy and Clinical immunology Cellometer
Zhao, Dan May 2016 Single-molecule detection and tracking of RNA transcripts in living cells using phosphorothioate-optimized 2′-0-methyl RNA molecular beacons Biomaterials Adherent cells Cellometer
Cho, Namki May 2016 Preparative purification of anti-proliferative diarylheptanoids from Betula Platyphylla by high-speed counter-current chromatography Molecules COLO205, KM12 colon cells, Renal cancer cells Cellometer Auto T4
Tsoykalas, Michail May 2016 Pregnane glycosides from cynanchum marnierianum stimulate GLP-1 secretion in STC-1 cells Planta Medica STC-1 cells Cellometer
Lilly, Jacob May 2016 The role of surface receptor density in surface-initiated polymerizations for cancer cell isolation Langmuir Circulating tumor cells Cellometer
Sutton , Katherine May 2016 Bioengineering and serum free expansion of blood-derived; T-cells Cytotherapy T-cells Cellometer
Najjar, Amer M. May 2016 Imaging of Sleeping Beauty- Modified CD19- specific T-cells expressing HSV1-thymidine kinase by positron emission tomogrpahy Molecular Imaging and Biology T-cells Cellometer
Marxer, Monika May 2016 Insect antimicrobial peptides act synergistically to inhibit a trypanosome parasite Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society B Cellometer
Wen, Li-Li May 2016 Perfluorooctanesulfonate mediates renal tubular cell apoptosis through PPAR gamma inactivation PloS One Renal Tubular cells (RTCs) Cellometer Mini
Odeh, Adam May 2016 Regulatory CD4+ CD25+ T cells dampen inflammatory disease in Murine mycoplasma pneumonia and promote IL-17 and IFN-y responses PloS one CD4+, CD25+, T cells Cellometer Auto T4
Zhang, Lei May 2016 Harmful effects of leukocyte- rich platelet- rich plasma on rabbit tendon stem cells in vitro The American Journal of Sports Medicine TSC cells Cellometer Auto
Wysham, Weiya May 2016 Effects of fatty acid synthase inhibition by Orlistat on proliferation of endometrial cancer cell lines Targeted Oncology KLE cells Cellometer
Priscila Trape, Adriana May 2016 Effects of CDK4/6 inhibition in hormone receptor-positive/human epidermal growth factor receptor 2-negative breast cancer cells with acquired resistance to paclitaxel Journal of Cancer HER2 cells, T47D cells Cellometer
Kaushik, Akask May 2016 Inhibition of the hexosamine biosynthetic pathway promotes castration-resistant prostate cancer Nature Communications CRPC cells Cellometer
Gaignaux, Amelie May 2016 A biospecimen proficiency testing program for biobank accreditation: Four years of experience Biopreservation & Biobanking Cellometer
Goldstein, David May 2016 3, 4-Dihydroxyphenylethanol (Hydroxytyrosol) mitigates the increase in spontaneous oxidation of dopamine during monoamine oxidase inhibition in PC12 cells Neurochemical Research PC12 cells Cellometer
Gavino, Aries Caesar May 2016 STAT3 inhibition prevents lung inflammation, remodeling, and accumulation of Th2 and Th17 cells in a murine asthma model European Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology Cellometer
Zhao, Dan May 2016 Single-molecule detection and tracking of RNA transcripts in living cells using phosphorothioate-optimized 2’0′-methyl RNA molecular beacons Biomaterials Adherent cells Cellometer
Cho, Namki May 2016 Preparative purification of Anti-proliferative diarylheptanoids from Betula Platyphylla by high-speed counter-current chromatography Molecules COLO205, KM12 colon cells, Renal cancer cells Cellometer Auto T4
Tsoukalas, Michail May 2016 Pregnane glycosides from cynanchum marnierianum stimulate GLP-1 secretion in STC-1 cells Planta Medica STC-1 cells Cellometer
Lilly, Jacob May 2016 The role of surface receptor density in surface-initiated polymerizations for cancer cell isolation Langmuir Circulating Tumor cells Cellometer
Senveli, Sukra May 2016 Novel Acoustic wave microsystems for biophysical studies of cells University of Miami MCF7, MDA-MB-231, SKBR3, JJ012 Cellometer AUto T4
Ciepluch, Brittany May 2016 The ability of a cell salvage system and leukocyte reduction filter to remove hemangiosarcoma cells from dog blood Texas A&M University hemangiosarcoma cells Cellometer
Heng, Ri-Liang May 2016 Radiation characteristics and effective optical properties of dumbbell-shaped cyanobacterium Synechocystis sp. Journal of Quantitative spectroscopy and radiative transfer cyanobacterium Synechocystis sp Cellometer
Graziano, S. April 2016 Vitamin D/vitamin D receptor axis regulates DNA repair during oncogene- induced senescence Oncogene Primary Human Cells Cellometer Vision
Hung, Chun-Hsien April 2016 Isolation and characterization of a mutant defective in traicylglycerol accumulation in nitrogen-starved Chlamydomonas reinhardtii Biochimica et Biophysica Acta (BBA)- Molecular and cell biology of lipids CC-4351 Cellometer Auto T4
Bowen, Robert April 2016 Stromal vascular fraction from Lipoaspirate Infranatant: Comparison between suction- assisted Liposuction and Nutational infrasonic liposuction Innovative Techniques Aesthetic Progenitor Cells Cellometer Auto 2000
Santos Masson-Meyers, Daniela April 2016 Blue light does not impair wound healing in vitro Journal of Photochemistry and Photobiology Human dermal fibroblast cells Cellometer Auto T4
Rider, Mark April 2016 ExtraPEG:A polyethylene Glycol-based method for enrichment of extracellular vesicles Scientific Reports Progenitor cells Cellometer Vision
Beeravolu, Naimisha April 2016 Isolation and comparative analysis of potential stem/progenitor cells from different regions of human umbilical cord Stem Cell Research Stromal Cells (BMSC’s) Cellometer
Liu, Ping April 2016 Deferoxamine-induced increase in the intracellular iron levels in highly aggressive breast cancer cells lead to increased cell migration by enhancing TNF-a-dependent Nf-kB signaling and TGF-B signaling Journal of Inorganic Biochemistry Breast Cancer cells Cellometer
Lipsey, Crystal April 2016 Tackling obesity-related cancer health disparity, new inhibitors of leptin signaling Cancer Epidemiology Biomarkers & Prevention Cancer cells Cellometer
Dill, Courtney April 2016 Targeting the obesity/leptin link to TNBC: A breast cancer disparity problem Cancer Epidemiology Biomarkers & Prevention MDA-MB-231 and MDA-MB-468 Cellometer
Ines Mantho Tchio, Cynthia April 2016 A new approach to targeted therapy for obesity-related pancreatic adenocarcinoma Cancer Epidemiology Biomarkers & Prevention Pancreatic Cancer stem cells Cellometer
Harmon, Tia April 2016 Development of an innovative treatment for obesity-related triple-negative breast cancer Cancer Epidemiology Biomarkers & Prevention Human Breast Cancer cells Cellometer
Fen Teo, Chin April 2016 Dissecting PUGNAc-mediated inhibition of the pro-survival action of insulin Glycobiology Cellometer
Binh Tran, Trong April 2016 Electric cell-substrate impedance sensing (ECIS) with microelectrode arrays for investigation of cancer cell-fibroblasts interaction Plos One A549 & MRC-5 lung epithelial cells Cellometer Auto T4
Lapkina, Lena April 2016 Identification of signaling pathways associated with cancer protection in Laron syndrome Endocrine Related Cancer Lymphoblastoid cells Cellometer
Wen, J. April 2016 WIP1 modulates responsiveness to Sonic Hedgehog signaling in neuronal precursor cells and medulloblastoma Oncogene NIH3T3, MB, cerebellar granule neuron precursor cells Cellometer Vision
Ma, Bennett April 2016 Prediction of metabolic clearance for low-turnover compounds using plated hepatocytes with enzyme activity correction European Journal of Drug metabolism and Pharmacokinetics Hepatocytes Cellometer
Zhou, Hong-Hao April 2016 Smad3 sensitizes hepatocellular carcinoma cells to cisplatin by repressing phosphorylation of AKT International Journal of Molecular sciences Carcinoma cells Cellometer Mini
Park, Seoyoung April 2016 Cytotoxic activity of aeroplysinin-1 against colon cancer cells by promoting B-catenin degradation Food and Chemical Toxicology Colon Cancer cells Cellometer
Diao, Junchen April 2016 Efflux pump control alters synthetic gene circuit function Synthetic Biology Cellometer
Thakkar, A. April 2016 Vitamin D and androgen receptor-targeted therapy for triple-negative breast cancer Breast Cancer & Research and treatment Stem cancer cells Cellometer
Beeravolu, Naimisha April 2016 Isolation and comparative analysis of potential stem/progenitor cells from different regions of human umbilical cord Stem Cell Research hUC cells Cellometer
McCormick, Elyse April 2016 Determining the viability of preserved cell suspensions frozen over time with varied glycerol concentrations Illinois Wesleyan University Schizochytrium & E. coli cells Cellometer
Beeravolu, Naimisha April 2016 Isolation and comparative analysis of potential stem/ progenitor cells from different regions of human umbilical cord Stem Cell Research hUC cells Cellometer
Coutermarsh-Ott, Sheryl April 2016 NLRX1 suppresses tumorigenesis and attenuates histiocytic sarcoma through the negative regulation of NF-kB signaling Oncotarget Histiocytic cells Cellometer Vision
Chae, Yooeun April 2016 Toxicity and transfer of polyvinlpyrrolidone-coated silver nanowires in an aquatic food chain consisting of algae, water fleas and zebrafish Aquatic Toxicology Cellometer Auto T4
Di Liddo, Rosa April 2016 Adrenomedullin in the growth modulation and differentiation of acute myeloid leukemia cells. International Journal of Oncology myeloid leukemia cells Cellometer Auto T4
Da Silva, S.M March 2016 Evaluation of microbial qPCR workflows using engineered Saccharomyces cerevisiae Biomolecular detection and Qualification Yeast cells Cellometer
Cote, Allison March 2016 Single-cell differences in matrix gene expression do not predict matrix deposition Nature Communications Mesenchymal stem cells Cellometer
Greene, James March 2016 Mathematical modeling reveals that changes to local cell density dynamically modulate baseline variations in cell growth and drug response Cancer research Ovarian cancer cells Cellometer
Elshafae, Said March 2016 Gastrin-releasing peptide receptor (GRPr) promotes EMT, growth, and invasion in canine prostate cancer The Prostate Ace-1, GRPr, tumor cells Cellometer Auto T4
Petzke, Mary March 2016 Borrelia burgdorferi induces a type 1 interferon response during early stages of disseminated infection in mice BMC Microbiology C3H/ HeJ mouse cells Cellometer
Liao, Xin-Hua March 2016 A high-throughput, multi-cell phenotype assay for the identification of novel inhibitors of chemotaxis/ migration Scientific Reports Cellometer
Sorber, Rebecca March 2016 Whole genome sequencing of newly established pancreatic cancer lines identifies novel somatic mutation in axon guidance receptor plexin A1 as enhancer of proliferation and invasion PLOS 293T cells Cellometer Auto T4
Dogaris, I. March 2016 Cultivation study of the marine microalga Picochlorum oculatum and outdoor deployment in a novel bioreactor for high-density production of algal cell mass Biomass and Bioenergy HBR cells Cellometer Auto X4
Espinosa, Avelina March 2016 Entamoeba clone-recognition experiments: Morphometrics, aggregative behavior, and cell-signaling characterization The Journal of Eukaryotic Microbiology Entamoeba cells Cellometer Vision
Alam, Mohammad March 2016 Synthesis and evaluation of functionalized benzoboroxoles as potential anti-tuberculosis agents Tetrahedron Breast cancer cells, MCF7 Cellometer
Dumesic, Daniel March 2016 Cumulus cell mitochondrial resistance to stress in vitro predicts oocyte development during assisted reproduction The Journal of clinical endocrinology and metabolism Jurkat cells Cellometer Vision
Ding, Ze-Yang March 2016 Activin A-smad signaling mediates connective tissue growth factor synthesis in liver progenitor cells International Journal of Molecular sciences Live progenitor cells (LPC) Cellometer Mini
Delgado-Peraza, Francheska March 2016 Mechanisms of biased beta-arrestin mediated signaling downstream from the cannabinoid 1 receptor Molecular Pharmacology HEK293 cells Cellometer Vision
Lescarbeau, Rebecca March 2016 Quantitative phosphoproteomics reveals Wee1 kinase as a therapeutic target in a model of proneural gliobastoma Molecular Cancer Therapeutics PDX cell line Cellometer
Ogunwuyi, Oluwaseun March 2016 Antiretroviral drugs- loaded nanoparticles fabricated by dispersion polymerization with potential for HIV/AIDS treatment Infectious diseases: Research and Treatment CEM T-Cells Cellometer
Lipsey, Crystal March 2016 Oncogenic role of leptin and notch interleukin-1 leptin crosstalk outcome in cancer World Journal of Methodology Cancer stem cells Cellometer
Kuksin, Dmitry March 2016 Cellometer Image Cytometry as a complementary tool to flow cytometry for verifying gated cell populations Analytical Biochemistry Cellometer Vision
Douglas, Michael March 2016 Sex ratio and gamete size across eastern North America in Dictyostelium discoideum, a social amoeba with three sexes Journal of Evolutionary Biology Cellometer Auto X2
Lyons, John March 2016 Murine lung cancer increases CD4+ T cell apoptosis and decreases gut proliferative capacity in sepsis PLOS one T-Cells Auto Cellometer
Liard, Christelle March 2016 A cancer vaccine for dogs FPO Cellometer
Fields, Gregg March 2016 Matrix metalloproteinasses and uses thereof FPO Stem cells Cellometer
Liard, Christelle March 2016 A cancer vaccine for cats FPO Cellometer
Delk, Jeremy March 2016 Methods of growing and preparing stem cells and methods of using the same FPO ADSC cells Cellometer
Moscatello, David March 2016 Compositions, methods for collecting, washing, cryopreserving, recovering and return of lipoaspirates to physician for autologous adipose transfer procedures FPO Adipose tissue cells Cellometer
Surmeli, Zeki March 2016 Combination of zoledronic acid and serine/threonine phosphatase inhibitors induces synergistic cytotoxicity and apoptosis in human breast cancer cells via inhibition of PI3K/Akt pathway Tumor Biology Human MCF-7, MDA-MB-231 breast cancer cells Cellometer
Li, Gang March 2016 Silk microfiber-reinforced silk composite scaffolds: fabrication, mechanical properties, and cytocompatibility Journal of Materials Science Cellometer Auto T4
Xu, Yi February 2016 An M1-like macrophage polarization in decidual tissue during spontaneous preterm labor that is attenuated by rosiglitazone treatment The Journal of Immunology Mouse cells Cellometer Auto 2000
Barry, Meagan February 2016 A therapeutic nanoparticle vaccine against Trypanosoma cruzi in a BALB/c mouse model of Chagas disease Human vaccines & Immunotherapies Mouse cells Cellometer
Burchiel, Scott February 2016 Changes in HPBMC markers of immune function following controlled short-term inhalation exposures of humans to hardwood smoke Inhalation Toxicology: International forum for respiratory research T-cells Cellometer Auto 2000
Lee, Dongjun February 2016 Endogenous transmembrane protein UT2 inhibits pSTAT3 and suppresses hematological malignancy The Journal of Clinical Investigation Stromal cells Cellometer
Chandraratna, Roshantha February 2016 Treatment with retinoid X receptor agonist IRX4204 ameliorates experimental autoimmune encephalomyelitis American Journal of Translational Research T-cells Cellometer
Smilanksy, Zeev February 2016 Systems and methods for detecting of cellular stress FPO Cellometer
Jung, Jeannie February 2016 Methods and compositions relating to anti-CCR7 antigen binding proteins FPO T & B cells Cellometer
McFarland, Sherri Ann February 2016 Metal-based coordination complexes as photodynamic compounds and their use FPO bacteria, fungi and protozoa cells Cellometer
Mootha, Vamsi February 2016 Glycine, Mitochondrial one-carbon metabolism, and cancer FPO cancer cells Cellometer
Babcook, John February 2016 Cytotoxic and anti-mitotic compounds, and methods of using the same FPO Cellometer
Rose, Kelly February 2016 Co-culture of hepatocytes and Kupffer cells as an in-vitro model of inflammation and drug-induced hepatotoxicity Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences Kupffer cells Cellometer Vision
Duncan, Robert February 2016 Magnetic assembly of 3D cell cultures: Visualizing the formation of an engineered tissue Cell Proliferation epithelial cells Cellometer
Dong, Ming February 2016 Standarized methods to generate mock (spiked) clinical specimens by spiking blood or plasma with cultured pathogens Journal of Applied Microbiology Cellometer Vision
Fu, Qingshan February 2016 Structural basis and functional role of intramembrane trimerization of the Fas/CD95 death receptor Molecular Cell HeLa cells, Mouse & Human cells Cellometer
Park, Channy February 2016 HEI-OC1 cells as a model for investigating prestin function Hearing Research HEI-OC1 cells Cellometer Auto T4
Gehring, J.L. February 2016 A protocol for the isolation and cultivation of brown bear (Ursus arctos) adipocytes Cytotechnology mesenchymal stem cells Cellometer
Robles, Edouardo February 2016 Self-bonded composition composite films based on cellulose nanofibers and chitin nanocrystals as antifungal materials Carbohydrate Polymers Cellometer
Benedek, Gil February 2016 Estrogen induces multiple regulatory B cell subtypes and promotes M2 microglia and neuroprotection during experimental autoimmune Jounral of Neuroimmunology B cells Cellometer Auto T4
Dotson, Abby February 2016 Loos of PPARa perpetuates sex differences in stroke reflected by peripheral immune mechanisms Metabolic Brain Disease Cellometer Auto T4
Cekan, Pavol February 2016 RCC1-dependent activation of Ran accelerates cell cycle and DNA repair, inhibiting DNA damage- induced cell senescence Molecular Biology of the Cell Human foreskin fibroblasts, hTERT-immportalized retinal pigment epithelial cells, human embryonic kidney cells, 293FT, human colorectal carcinoma HCT116, normal human fibroblasts CRL1474, normal lung fibroblasts, Wi38 Cellometer Auto T4
Sosa, Ivan February 2016 In vitro evaluation of mitochondrial dysfunction and treatment with adeno-associated virus vector in fibroblasts from Doberman Pinschers with dilated cardiomyopathy and a pyruvate dehydrogenase kinase 4 mutation. American Journal of Veterinary Research Fibroblasts Cellometer Vision
Zavrˇel, TomᚠFebruary 2016 A quantitative evaluation of ethylene production in the recombinant cyanobacterium Synechocystis sp. PCC 6803 harboring the ethyleneforming enzyme by membrane inlet mass spectrometry Bioresource Technology Cellometer Auto M10
Goldstein, David February 2016 Comparison of Monoamine Oxidase Inhibitors in Decreasing Production of the Autotoxic Dopamine Metabolite 3,4-Dihydroxyphenylacetaldehyde in PC12 Cells The Journal of Pharmacology PC12 Cells Cellometer
Rushworth, D. February 2016 Antithymidylate resistance enables transgene selection and cell survival for T cells in the presence of 5-fluorouracil and antifolates. Gene Therapy T cells Cellometer K2
Scotts, Nicole January 2016 Treating lysosomal storage disease FPO Lysosomal cells Cellometer
Diamond, Scott January 2016 Methods and devices for cellular analysis FPO Cancer cells Cellometer
Ross, Nathan January 2016 Systems and methods for culturing epithelial cells FPO epithelial cells Cellometer
Lorenzo, Gabrielle January 2016 Perfusion culturing methods and uses thereof FPO mammalian cells Cellometer
Parunak, Gene January 2016 Bead mill and method for use FPO Cellometer
Smith, Timothy January 2016 Internal focus reference beads for imaging cytometry FPO target cells Cellometer
Zhang, Hao January 2016 Bicyclo acid GRP120 modulators FPO Cellometer
Steino, Anne January 2016 Use of Dianhydrogalactitol and analogs or derivatives thereof in combination with platinum-containing antineoplastic agents to treat non-small-cell carcinoma of the lung and brain metastases FPO carcinoma cells Cellometer
Roemmele, Renee January 2016 Bendamustine derivatives and methods of using same FPO Cellometer
Deelman, Tarawatie January 2016 Compounds to modulate intestinal absorption of nutrients FPO Cellometer
Koulen, Peter January 2016 Method for enhancing amidohydrolase activity of fatty acid amide hydrolase FPO mammalian cells Cellometer
Song, Liang January 2016 Method for producing Butanol using extractive fermentation FPO Cellometer
Mishra, Sapna January 2016 Morpho-Molecular characterization and virulence determination of entomopathogenic fungal isolates native to Indian subcontinent Medical Mycology Entomopathogenic Fungi Cellometer Vision
Brennen, W. Nathaniel January 2016 Rapid selection of mesenchymal stem and progenitor cells in primary prostate stromal cultures The Prostate Mesenchymal stem cells Cellometer Auto T4
Lawless, Craig January 2016 Direct and absolute quantification of over 1800 yeast proteins via selected reaction monitoring Molecular & Cellular Proteomics Saccharomyces cerevisiae Cellometer Auto M10
Wright, Brian January 2016 Microfluidic preparation of an 89 Zr-labeled trastuzumab single patent dose The Journal of Nuclear Medicine Cellometer Auto T4
Mazar, Joseph January 2016 miR-211 functions as a metabolic switch in human melanoma cells Molecular & cellular Biology Melanoma cells Cellometer
Schmidt, Stefanie January 2016 The REIL1 and REIL2 proteins of arabidopsis thaliana are required for leaf growth in the cold Plant Physiology yeast ∆rei1 mutants Cellometer M10
Shishido, Stephanie January 2016 Induction of Apoptosis by PQ1, a gap function enhancer that upregulates connexin 43 and activates that MAPK signaling pathway in mammary carcinoma cells Cell Proliferation Mammary Carcinoma cells Cellometer Vision
Rajan, Lekshmi January 2016 Production of bovine herpesvirus-1 vaccine strains in MDBK cells using bellocell bioreactor British Biotechnology Journal Madin Darby bovine kidney cells (MDBK) Cellometer Auto T4
Roger, Theirry January 2016 High expression levels of macrophage migration inhibitory factor sustain the innate immune responses of neonates PNAS Cellometer Fetal Immune cells
Sowd, Gregory January 2016 A critical role for alterative polyadenylation factor CPSF6 in targeting HIV-1 integration to transcriptionally active chromatin PNAS LEDGF/ p75 deficient cells Cellometer
Zhang, Jianqing January 2016 The potential relevance of the endocannabinoid, 2-arachidonoylglycerol, in diffuse large B-cell lymphoma Oncoscience Farage, Pfeiffer, SUDHL-4, SUDHL-6, RL-2261, WSUNHL, WSU-FSCCL DLBCL, Sci-1, OCILY-1, OCI-LY-3, OCI-LY-10, OCI-LY-19, SUDHL-10, RCK8, and LBCL11832 Cellometer Auto T4
Marxer, Monika January 2016 Experimental Evolution of a Trypanosome Parasite of Bumblebees and its Implications for Infection Success and Host Immune Response Evolutionary Biology Cellometer Auto M10
Abdrabu, Rasha January 2016 Single-Cell Characterization of Microalgal Lipid Contents with Confocal Raman Microscopy Essentials of single- cell analysis Cellometer Auto M10
Perkins, Michael January 2016 Assessment of inhaled acute ammonia-induced lung injury in rats. Inhalation Toxicology: International forum for respiratory research BAL cells Cellometer Auto T4
Zhang, L. January 2016 Reversal of Pathological Features of Graves’ Orbitopathy by Activation of Forkhead Transcription Factors, FOXOs The Journal of clinical endocrinology & metabolism Cellometer Auto T4
Senveli, Sukru January 2016 A surface acoustic wave biosensor for interrogation of single tumour cells in microcavities† Lab on a Chip SKBR3, MCF7, MDA-MB-231, and JJ012 cells Cellometer Auto T4
Shittu, Ismaila January 2016 Development, characterization and optimization of a new suspension chicken-induced pluripotent cell line for the production of Newcastle disease vaccine Biologicals SciPC cells Cellometer Auto T4
Jiao, Peifu January 2016 Enhancing both CT imaging and natural killer cell-mediated cancer cell killing by a GD2-targeting nanoconstruct† Journal of Materials Chemistry B PC3, NB1691, and M21 cells Cellometer Auto T4
Harris, Edouard January 2016 Automated inference procedure for the determination of cell growth parameters American Physical Society Cellometer
Daniela , Masson-Meyers January 2016 A comparison of four methods for determining viability in human dermal fibroblasts irradiated with blue light Journal of Pharmacological and toxicological methods human dermal cells Cellometer Auto T4
Schmidt, J. 2016 Cytotoxic effects of octenidine mouth rinse on human fibroblasts and epithelial cells – an in vitro study. Drug and Chemical Toxicology human fibroblasts and epithelial cells Cellometer Auto T4
Kwak, Jin 2016 Multispecies toxicity test for silver nanoparticles to derive hazardous concentration based on species sensitivity distribution for the protection of aquatic ecosystems. Nanotoxicology Cellometer
Rusyn, Ivan December 2015 In vitro screening for population variability in toxicity of pesticide- containing mixtures Environment International Lymphoblast cells “Cells were grown to a concentration of up to 10 6 cells/ml, volume of at least 100 ml, and viability of > 85%; Cellometer Auto T4 Plus”
Tomaru, Yuji December 2015 Rapid quantification of viable cells of the planktonic diatom Chaetoceros tenuissimus and associated RNA viruses in culture Plankton & Benthos Research Fungi Cellometer
Moya , Stephanie December 2015 Methods of using thrombin derivatives to treat medulloblastoma FPO Cancer stem cells Cellometer
Kesner, Barry December 2015 CCTC-binding factor (CTCF) RNA interacome FPO Cancer cells Cellometer
Jeedimalla, Nagalakshmi December 2015 Multicomponent assembly of 4-aza-podophyllotoxins: A fast entry to highly selective and potent anti-leukemic agents European Journal of Medicinal Chemistry THP-1 and HEK293 cells Cellometer Auto T4
Gadhia, S.R. December 2015 Cadmium affects mitotically inherited histone modification pathways in mouse embryonic stem cells. Toxicology in Vitro ES-D3 [D3] cell line Cellometer Auto T4
Xie, Maobin December 2015 Nano-curcumin prepared via supercritical: Improved anti-bacterial, anti-oxidant and anti-cancer efficacy International Journal of Pharmaceutics HCT116 and NCM460 cells Cellometer Auto T4
Schnitzler, Aletta December 2015 Media and microcarrier surface must be optimized when transitioning mesenchymal stem/stromal cell expansion to stirred tank bioreactors BMC Proceedings human bone marrow-derived MSCs and human adipose derived MSCs Cellometer basic cell counting
Al-Wadei, Mohammed December 2015 Nicotine induces self-renewal of pancreatic cancer stem cells via neurotransmitter-driven activation of sonic hedgehog signaling European Journal of Cancer Prostate cancer stem cells Cellometer Image and count spheroids
Yedjou, Clement December 2015 DNA damage, cell cycle arrest, and apoptosis induction caused by lead in human leukemia cells International Journal of Environmental research and Public Health HL-60 Cells Cellometer Vision PI staining and dead cell counting
Bajhaiya, A.K. December 2015 PSR1 is a global transcriptional regulator of phosphorus deficiency responses and carbon storage metabolism in chlamydomonas reinhardtii Plant Physiology Cellometer T4 Cell counting
Bankson, James November 2015 High-throughput hyperpolarized 13C metabolic investigations using a multi-channel acquisition system Journal of Magnetic Resonance Anaplastic thyroid carcinoma cells “A portion of the cell suspension was mixed with 0.4% Trypan blue solution (Hyclone) at a 1:1 ratio for 5 min at room temperature; Cellometer”
Ki, Jang-Seu November 2015 A novel cyclophilin gene from the dinoflagellate Prorocentrum minimum and its possible role in the environmental stress response Chemosphere None ” the cell concentration of P. minimum was determined using an automated cell counter; Cellometer Vision”
Sundmacher, Kai November 2015 Comparison of flocculation methods for harvesting Dunaliella Bioresource Technology Dunaliella salina “Cell concentrations were determined by a cell counter; Cellometer Auto T4”
Da Cuha, MG. November 2015 Antiproliferative constituents of Geopropolis from the Bee Melipona scutellaris Planta Medica Colon cancer cell lines Cellometer Auto T4
Da Cunha, MG November 2015 Antiproliferative constituents of Geopropolis from the Bee Melipona scutellaris Planta Medica Colon cancer cell lines Cellometer Auto T4
Cope, Leslie November 2015 Methods of inhibiting cancer stem cells with HMGA1 inhibitors FPO cancer stem cells Cellometer
Rudra, Arnab November 2015 Bromopyridone Nucleotide Analogues, Anoxic Selective Radiosensitizing Agents That Are Incorporated in DNA by Polymerases. The Journal of Organic Chemistry prostate cancer cells DU145 Cellometer
Kong, Weimin November 2015 Knockdown of hTERT and Treatment with BIBR1532 Inhibit Cell Proliferation and Invasion in Endometrial Cancer Cells Journal of Cancer ECC-1 and Ishikawa cells Cellometer
Mandl, Markus November 2015 The expression level of the transcription factor Aryl hydrocarbon receptor nuclear translocator (ARNT) determines cellular survival after radiation treatment. Radiation Oncology MCF-7 , human renal carcinoma cells 786-Owt, 786-Ovhl, RCC4wt, RCC4vhl, and human hepatocellular carcinoma Hep3B cells. Cellometer
Connolly, Katherine November 2015 Characterisation of adipocyte-derived extracellular vesicles released pre- and post-adipogenesis Journal of Extracellular Vesicles 3T3-L1 cells Cellometer
Holland, NA November 2015 Cardiac Ischemia Reperfusion Injury Following Instillation of 20 nm Citrate-capped Nanosilver Nanomedicine & Nanotechnology Cellometer Auto X4
Sherman, Marc November 2015 Cell-to-cell variability in the propensity to transcribe explains correlated fluctuations in gene expression. Cell Systems Cellometer
Wolfe, Adam November 2015 Simvastatin prevents triple-negative breast cancer metastasis in pre-clinical models through regualtion of FOXO3a Breat Cancer research and treatment TNBC cells Cellometer
Dotson, Abby November 2015 Partial MHC constructs treat thromboembolic ischemic stroke characterized by early immune expansion Translational Stroke Research T cells Cellometer Auto T4
McNeill, Rachel November 2015 Delftia spp. Elicit a pro-inflammatory response in monocytes Journal of Young Investigators THP-1 cells Cellometer Auto T4
Cousin, Renaud October 2015 Identification of by-products issued from the catalytic oxidation of toluene by chemical and biological methods Comptes Rendus Chimie Lung Cells “cells were washed twice with PBS and dissociated with trypsin + EDTA (Gibco Invitrogen) at 37 °C during 3 min. The cells were collected by centrifugation and counted; Cellometer”
Diatchenko, Luda October 2015 Molecular genetic mechanisms of allelic specific regulation of murine comt expression Journal of Pain None “Plates were thawed a single time on ice, lysates collected, and cell lysis confirmed by visualization; Cellometer”
Kochanek, P.M. October 2015 Cold stress protein RBM3 responds to temperature change in an ultra-sensitive manner in young neurons Neuroscience None ” The cell pellet was resuspended in plating media warmed to 37°C.Cell number was quantified by automatic counting; Cellometer”
Laskin, Jeffrey October 2015 Thioredoxin cross-linking by nitrogen mustard in lung epithelial cells: formation of multimeric thioredoxin/thioredoxin reductase complexes and inhibition of disulfide reduction Chemical Research in Toxicology A549 lung epithelial cells “For trypan blue dye exclusion assays, viable cells were analyzed; Cellometer Vision”
Maura, Ferrari October 2015 Platelet lystate and adipose mesenchymal stromal cells on silk fibroin nonwoven mats for wound healing Journal of Applied Polymer Science ASC’s Cells stained with Typan Blue were counted and analyzed; Cellometer
Miller, Vandana October 2015 Uniform nanosecond pulsed dielectric barrier discharge plasma enhances anti-tumor effects by induction of immunogenic cell death in tumors and stimulation of macrophages Plasma Processes and Polymers Tumor cells “Cells were collected 1 and 24 h after treatment stained with PI, counted and analyzed for viability; Cellometer”
Fraietta, J. October 2015 Treatment of cancer using anti-CD19 chimeric antigen receptor FPO CD19 Cellometer
Bharti, A. October 2015 BRCA1 mutations as predictive markers for topoisomerase I inhibitors FPO tumor cells Cellometer
Reyes, E. October 2015 Compositions, methods and microfluidics device for telomerase based in vitro diagnostic assays for detecting circulating tumor cells (CTC) FPO tumor cells Cellometer
Montano, Monty October 2015 Assays, systems, and methods for obtaining personalized anabolic profiled FPO Musculoskeletal/ precursor Cellometer
Jeon, HB. October 2015 Method for culturing mesenchymal stem cells FPO Mesenchymal stem cells Cellometer
Restifo, Nicholas October 2015 Methods of producing T memory stem cell populations FPO T cells Cellometer
Cecchi, Fabiola October 2015 Expression array analysis of the hepatocyte growth factor invasive program. Clinical& Experimental Metastasis Human prostate adenocarcinoma cells cellometer
Somanchi, Srinivas October 2015 A Novel Method for Assessment of Natural Killer Cell Cytotoxicity Using Image Cytometry. PLoS one Natural Killer Cell Cellometer Vision
Carson, Robert October 2015 Hypomyelination following deletion of Tsc2 in oligodendrocyte precursors. Annals of clinical and translational neurology Tsc2 CKO mouse cells Cellometer
Ratajczak, Helen October 2015 Measurement in saliva from neurotypical adults of biomarkers pertinent to autism spectrum disorders Future Science OA T cells cellometer
Burchiel, Scott September 2015 Environmentally- relevant concentrations of arsenite induce dose-dependent differential genotoxicity through poly (ADP-ribose) polymerase (PARP) inhibition and oxidative stress in mouse thymus cells Toxicological Sciences Thymus, Pre-T and D1 cells Cell viability was determined by acridine orange/propidium iodide (AO/PI) staining and counting; Cellometer 2000
Burridge, K. September 2015 Using magnets and magnetic beads to dissect signaling pathways activated by mechanical tension applied to cells Methods Endothelial cells “One way to normalize data from these samples since pulling can cause noticeable bead loss is to count the beads during the last washing step; Cellometer”
Camarillo, G. September 2015 Gemcitabine + Cisplatin combination electrochemotherapy for triple negative breast cancers: An in vitro model study IFMBE Proceedings MDA-MB-231 Cellometer
DeLucas, Lawrence September 2015 Expression and purification of the alpha subunit of the epithelial sodium channel Protein Expression and Purification Mammalian cells Cell density, size, and viability were monitored; Cellometer
Gaskova, Dana September 2015 Enhanced sensitivity of pHluorin- based monitoring of intracellular pH changes acheived through synchronously scanned fluorescence spectra Analytical Chemistry S. Cerevisiae cells “Corresponding cell counts were measured; Cellometer Vision”
Gronostajski, Richard September 2015 Loss of NFIX transcription factor biases postnatal neuron/ stem progenitor cells toward oligodendrogenesis Stem Cells and Development NSC Cultures were detached using Accutase and counted; Cellometer
Jenkins, Emma September 2015 Tumors with AKT1E17K mutations are rational targets for single agent or combination therapy with AKT inhibitors Molecular Cancer Therapeutics Breast epithelial cells cells/colony = 2.40 (colony diameter)2.378/(cell diameter)2.804; Cellometer
Kuo, Ching-Hua September 2015 Using the Matrix Induced Ion suppression method for concentration normalization in cellular metabolomics studies Analytical Chemistry HL-60 cells “Controlled cell numbers (1 x 10 6 ) were washed twice with PBS, which was then removed by centrifugation at 200 x rcf; Cellometer”
Morosinotto, Tomas September 2015 Generation of random mutants to improve light-use efficiency of Nannochloropsis gaditana cultures for biofuel production Biotechnology for Biofuels None “Wild-type algae in their natural environment evolved to compete for light energy and maximize individual cell growth; Cellometer”
Nwulia, Evaristus September 2015 Inhibition of HIV-1 by curcumin A, a novel curcumin analog PMC CEM T-Cells ” the cells were supplemented with 0.2% trypan blue, transferred to a plastic disposable counting chamber, and counted; Cellometer”
Purugganan, Michael September 2015 Whole-Genome resequencing revelas extensive natural variation in the model green algae chlamydomonas reinhardtii Plant Cell None “Whole-Genome Resequencing Reveals Extensive Natural Variation in the Model Green Alga Chlamydomonas; Cellometer”
Vambutas, Andrea September 2015 N-Acetylcysteine attenuates tumor necrosis factor alpha levels in autoimmune inner ear disease patients Immunologic Research None Cell viability was measured after 16 h by trypan blue dye exclusion method; Cellometer Auto T4
Wang, James H.C. September 2015 The differential effects of leukocyte- containing and pure platelet rich plasma (PRP) on tendon stem/ progenitor cells- implications of PRP application for the clinical treatment of tendon injuries Stem Cell Research & Therapy TSC cells “After 7 days, the supernatant was collected from each well, and cells were detached by trypsinization and counted: Cellometer Auto T4”
Keil, Gregory September 2015 High-throughput screening and automation approaches for the development of recombinant therapeutic proteins Pharmaceutical Bioprocessing chinese hamster ovary cells cellometer
Hampton, Kaia September 2015 PGRMC1 Elevation in multiple cancers and essential role in stem cell survival Hampton stem cells Cellometer
Anderson, Stacey August 2015 Investigations into the Immunotoxicity and allergic potential induced by topical application of N-Butylbenzenesulfonamide (NBBS) in a murine model Journal of Toxicology and Environmental health SRBC Spleen and DLN cell suspensions were prepared by mechanical disruption of tissues between frosted microscope slides in phosphate-buffered saline (PBS) and counted; Cellometer
Bhat, Jayarama August 2015 Aspirin and salicylic acid decrease C-Myc expression in cancer cells: A potential role in chemoprevention Tumor Biology HCT-116 “Drugs were added at vari- ous concentrations and incubated for 48 h. The floating cells were collected from the conditioned media, pooled with the trypsinized adhered cells, and counted; Cellometer Auto T4”
Bottaro, Donald August 2015 Expression array analysis of the hepatocyte growth factor invasive program Clinical & Experimental Metastasis Prostate Adenocarcinoma cells PC3M proliferation in quadruplicate wells of 6-well plates was measured by counting; Cellometer
Dror, Yigal August 2015 Bone marrow failure and developmental delay caused by mutations in poly(A)- specific ribonuclease (PARN) Journal of Medical Genetics bone marrow cells “To evaluate cell growth, skin fibroblasts were seeded at 1.0×10 4 cells per 0.1 mL in 96-well plates. At various time points after plating, viable cell counts were determined using trypan blue dye exclusion: Cellometer”
Fuchs, Dietmar August 2015 Bioactivities of two common polyphenolic compounds: Verbascoside and catechin Pharmaceutical Biology THP-1 and THP-1 blue “cells were re-suspended with RPMI 1640,supplemented with 10% heat-inactivated FCS,2 mM l-glutamine, and 50 μg/mL gentamicin; Cellometer”
Malik, Anushree August 2015 The effect of Beauveria bassiana infection on cell mediated and humoral immune response in house fly, Musca domestica L. Environmental Science/ Pollution research (IC) Intermediate cells “The filtered conidial suspension was enumerated for conidial concentration and viability using an automatic cell counter; Cellometer Vision”
Nita-Lazar, Aleksandra August 2015 Selected reaction monitoring mass spectrometry for absolute protein quantification Journal of visualized experiments RAW 264.7 cells “This protocol describes how to perform absolute quantification assays of target proteins within complex biological samples; Cellometer”
Offner, Halina August 2015 IL-10 producing B cells partially restore E2- mediated protection against EAE in PD-L1 deficient mice Journal of Neuroimmunology IL-10+B cells Cells were enumerated in a 1:1 dilution with 0.2% trypan blue stain; Cellometer Auto T4
Saugstad, Julie August 2015 Role for microglia in sex differences after ischemic stroke: Importance of M2 Metabolic Brain Disease IL-10+ “After 48 h of culture, B-cells were harvested from culture plates, washed free of LPS and counted in 0.2 % trypan blue (Life Technologies) in a cell counter; Cellometer”
Singh, Shree Ram August 2015 Curcumin inhibits PhIP induced cytotoxicity in breast epithelial cells through multiple molecular targets Cancer Letters Breast epithelial cells a parallel experiment, treated and control cells were stained with AOPI and counted; Cellometere Vision
Strumendo, Matteo August 2015 Population balance modeling of a microalgal culture in photobioreactors: Comparison between experiments and simulations AlChE Journal Scendesmus obliquus Cell size distributions were measured; Cellometer Auto X4
Xu, K. August 2015 Lunatic Fringe is a potent tumor suppressor in Kras-initiated pancreatic cancer Cell death and disease-oncogene Acinar cells Spheres were counting by the number of embryoid body per culture well; Cellometer
Lin, Ming-Fong August 2015 ErbB-2 signaling plays a critical role in regulating androgensensitive and castration-resistant androgen receptor-positive prostate cancer cells Oncotarget PCA cells “Control cells were treated with equal amount of DMSO. The cell proliferation was determined by cell counting after tryphan blue exclusion assay; Cellometer Auto T4”
Farah, Ibrahim August 2015 Impact of some common organics on cellular glycolysis and the differential survival of lung fibroblast and lung carcinoma cell lines Cancer Research Cellometer Auto T4
Harmon, Tia August 2015 Iron oxide nanoparticle-leptin receptor antagonist: A novel targeted adjuvant therapy for triple negative breast cancer Cancer Research Human TNBC & mouse TNBC breast cancer cells E0771-TAM Cellometer Vision
Yedjou, Clement August 2015 The anticancer effect of Vernonia amygdalina in the MMTV-PyVT transgenic mouse model Cancer Research cellometer vision
Jackle, Felix August 2015 Metalloprotease meprin β is activated by transmembrane serine protease matriptase-2 at the cell surface thereby enhancing APP shedding. Biochemical Journalf Cellometer
Baumer, Wolfgang July 2015 Topically administered Janus-Kinase inhibitors tofacitinib and oclacitinib display impressive anti-pruritic and anti-inflammatory responses in a model of allergic dermatitis The Journal of Pharmacology BMDC’s “The numbers of viable cells were determined with a Cellometer using acridine orange and propidium iodide staining; Cellometer”
Cedillo-Barron, Leticia July 2015 Soluble mediators produced by the crosstalk between microvascular endothelial cells and dengue-infected primary dermal fibroblasts inhibit dengue virus replication and increase leukocyte transmigration Immunologic Research HDMEC’s “Leukocytes that migrated into the lower chamber containing 500 µL of PBS; Cellometer Auto T4”
Daumer, Wolfgang July 2015 Topically administered Janus-Kinase inhibitors tofacitinib and oclacitinib display impressive antipruritic and antinflammatory The Journal of Pharmacology BMDC’s “The numbers of viable cells were determined with a Cellometer using acridine orange and propidium iodide staining; Cellometer”
Diaz-Arrastia, Ramon July 2015 Preservation and enumeration of endothelial progenitor and endothelial cells from peripheral blood for clinical trails Future Medicine EPC’s “Isolated cells were counted using 0.2% of Trypan blue by cell counter and aliquoted; Cellometer Auto T4”
Fehniger, Todd July 2015 MicroRNA-15/16 antagonizes Myb to control NK cell maturation The Journal of Immunology NK cells “RBC lysis was per- formed using ACK buffer, and viable cell numbers were determined by Nexcelom; Cellometer”
Guitton, Jerome July 2015 Use of designed experiments for the improvement of pre-analytical workflow for the quantification of intracellular nucleotides in cultured cell lines Journal of Chromatography Adherent & Suspension cells Several flasks of cultured L1210 and RL were pooled, and cells were counted; Cellometer Auto T4
Hasty, Alyssa July 2015 Activation of NF-KB drives the enhanced survival of adipose tissue macrophages in an obesogenic environment Molecular Metabolism Adipose Tissue Activation of NF-κB drives the enhanced survival of adipose tissue macrophages; Cellometer
Ince, Tan July 2015 Heat shock factor 1 induces cancer stem cell phenotype in breast cancer cell lines Breast Cancer & Research and treatment CSC- Cancer stem cell “2D culture, cells were treated with Taxol at 2.5 nM with HSF1 over-expression or knockdown for 4 days and counted with Trypan blue; Cellometer Auto T4”
Miller, V. July 2015 Uniform nanosecond pulsed DBD treatment of macrophages for stimulation of anti-cancer effects International Symposium on Plasma Chemistry THP-1 monocyte cells “A549s cells were fixed in ethanol and stained with Propidum Iodide for cell cycle analysis . Data were collected with image cytometry; Cellometer”
Murnane, John July 2015 Processing by MRE11 is involved in the sensitivity of subtelomeric regions to DNA double-strand breaks Nucleic Acids Research Mammalian cells Analysis of large deletions. The frequency of GFP + cells was determined; Cellometer Vision
Pino-Figueroa, A. July 2015 Evaluation of the Neuroprotective effects of curcuminoids on B35 and SH-SY5Y neuroblastoma cells Medicinal & Aromatic plants B35 & SH-SY5Y neuroblastoma cells The cells were harvested by using 0.25% trypsin-EDTA solution; Cellometer
West, Franklin July 2015 Delayed Newcastle disease virus replication using RNA interference to target the nucleoprotein Biologicals NDV & DF-1 ” DF-1 cells were washed and number of viable cells counted; Cellometer Auto T4″
Clark, Leslie July 2015 Dichloroacetate inhibits cell proliferation and induces apoptosis in human endometrial cancer cell lines Cancer Research Endometrial cancer cell lines (KLE, Ishikawa, ECC-1) Cellometer
Patten, Christopher July 2015 Consumable cryopreserved cells transiently overexpressing gene(s) encoding drug transporter protein(s) and/or drug metabolizing enzymes FPO HEK293, CHO, MDCK, LLC-PK1, Caco-2, V79 Cellometer
Qiu, Jean July 2015 Cell counting and sample chamber and methods of fabrication FPO Cellometer
Chun, Jun July 2015 Systems and method for fetal and maternal red blood cell counting FPO RBC’s Cellometer
Becker-Pauly, Christoph June 2015 Metalloprotease Meprin B is activated by transmembrane serine protease matriptase- 2 at the cell surface thereby enhancing APP shedding Biochemical Journal None “Meprin β cell surface activity was measured after cells were washed 3 times in PBS and counted; Cellometer”
Calderon, Marcelo June 2015 Structure- activity relationship study of dendritic polyglycerolamines for efficient siRNA transfection RSC Advances dPG-NH2 minimum DF per dPG unit (namely 50% on a 10 kDa dPG) is needed to achieve efficient siRNA interaction and successful transfection; Cellometer
Cavalleri, J.M.V. June 2015 Immune response of healthy horses to DNA constructs formulated with a cationic lipid transfection reagent BMC Veterinary Research CXCL-10 Interphase PBMC were harvested and washed three times in PBS; Cellometer Auto T4
De Jager, Philip June 2015 CD33 modulates TREM2: convergence of Alzheimer loci Nature Neuroscience None “This protein quantitative trait analysis in monocytes evaluates cross-talk between Alzheimer risk loci and finds that the NME8 locus influences PTK2B; Cellometer”
Kamaleshwar, Singh June 2015 Chronic Oxidative stress leads to malignant transformation along with acquisition of stem cell characteristics, and epithelial to Mesenchymal transition in human renal epithelial cell Journal of Cellular Physiology RCC- Renal cell carcinoma evaluate the effect of H2O2-induced chronic oxidative stress on growth, and malignant transformation of HK-2 normal kidney epithelial cells; Cellometer
Kirsch, David June 2015 HIF-1 Alpha regulates the response of primary sarcomas to radiation therapy through a cell autonomous mechanism Radiation Research Soft tissue sarcomas ” Tumor cell purity was verified with 50 cycles of polymerase chain reaction (PCR) of bulk cell DNA for the presence of wild-type and conditionally deleted alleles; Cellometer Auto 2000″
Lin, Ming-Fong June 2015 Cellular prostatic acid phosphatase (cPAcP) serves as a useful biomarker of histone deacetylase (HDAC) inhibitors in prostate cancer cell growth suppression NCBI- Cell & Bioscience PCA cells “cells were maintained in a steroid-reduced medium minus or plus 1 and 10 nM DHT for 2 days. Cells were harvested and cell numbers were counted; Cellometer Auto T4”
Moein Moghimi, Seyed June 2015 Differential modulation of cellular bioenergetics by Poly(L-lysine)s of different molecular weights Biomacromolecules Human Cell line “cells were stained with Hoechst-33342 (1 µg/mL) and PI (1 µg/mL) for 15 min at 37°C; Cellometer”
Pei, Wang June 2015 Improvement of cell survival during human pluripotent stem cell definitive endoderm differentiation Stem Cells and Development hESC’s Total live cell number counts Cells were dissociated with Accutase into single-cell suspensions; Cellometer Mini
Boilard, Eric June 2015 Platelet microparticles are internalized in neutrophils via the concerted activity of 12-lipoxygenase and secreted phospholipase A2-llA PNAS None Cellometer
Bradford, Jolene June 2015 Anthraquinone base near IR emitting compounds and uses thereof FPO prokayotes & eukaryotes Cellometer
Zhou, Huiping May 2015 HIV Protease Inhibitors Sensitize Human Head and Neck Squamous Carcinoma Cells to Radiation by Activating Endoplasmic Reticulum Stress PloS SQ20B, FaDu Cellometer Vision Annexin 5, Cell Cycle and Viability
Cox, Osvaldo May 2015 Immunomodulatory Response Triggered by the Alkaloids, 3-Amino- 7-Benzylbenzimidazo[3,2-a] Quinolinium Chloride (ABQ-48) and 3-Nitro- 7-Benzylbenzimidazo[3,2-a] Quinolinium Chloride (NBQ-48) Cancer Research and Therapeutic Oncology Primary Splenocytes Cellometer AutoT4 Trypan Blue Viability
Chang, Stephen May 2015 Rapid and Efficient Generation of Transgene-Free iPSC from a Small Volume of Cryopreserved Blood Stem Cell Reviews and Reports hESC Celigo Reprogramming Assay
Elliot, Alison May 2015 The Impact of maternal infection with Mycobacterium tuberculosis on the infant response to bacille calmette- guerin immunization AIDS CD4+T “The cells were thawed and rested for 24 h at 37°C in 5% CO 2 , viability and numbers were checked; Cellometer Vision”
Gomez-Lopez, Nardhy May 2015 Isolation of Leukocytes from the Human Maternal-fetal interface Journal of visualized experiments Immune Cells isolate and further study the infiltrating leukocytes of the decidua basalis and decidua parietalis – the human maternal-fetal interface; Cellometer Auto 2000
Kazazian Jr., Haig May 2015 The Broad-spectrum antiviral protein ZAP restricts Human Retrotransposition PLOS Genetics None “Cells were stained on day 5 with trypan blue and counted; Cellometer Auto T4”
Koumenis, Constantinos May 2015 ATF4- dependent induction of heme oxygenase 1 prevents anoikis and promotes metastasis JCI ATF-4 oxygenase 1 prevents anoikis and promotes metastasis; Cellometer Auto X4
Lee, Dean May 2015 High-throughput direct cell counting-based natural killer cell-mediated cytotoxicity assay using Celigo Imaging Cytometry The Journal of Immunology NK cells Cellometer
Lewis Jr., A.M. May 2015 A novel Canine kidney cell line model for the evaluation of neoplastic development: karyotype evolution associated with spontaneous immortalization and tumorigenicity Chromosome Research CKB1-3T7 Cytogenomic and phenotypic analysis of tumorigenic dog cell lines; Cellometer
Otto, Michael May 2015 Role of phenol-soluble modulins in formation of Staphylococcus aurenus biofilms in synovial fluid American Society for Microbiology Bacterial cells “Aggregate size distribution was measured,overnight cultures were centrifuged and resuspended; Cellometer T4”
Zal, Franck May 2015 Advancement in recombinant protein production using a marine oxygen carrier to enhance oxygen transfer in a CHO-S cell line Artificial cells, Nanomedicine & Biotechnology: An International Journal CHO-S cell line “carried out by two different methods: a manual counting performed with a Malassez hemocytometer and an optical microscope; Cellometer Auto T4”
Kalinec, Gilda May 2015 HEI-OC1 cells are a model for investigating drug cytotoxicity Hearing Research HEI-OC1 cells Cellometer Auto T4
Nolte, Ingo April 2015 SLM Produced Porous Titanium Implant Improvements for Enhanced Vascularization and Osteoblast Seeding International Journal of Molecular Sciences GM7373 Cellometer AutoT4 Cell Counting
Kildegaard, Helene Faustrup April 2015 One-step generation of triple knockout CHO cell lines using CRISPR/Cas9 and fluorescent enrichment Biotechnology Journal CHO Celigo A lectin stain was performed to analyze the phenotypic change of FUT8 knockout cells
Minchiotti, G April 2015 A novel autoregulatory loop between the Gcn2-Atf4 pathway and L-Proroline metabolism controls stem cell identity Cell Death and Differentiation ESC Cellometer AutoT4 Trypan Blue Viability
Uslu, Ruchan April 2015 Docetaxel in combination with octreotide shows synergistic apoptotic effect by increasing SSTR2 and SSTR5 expression levels in prostate and breast cancer cell lines Cancer Chemotherapy and Pharmacology PC-3, DU-145, MCF-7, MDA-MB-231 Cellometer AutoT4 Trypan Blue Viability
Vandesompele, Jo April 2015 Identification of miRNAs contributing to neuroblastoma chemoresistance Computational and Structural Biotechnology Journal Neuroblastoma (8 undefined lines) Cellometer AutoT4 Cell Counting
Owen, Laurie April 2015 mRNA detection in living cells: A next generation cancer stem cell identification technique Methods Primary Tumor cells Celigo Cell Invasion Assay
O’Hara, Stephen P. April 2015 Lipopolysaccharide (LPS)-Induced Biliary Epithelial Cell NRas Activation Requires Epidermal Growth Factor Receptor (EGFR) PloS H69 Unspecified Cell Proliferation
Paunov, Vesselin April 2015 Nanotoxicity of polyelectrolyte-functionalized titania nanoparticles towards microalgae and yeast: role of the particle concentration, size and surface charge Royal Society of Chemistry Algae Cellometer X4 FDA Viability
Jia, Lijun April 2015 Suppression of glioblastoma by targeting the overactivated protein neddylation pathway Neuro-Oncology U251 and A172 Cellometer AutoT4 Cell Counting
Kaplan, David April 2015 Structural Mimetic Silk Fiber-ReinforcedComposite Scaffolds Using Multi-Angle Fibers Macromolecular Bioscience HS-865-SK Cellometer AutoT4 Cell Counting
Miller, Vandana April 2015 Non-Equilibrium Dielectric Barrier DischargeTreatment of Mesenchymal Stem Cells:Charges and Reactive Oxygen SpeciesPlay the Major Role in Cell Death Plasma Processes and Polymers Mesenchymal Stem Cells Cellometer Vision PI Viability
Yeh, Elizabeth April 2015 Targeting connexin 43 with α–connexin carboxyl-terminal (ACT1) peptide enhances the activity of the targeted inhibitors, tamoxifen and lapatinib, in breast cancer: clinical implication for ACT1 BMC Cancer MCF10A Cellometer Mini Trypan Blue Viability
Arslan, Zikri April 2015 Impact of some common organics on cellular glycolysis and the differential survival of lung fibroblast and lung carcinoma cell lines Cancer Research Cancer cells Exposed and non-exposed cells were tested with phase-contrast micro-scanning, survival/death and metabolic activity trends through MTT-assays, as well as death end-point determinations by testing re-growth on complete media; Cellometer Auto T4
Gonzalez-Perez, Ruben April 2015 Iron oxide nanoparticleleptin receptor antagonist: A novel targeted adjuvant therapy for triple negative breast cancer Cancer Research TNBC & E0771-TAM “Cell cycle progression, cell viability and apoptosis were analyzed; Cellometer Vision”
Janowski, Miroslaw April 2015 Effects of MRI tags: SPIO nanoparticles and 19F nanoemulsion on various populations of mouse mesenchymal stem cells ACTA MSC’s The cell number, size, and viability were determined by the Trypan-blue exclusion assay; Cellometer
Payton, Marinelle April 2015 The anticancer effect of Vernonia amygdalina in the MMTV-PyVT transgenic mouse model Cancer Research MMTV-PyVT “Acridine orange and propidium iodide (AO/PI) staining were used to visualize live and dead cells; Cellometer Vision”
Ghulam, Muhammad April 2015 Effect of MRI tags: SPIO nanoparticles and 19F nanoemulsion on various populations of mouse mesenchymal stem cells ACTA mesenchymal stem cells Cellometer
Labelle, Pauline April 2015 Sonoporation of adherent cells under regulated ultrasound cavitation conditions. Ultrasound in Medicine & Biology adherent cells Cellometer Auto T4
Leach, M.O March 2015 Acquired resistance to EGFR tyrosine kinase inhibitors alters the metabolism of human head and neck squamous carcinoma cells and xenograft tumours British Journal of Cancer CAL/ PJ HNSCC Celigo Spheroid Analysis
Griffin, Timothy March 2015 Mitochondrial respiration and redox coupling in articular chondrocytes Arthritis Research and Therapy Primary Cartilage Cellometer AutoT4 Trypan Blue Viability
Brayner, Roberta March 2015 Size-dependent ecotoxicity of barium titanate particles: the case of Chlorella vulgaris green algae EcoToxicology Green Algae Cellometer X4 Trypan Blue Viability
Lal, Ashish March 2015 The CDX1–microRNA-215 axis regulates colorectal cancer stem cell differentiation PNAS C80, HCT1 16-CDX1, HCT1 16-EV, LS 174T-EV, SW1222 Cellometer AutoT4 Cell Counting
Offner, Halina March 2015 Treatment with IL-10 producing B cells in combination with E2 ameliorates EAE severity and decreases CNS inflammation in B cell-deficient mice Metabolic Brain Disease Leukocytes Cellometer AutoT4 Trypan Blue Viability
Cheng, Ji-Yen March 2015 Label-Free Detection of Rare Cell in Human Blood Using Gold Nano Slit Surface Plasmon Resonance Biosensors CL1-5 Cellometer AutoT4 Cell Counting
Zhong, Rugang March 2015 Influence of the Expression Level of O6 – Alkylguanine-DNA Alkyltransferase on the Formation of DNA Interstrand Crosslinks Induced by Chloroethylnitrosoureas in Cells: A Quantitation Using High-Performance Liquid Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry Plos SF-126, SF-763, SF-767 Cellometer AutoT4 Trypan Blue Viability
Yerneni, Lakshmana Kumar March 2015 Occurrence and Control of Sporadic Proliferation in Growth Arrested Swiss 3T3 Feeder Cells PloS 3T3 Cellometer Vision Cell Size Analysis
Kao, Gary D. March 2015 A Novel Approach for the Detection and Genetic Analysis of Live Melanoma Circulating Tumor Cells PloS Human Blood Cellometer Cell Counting
Pastan, Ira March 2015 Methylation Associated Partial Down Regulation of Mesothelin Causes Resistance to Anti Mesothelin Immunotoxins in a Pancreatic Cancer Cell Line PloS KLM-1 Cellometer Vision Trypan Blue Viability
Patti, Mary-Elizabeth March 2015 Severe Insulin Resistance Alters Metabolism in Mesenchymal Progenitor Cells Endocrinology iPS and MPC Cellometer Vision Trypan Blue Viability
Reinholdt, Laura March 2015 Kif18a is specifically required for mitotic progression during germ line development Developmental Biology MEF Cellometer AutoT4 Cell Counting
Reshetnyak, Yana March 2015 Enhancement of radiation effect on cancer cells by gold-pHLIP PNAS A549 Cellometer AutoT4 Cell Counting
Trauzold, Anna March 2015 TRAIL-R2 promotes skeletal metastasis in a breast cancer xenograft mouse model Oncotarget MDA-MB-231 and MDA-MB-231-BO Cellometer AutoT4 Cell Counting
Rischka, Klaus March 2015 Influences of the pH on the Adsorption Properties of an Antimicrobial Peptide on Titanium Surfaces Applied Adhesion Science L929 Cellometer AutoT4 Trypan Blue Viability
Proffen, Benedikt February 2015 Addition of Autologous Mesenchymal Stem Cells to Whole Blood for Bioenhanced ACL Repair Has No Benefit in the Porcine Model American Journal of Sports Medicine ADSCs and PBSC Cellometer AutoT4 Cell Counting
McClellan, Sharon February 2015 High Mobility Group Box 1 A Novel Target for Treatment of Pseudomonas aeruginosa Keratitis The Journal of Immunology Mouse Cornea cells Cellometer Vision Surface Markers
Zhang, Baoxin February 2015 Synthesis of Xanthohumol Analogues and Discovery of Potent Thioredoxin Reductase Inhibitor as Potential Anticancer Agent Journal of Medicinal Chemistry Hela Cellometer K2 Apoptosis
Carey, Karina February 2015 The Determination of the Potential Risks Associated with Engineered Nanoparticles in Aquatic Environments Dublin Institute of Technology Pseudokirchneriella subcapitata CP2 Cell Counting
Tomich, John February 2015 Branched amphiphilic cationic oligo-peptides form peptiplexes with DNA: A study of their biophysical properties and transfection efficiency Molecular Pharmceutics Hela Cellometer AutoT4 Trypan Blue Viability
Fehniger, Tom February 2015 PTEN regulates natural killer cell trafficking in vivo PNAS Primary Harvested Organ Tissue PI Viability
Signh, Kamaleshwar February 2015 Potentiation of growth inhibition and epigenetic modulation by combination of green tea polyphenol and 5-aza-2′-deoxycytidine in human breast cancer cells Breast Cancer Research and Treatment f MCF10A, MCF-7, and MDA-MB 231
Clarke, Catherine February 2015 Resveratrol and para-coumarate serve as ring precursors for coenzyme Q biosynthesis Journal of Lipid Research U251 and 3T3 Cellometer AutoT4 Trypan Blue Viability
Hubbard, Simon February 2015 Quantitative proteomics and network analysis of SSA1 and SSB1 deletion mutants reveals robustness of chaperone HSP70 network in Saccharomyces cerevisiae Proteomics BY4742, SSA1. SSB1. CPR6 Cellometer M10 Cell Counting
Piccinini, Filippo February 2015 AnaSP: a software suite for automatic image analysis of multicellular spheroids Computer Methods and Programs in BioMedicine Just Citing Celigo Tumor Spheroid Analysis
Kildegaard, Helene Faustrup February 2015 Site-specific integration in CHO cells mediated by CRISPR/Cas9 and homology-directed DNA repair pathway Scientific Reports CHO-S Celigo Cell Line Development, Viability, Phenotypic Screening/Analysis
Burchiel, Scott February 2015 Arsenite Interacts with Dibenzo [def, p] chrysene (DBC) at Low Levels to Suppress Bone Marrow Lymphoid Progenitors in Mice Biological Trace Element Research Primary Bone Marrow Cellometer Auto2000 Viability
An, Youn-Joo February 2015 Trophic transfer of gold nanoparticles from Euglena gracilis or Chlamydomonas reinhardtii to Daphnia magna. Environmental Pollution C. reinhardtii and E. gracilis Cellometer AutoT4 Cell Counting
Lal, Ashish February 2015 The CDX1–microRNA-215 axis regulates colorectal cancer stem cell differentiation PNAS s C80, HCT116–CDX1, HCT116-EV, LS174T–siCDX1, and LS174T-EV Cellometer AutoT4 Cell Counting
Bae-Jump, Victoria February 2015 JQ1 Supresses Tumor Growth through Downregulating LDHA in Ovarian Cancer Oncotarget HEY and SKOV3 Cellometer Vision Cell Cycle and Apoptosis and Autophagy
Qian, Hong January 2015 PCH‐2 regulates Caenorhabditis elegans lifespan Aging Fibroblasts Cellometer AutoT4 Trypan Blue Viability
Finger, John January 2015 Influence of Collection Time on Hematologic and Immune Markers in the American Alligator (Alligator Mississippiensis) Journal of Immunoassay and Immunochemistry Whole Blood and Leukocytes Cellometer AutoT4 Cell Counting and Trypan Blue Viability
Linde, Jorg January 2015 Defining the transcriptomic landscape of Candida glabrata by RNA-Seq Nucleic Acids Research Immune Cells Cellometer X2 AOPI Cell Counts
Flassig, Robert January 2015 Rational selection of experimental readout and intervention sites for reducing uncertainties in computational model predictions BioMed Central Dunaliella salina strain CCAP19/18 Cellometer AutoT4 Cell Counting
Goldstein, David January 2015 Rotenone Decreases Intracellular Aldehyde Dehydrogenase Activity: Implications for the Pathogenesis of Parkinson Disease Journal of Neurochemistry Glioblastoma Cells Cellometer AutoT4 Cell Counting
Kung, Johnny January 2015 Locus Specific Targeting to the X Chromosome Revealed by the RNA Interactome of CTCF Molecular Cell J1 and EL16.7 Cellometer AutoT4 Trypan Blue Viability
Householder, Kyle January 2015 Intravenous delivery of Camptothecin loaded PLGA Nanoparticles for the treatment of Intracranial Glioma International Journal of Pharmaceutics GL261-luc2 expressing Glioma Cells Cellometer Mini Cell Counting
Bai, Shuhua January 2015 Exosome Delivered Anticancer Drugs Across the Blood-Brain Barrier for Brain Cancer Therapy in Danio Rerio Pharmaceutical Research bEND 3 Cellometer AutoT4 Cell Counting
Sharabi, Yehonatan January 2015 Rotenone Decreases Intracellular Aldehyde Dehydrogenase Activity: Implications for the Pathogenesis of Parkinson Disease Journal of Neurochemistry PC12, Glioblastoma Cell Counting
Fang, Jianguo January 2015 Synthesis of Xanthohumol Analogues and Discovery of Potent Thioredoxin Reductase Inhibitor as Potential Anticancer Agent Journal of Medicinal Chemistry HeLa Cellometer K2 Apoptosis with Annexin 5
Sirianni, Rachael January 2015 Intravenous delivery of camptothecin-loaded PLGA nanoparticles for the treatment of intracranial glioma International Journal of Pharmaceutics GL261-luc2 Cellometer Mini Cell Counting
Zhou, Weichang January 2015 Seed train processes and uses thereof FPO mammalian cells Cellometer
Koelsch, Krisit 2015 B-Cell Elispot: For the identification of antigen- specific antibody secreting cells Methods in Molecular Biology B-Cells “Appropriate tissue processing should result in >95 % live cells. Perform a manual or automated live cell count; Cellometer Auto T4”
Wang, Jianming 2015 Adoptive transfer of immune subsets prior to MCAO does not exacerbate stroke outcome in splenectomized mice Journal System integrated neuroscience Mouse Leukocytes Cellometer Auto T4
Shah, Hemangi 2015 B-Cell ELISPOT: For the Identification of Antigen-Specific Antibody-Secreting Cells. Western Blotting B cells Cellometer Auto T4
Abugo, Usiwoma 2015 2015 American Academy of cosmetic surgery annual meeting abstracts, Part 1 The American Journal of Cosmetic Surgery Cellometer Auto 2000
Uslu, Ruchan December 2014 Enhanced cytotoxicity and apoptosis by thymoquinone in combination with zoledronic acid in hormone- and drugresistant prostate cancer cell lines Journal of BUON PC-3 and DU- 145 AutoT4 Trypan Blue Viability
Vander Heiden, Matthew December 2014 Pyruvate Kinase Isoform Expression Alters Nucleotide Synthesis to Impact Cell Proliferation Molecular Cell Primart MEFs Cellometer AutoT4 Plating
Simpkins, James W. December 2014 Rapid mitochondrial dysfunction mediates TNF‐alpha‐induced neurotoxicity Journal of Neurochemistry HT-22 Cellometer AutoT4 Cell Counting
Haring, Stuart J December 2014 Phosphorylation and cellular function of the Human Rpa2 N-terminus in the budding yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae Science Direct Saccharomyces cerevisiae Cellometer Vision 10x Cell Counting
Hill, Elizabeth G December 2014 Regulation of cell survival by HUNK mediates breast cancer resistance to HER2 inhibitors Breast Cancer Research and Treatment Mammary Gland Fibroblasts (MGF) Cellometer Mini Trypan Blue Viability
Mahalingaiah, Prathap Kumar December 2014 Chronic Oxidative Stress Leads to Malignant Transformation Along with Acquisition of Stem Cell Characteristics, and Epithelial to Mesenchymal Transition in Human Renal Epithelial Cells Journal of Cellular Physiology HK-2 Cellometer AutoT4 Cell Counting
Santos, Radleigh December 2014 Improvement of IFN ELISPOT Performance Following Overnight Resting of Frozen PBMC Samples Confirmed Through Rigorous Statistical Analysis Cells PBMCs Cellometer Auto1000 Trypan Blue Viability
Zu, Xuyu December 2014 TGF-beta1 induces HMGA1 expression in human breast cancer cells: Implications of the involvement of HMGA1 in TGF-beta signaling International Journal of Molecular Medicine MCF-7 and MDA-MB-251 Cellometer AutoT4 Cell Counting
Yang, Tianzhi December 2014 Exosome Delivered Anticancer Drugs Across the Blood-Brain Barrier for Brain Cancer Therapy in Danio Rerio Pharmacology Research b.END3 Cellometer AutoT4 Cell Counting
Chakravarti, Arnab December 2014 Clinically Relevant Brain Tumor Model and Device Development for Experimental Therapeutics Journal of Analytical Oncology Primary Glioma Cellometer AutoT4 Trypan Blue Viability
Merlino, Glenn November 2014 “Glowing Head” Mice: A Genetic Tool Enabling Reliable Preclinical Image-Based Evaluation of Cancers in Immunocompetent Allografts PLoS One Splenocytes Cellometer Vision Surface Markers (FITC CD4/CD8)
Hunter, Kent November 2014 Functional Analysis of Prognostic Gene Expression Network Genes in Metastatic Breast Cancer Models PLoS One 6DT1 and Hek293 Cellometer AutoT4 Cell Counting
Westbrook, Thomas F. November 2014 The Oncogenic STP Axis Promotes Triple-Negative Breast Cancer via Degradation of the REST Tumor Suppressor Cell Reports Celigo
Gillis, Bruce November 2014 Cytokine and chemokine profiles in fibromyalgia, rheumatoid arthritis and systemic lupus erythematosus: a potentially useful tool in differential diagnosis Rheumatology PBMCs Cellometer Auto2000 AOPI Viability
Willi, Yvonne November 2014 The Influence of Genetic Drift and Selection on Quantitative Traits in a Plant Pathogenic Fungus PLoS One Spore Cellometer AutoT4 Counting/ Size Measurement
Flores, Elsa November 2014 Non-disruptively count and quantify fluorescent iPS colonies during 2o reprogramming: 7 min per 6-well plate, dual-fluorescence whole well imaging cytometry Nature Mouse embryonic stem cells (G4) Celigo ROS and Apoptosis
Malinsky, J November 2014 Depolarization affects lateral microdomain structure of yeast plasma membrane The FEBS Journal Yeast Cellometer Vision Fluorescent Viability (PI)
Moon, Aree November 2014 Ursolic acid inhibits the invasive phenotype of SNU-484 Human Gastric Cancer Cells Oncology Letters SNU-484 Cellometer Vision Apoptosis/Necrosis
Utsunomiya, Satoshi November 2014 Effects of CeO2 nanoparticles on microbial metabolism Chemical Geology Yeast Cellometer AutoT4 Methylene Blue Viability
Gate, Laurent November 2014 Genotoxicity of synthetic amorphous silica nanoparticles in rats following short-term exposure, part 2: Intratracheal instillation and intravenous injection Environmental and Molecular Mutagenesis BALF Cellometer Vision AOPI Viability
Lavi, Orit November 2014 Modeling Intrinsic Heterogeneity and Growth of Cancer Cells Journal of Theoretical Biology OVCAR-8 Cellometer Vision Cell Size Measurement
Jaiswal, Jyoti November 2014 S100A11 is required for efficient plasma membrane repair and survival of invasive cancer cells Europe PMC Funders Group MCF-7 and HeLa Celigo PI Exclusion
Lee, Dongjun November 2014 Transmembrane Inhibitor of RICTOR/mTORC2 in Hematopoietic Progenitors Stem Cell Reports 293FT and 293TL cells Cellometer AutoT4 Cell Counting
Harris, Adam L. October 2014 Fatty Acid Uptake and Lipid Storage Induced by HIF-1α Contribute to Cell Growth and Survival after Hypoxia-Reoxygenation Cell MCF-7, U87 CP2 Trypan Blue Viability
Singh, Pomila October 2014 Methods for detecting circulating cancer stem cells (CCSCs) as a novel approach for diagnosis of colon cancer relapse/metastasis Laboratory Investigation HCT-116 GFP AutoT4 Trypan Blue Viability
Beezhold, Donald H October 2014 A Murine Inhalation Model to Characterize Pulmonary Exposure to Dry Aspergillus fumigatus Conidia PLoS One BALF, MLN Cellometer X4 AO Cell Count
Cameron, Joseph A. October 2014 Differential Biotherapeutic advantages of honey in targeting the Watburg effect and survival of MRC-5 and A549 cell lines Cancer Research A549 Cellometer AutoT4 Cell Counting
Singh, Harpal October 2014 Intracellular delivery of peptide cargos using iron oxide based nanoparticles: studies on antitumor efficacy of BCL-2 converting peptide, NuBCP-9 Royal Society of Chemistry MCF-7 Cellometer Vision CBA Apoptosis/Necrosis
Glicksman, Marcie A. October 2014 Inhibition of large T antigen ATPase activity as a potential strategy to develop anti-polyomavirus JC drugs Antiviral Research Hek293 and COS7 Celigo the CellTiter 96 AQueous MTS assay, 133 the CellTiter-Glo 134 Luminescent Cell Viability Assay,
Miura, Hiromi October 2014 Development of spheroid based high-throughput screening of cell-cell adhesion inhibitors to reverse acquired multicellular resistance Cancer Research A549 Celigo intra-spheroid hypoxicity
Wisniewski, M October 2014 Molecular Interactions between the Biocontrol Agent Metschnikowia fructicola and Citrus Fruit Tissue and Penicillium digitatum ISHS Acta Horticulturae 1053 Spores Cellometer Counting
Wei, Cheng-Hong September 2014 Evaluation of Immunosuppressive Function of Regulatory T Cells Using a Novel in Vitro Cytotoxicity Assay Cell & Bioscience NIT-1 Cellometer Vision AOPI Viability
Gambhir, Sanjiv Sam September 2014 Detection and Quantitation of Circulating Tumor Cell Dynamics by Bioluminescence Imaging in an Orthotopic Mammary Carcinoma Model PLoS One 4T1-GL, 4T1-F3 Cellometer AutoT4 Cell Counting
Lawrence, Jessica A. September 2014 Cytotoxic effects of loperamide hydrochloride on canine cancer cells The Journal of Veterinary Medical Science CTAC (canine thyroid 87 carcinoma), D-17 (canine osteosarcoma, CML-1 (canine melanoma) and CMT-12 (canine mammary 89 gland carcinoma) Cellometer Auto2000 Cell Counting
Scadden, DT September 2014 Cell-State-Specific Metabolic Dependency in Hematopoiesis and Leukemogenesis Cell
Vilkinis, Valdas September 2014 Titanium Surfaces with Nanostructures Influence on Osteoblasts Proliferation: a Systematic Review Journal of Oral and Maxillofacial Research Osteoblasts Cellometer AutoT4 Cell Size Measurement
Bhatia, Mickie September 2014 Niche displacement of human leukemic stem cells uniquely allows their competitive replacement with healthy HSPCs Journal of Experimental Medicine Whole Blood Auto2000 AO Cell Count
Wakaskar, Rajesh R. September 2014 Peripherally Cross-Linking the Shell of Core-Shell Polymer Micelles Decreases Premature Release of Physically Loaded Combretastatin A4 in Whole Blood and Increases its Mean Residence Time and Subsequent Potency Against Primary Murine Breast Tumors After IV Administration Pharmaceutical Research HUVEC Cellometer AutoT4 Trypan Blue Viability
Schiff, R September 2014 Overcoming endocrine resistance due to reduced PTEN levels in estrogen receptor-positive breast cancer by co-targeting mammalian target of rapamycin, protein kinase B, or mitogen-activated protein kinase kinase Breast Cancer Research MCF7L, BT483, T47D Celigo Proliferation
Baranowska-Kortylewicz, Janina September 2014 Co-targeting androgen receptor and DNA for imaging and molecular radiotherapy of prostate cancer: In vitro studies The Prostate LNCaP, DU 145, and PC-3 cells CP2 Cell Counting
Simonds, William F. September 2014 Improving the specificity and efficacy of CRISPR/CAS9 and gRNA through target specific DNA reporter Journal of Biotechnology 293T Cellometer Vision GFP Expression
Otto, Michael September 2014 Biofilms cause recalcitrance of staphylococcal joint infection to antibiotic treatment Journal of Infectious Diseases strain USA 300 Cellometer AutoT4 Cell Counting
Jung, Joohee August 2014 Anticancer Activity of Marine Sponge Hyrtios sp. Extract in Human Colorectal Carcinoma RKO Cells with Different p53 Status Hindawi RKO and RKO-E6 Cellometer Vision Apoptosis
Yang, W August 2014 Geranylgeranylation signals to the Hippo pathway for breast cancer cell proliferation and migration Oncogene MDA-MB-468, HCC1143, MDA-MB-231, SKBR3, HCC1569, MCF-7, MBA-MD-453, HCC1500 and T47D Cellometer AutoT4 Proliferation
Pastan, Ira August 2014 Megakaryocytic potentiating factor and mature mesothelin stimulate the growth of a lung cancer cell line in the peritoneal cavity of mice PLoS One A549 Cellometer Vision Cell Counting
Flamand, Louis August 2014 Inhibition of breast cancer cell proliferation through disturbance of the Calcineurin/NFAT pathway by Human Herpesvirus-6B U54 tegument protein Journal of Virology 293T and MCF-7 Cellometer AutoT4 Cell Counting
Zhou, Chunxiao August 2014 Evaluation of the antitumor effects of c-Myc-Max heterodimerization inhibitor 100258-F4 in ovarian cancer cells. Journal of Translational Medicine Hey and SKOV3 Cellometer Vision Cell Cycle
Cerami, Carla July 2014 RBC Barcoding Allows for the Study of Erythrocyte Population Dynamics and P. falciparum Merozoite Invasion PLoS One RBC Cellometer Auto2000 GPF Cell counting
Nguyen, Annelise Thu July 2014 Increase of gap junction activities in SW480 human colorectal cancer cells BMC Cancer SW480 Cellometer Auto 2000 Proliferation/Viability
Dobson, Jason July 2014 hsa-mir-30c promotes the invasive phenotype of metastatic breast cancer cells by targeting NOV/CCN3 Cancer Cell International MDA-MB-231 Auto T4 Plating Cells
Rosol, Thomas J July 2014 Canine Prostate Cancer Cell Line (Probasco) Produces Osteoblastic Metastases InVivo The Prostate Probasco-Luc Cellometer AutoT4 Trypan Blue Viability
Mountz, John D. July 2014 IL-23 promotes TCR-mediated negative selection of thymocytes through the upregulation of IL-23 receptor and RORgt Nature Communications Thymocytes Cellometer AutoT4 Cell Counting
Rittling, Susan July 2014 Pathogenic bacterial species associated with endodontic infection evade innate immune control by disabling neutrophils. Infection and Immunity stomach? Auto2000 AOPI Viability
Gogal, R July 2014 In vitro efficacy of doxorubicin and etoposide against a feline injection site sarcoma cell line Research in Veterinary Science ISS primary tumor Cell Counter Cell Counting
LaRusso, Nicholas July 2014 Characterization of cultured cholangiocytes isolated from livers of patients with primary sclerosing cholangitis Laboratory Investigation H69, NHC and PSC Cell Counter Proliferation
Lapi, Suzanne July 2014 Evaluation of 89Zr-pertuzumab in Breast Cancer Xenografts Molecule Pharmaceutics SKBR3 Cellometer AutoT4 Plating cells
Arnold, Jonathan July 2014 the aging biological clock in Neurospora crassa Ecology and Evolution Microconidia and macroconidia Cellometer Auto2000 Cell Size Measurement
Tuzon, Creighton July 2014 Concerted Activities of Distinct H4K20 Methyltransferases at DNA Double Strand Breaks Regulate 53BP1 Nucleation and NHEJ-directed Repair Cell Reports U2OS Cellometer AutoT4 Trypan Blue Viability
LeCluyse, Edward June 2014 Liver biomarker and in vitro assessment confirm the hepatic origin of aminotransferase elevations lacking histopathological correlate in beagle dogs treated with GABAA receptor antagonist NP260. Toxicology and Applied Pharmacology Primary Hepatocytes Cellometer Vision AOPI Viability
Arnold, RD June 2014 Pharmacokinetics, pulmonary disposition and tolerability of liposomal gentamicin and free gentamicin in foals Equine Veterinary Journal Foal BAL AutoT4 Cell Counting
Merritt, DA June 2014 Pulmonary pharmacokinetics of desfuroylceftiofur acetamide after nebulisation or intramuscular administration of ceftiofur sodium to weanling foals. Equine Veterinary Journal Foal BAL AutoT4 Cell Counting
Sun, Tao June 2014 Sexually dimorphic RB inactivation underlies mesenchymal glioblastoma prevalence in males The Journal of Clinical Investigation Astrocytes Cellometer Auto T4 Trypan Blue Viability
Babacan, Nalan May 2014 Investigation of Antitumor Effects of Sorafenib and Lapatinib Alone and in Combination on MCF-7 Breast Cancer Cells Asian Pacific Journal of Cancer Prevention, MCF7 Cellometer Auto T4 Trypan blue Viability
Trobridge, Grant D May 2014 A novel approach to identify driver genes involved in androgen-independent prostate cancer Molecular Cancer LNCaP Cellometer Auto T4 Plating Cells
Korn, Edward May 2014 Biochemical and biological properties of cortexillin III, a component of Dictyostelium DGAP1-cortexillin complexes Molecular Biology of the Cell Dictyostelium Cellometer Auto T4 Cell Counting
Yang, Wannian May 2014 COX-2 inhibitors arrest prostate cancer cell cycle progression by down-regulation of kinetochore/centromere proteins Prostate LNCaP, PC3 Cellometer Auto T4 Cell Counting
Most, Patrick May 2014 S100A1 is released from ischemic cardiomyocytes and signals myocardial damage via Toll-like receptor 4 EMBO Molecular Medicine Cardiac Fibroblasts Cellometer Auto T4 Cell Counting
Collins-Burow, Bridgette May 2014 Suppression of triple-negative breast cancer metastasis by pan-DAC inhibitor panobinostat via inhibition of ZEB family of EMT master regulators Breast Cancer Research and Treatment Brain Cellometer Vision GFP/ RFP
Park, Seoyoung May 2014 Ilimaquinone and Ethylsmenoquinone, Marine Sponge Metabolites, Suppress the Proliferation of Multiple Myeloma Cells by Down-Regulating the Level of β-Catenin Marine Drugs HEK293, RPMI-8226, and Wnt3a-secreting L cells Cellometer Not Specified Cell Cycle Analysis Viability Assay
Segal, Benjamin May 2014 Site-Specific Chemokine Expression Regulates Central Nervous System Inflammation and Determines Clinical Phenotype in Autoimmune Encephalomyelitis The Journal of Immunology CNS Inflammatory Cells AutoT4 Cell Counting
Brayner, Roberta May 2014 Ecotoxicological studies of micro- and nanosized barium titanate on aquatic photosynthetic microorganisms Aquatic Toxicology ALCP B24 Cellometer X4 Trypan Blue Viability
Gbureck, Uwe May 2014 Fabrication and cytocompatibility of spherical magnesium ammonium phosphate granules Materials Science and Engineering C hFOB Cellometer AutoT4 Trypan Blue Viability
Saito, H May 2014 Inhibitors of enhancer of zeste homolog 2 (EZH2) activate tumor-suppressor microRNAs in human cancer cells Oncogenesis AGS and HepG2 AutoT4 Cell Counting
Vanamala, Jairam May 2014 American India Pale Ale matrix rich in xanthohumol is potent in suppressing proliferation and elevating apoptosis of human colon cancer cells International Journal of Food Science and Technology HCT-116 p53+/+ Cellometer AutoT4 Cell Proliferation
Polonini, Hudson May 2014 Ecotoxicological studies of micro- and nanosized barium titanate on aquatic photosynthetic microorganisms Aquatic Toxicology Anabaena flos-aquae, strain ALCP B24, and Euglena gracilis Cellometer X4 Trypan Blue Viability
Deniger, Drew May 2014 Activating and Propagating Polyclonal gamma delta T Cells with Broad Specificity for malignancies Clinical Cancer Research T Cells Cellometer AutoT4 Cell Counting
Ezeh, Peace C. April 2014 Arsenite Selectively Inhibits Mouse Bone Marrow Lymphoid Progenitor Cell Development In Vivo and In Vitro and Suppresses Humoral Immunity In Vivo PLOS ONE Bone Marrow Auto 2000 AO/PI Viability
Chan, Leo Li-Ying April 2014 Discriminating Multiplexed GFP Reporters in Primary Articular Chondrocyte Cultures Using Image Cytometry Journal of Fluorescence Articular cartilage Cellometer Vision CBA GFP
Kalinec, Federico April 2014 Acetaminophen and NAPQI are toxic to auditory cells via oxidative and endoplasmic reticulum stress-dependent pathways Hearing Research HEI-OC1 Cellometer Auto T4 Cell Counting
Sevigny, Mary April 2014 Acute and Chronic Cadmium Exposure Promotes E-Cadherin Degradation in MCF7 Breast Cancer Cells Molecular Carcinogenesis MCF-7 Cellometer Auto1000 Cell Counting
Burchiel, Scott April 2014 Arsenite selectively inhibits mouse bone marrow lymphoid progenitor cell development in vivo and in vitro and suppresses humoral immunity in vivo. PLoS One Bone Marrow and Spleen Cellometer Auto2000 AOPI Viability
Gogal, RM April 2014 Exposure of juvenile Leghorn chickens to lead acetate enhances antibiotic resistance in enteric bacterial flora Poultry Science Whole Blood Cellometer Auto2000 Cell Counting
Lapi, Suzanne April 2014 Investigation of a Vitamin B12 Conjugate as a PET Imaging Probe ChemMedChem HCT116 Cellometer Auto T4 Cell Counting
Tizabi, Yousef April 2014 PACAP Protects Against Inflammatory-Mediated Toxicity in Dopaminergic SH-SY5Y Cells: Implication for Parkinson’s Disease. Neurotoxicity Research THP-1 Cellometer Vision Apoptosis
Ludgate, M April 2014 Possible Targets for Non-immunosuppressive Therapy of Graves’ Orbitopathy. Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism orbital preadipocytes/ fibroblasts Cellometer Auto T4 Trypan Blue
Wang, Cheng April 2014 Protective effect of acetyl-l-carnitine on propofol-induced toxicity in embryonic neural stem cells. Neurotoxicology Embryonic Neural Stem Cells Cellometer Vision Apoptosis
Shepard, Michael April 2014 Recombinant Human Hyaluronidase PH20 Does Not Stimulate an Acute Inflammatory Response and Inhibits Lipopolysaccharide-Induced Neutrophil Recruitment in the Air Pouch Model of Inflammation. Journal of Immunology BAL Cellometer Cell Counting
Laura, Ruohonen April 2014 The diverse role of Pdr12 in resistance to weak organic acids. Yeast Saccaromyces cevisiae Cellometer Auto T4 Cell Counting
Cervinkova, Zuzana April 2014 The effect of epigallocatechin gallate on hepatocytes isolated from normal and partially hepatectomized rats Canadian Journal of Physiology and Pharmacology hepatocytes Cellometer Auto2000 Cell Counting
Wingard, CJ April 2014 Vascular Tissue Contractility Changes Following Late Gestational Exposure to Multi-Walled Carbon Nanotubes or their Dispersing Vehicle in Sprague Dawley Rats Nanomedicine & Nanotechnology BAL Cellometer AutoX4 Plating Cells
Peter C Gray, Benjamin T Spike April 2014 CRIPTO/GRP78 Signaling Maintains Fetal and Adult Mammary Stem Cells Ex Vivo Stem Cell Reports MCF10A Celigo Proliferation
Kaltschmidt, Barbara March 2014 Culture bag systems for clinical applications of adult human neural crest-derived stem cells Stem Cell Research & Therapy inferior turbinate stem cells T4Cellometer Auto Plating Cells
Zolkiewska, Anna March 2014 Phenotypic Diversity of Breast Cancer-Related Mutations in Metalloproteinase-Disintegrin ADAM12 PLOS ONE MCF10A Mammary Epithelial Cells Cellometer Auto T4 Plating/Growth Curve
Bernstein, Bradley March 2014 An epigenetic mechanism of resistance to targeted therapy in T cell acute lymphoblastic leukemia Nature Genetics DND-41 and KOPT-K1 Cellometer Auto T4 Cell Counting
Vanamala, Jairam March 2014 The Dermal Layer of Sweet Sorghum (Sorghum bicolor) Stalk, a Byproduct of Biofuel Production and Source of Unique 3Deoxyanthocyanidins, has more Anti-proliferative and Pro-apoptotic Activity than Pith in p53 Variants of HCT116 and Colon Cancer Stem Cells Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry HCT116 and CCSC Cellometer Vision Cell Proliferation with BrdU
Eibl, Joseph K March 2014 Bioprospecting for acidophilic lipid-rich green microalgae isolated from abandoned mine site water bodies AMB Express Algae Cellometer Auto X4 Cell Concentration
Kutay, Ulrike March 2014 SUN proteins facilitate the removal of membranes from chromatin during nuclear envelope breakdown The Journal of Cell Biology HeLa Cellometer Auto T4 Cell Counting
Leo, Chan February 2014 Morphological observation and analysis using automated image cytometry for the comparison of trypan blue and fluorescence-based viability detection method Cytotechnology Jurkat Cellometer Vision AO/PI and Trypan Blue
Reinholdt, Laura February 2014 Derivation and characterization of mouse embryonic stem cells from permissive and nonpermissive strains Nature Protocols mESC (Embryonic Stem Cells) Cellometer Auto T4 Cell Counting
Yen, Yun February 2014 Wnt modulates MCL1 to control cell survival in triple negative breast cancer BioMed Central MDA-MB-231 Cellometer Auto T4 Cell Number
Kent, K. Craig February 2014 High-Throughput Screening Identifies Idarubicin as a Preferential Inhibitor of Smooth Muscle versus Endothelial Cell Proliferation PLOS One HuAoSMC Cellometer Auto T4 Viability
Broder, Christopher C February 2014 Host cell virus entry mediated by Australian bat lyssavirus G envelope glycoprotein occurs through a clathrin-mediated endocytic pathway that requires actin and Rab5 Virology Journal HEK293T Cellometer Vision GFP Transfection
Wang, James H-C February 2014 Prostaglandin E2 (PGE2) Exerts Biphasic Effects on Human Tendon Stem Cells PLOS ONE hTSC (Tendon Stem Cell) Cellometer AutoT4 Cell Number Measurement
Nakhasi*, Hira February 2014 Deletion of Ubiquitin Fold Modifier Protein Ufm1 Processing Peptidase Ufsp in L. donovani Abolishes Ufm1 Processing and Alters Pathogenesis PLOS – Neglected Tropical Diseases Leishmania axenic amastigotes Cellometer Vision AOPI Viability
Galera, Philippe February 2014 Cartilage tissue engineering: Molecular control of chondrocyte 3 differentiation for proper cartilage matrix reconstruction Biochimica et Biophysica Acta Adipose and BM derived Stem Cells Cell Proliferation
Zhou, Huiping February 2014 Conjugated Bile Acids Promote Cholangiocarcinoma Cell Invasive Growth via Activation of Sphingosine 1-phosphate Receptor 2 Hepatology BDE1 cholangiocyte Cellometer Vision Viability
Speck, Samual February 2014 Identification of alternative transcripts encoding the essential 6 murine gammaherpesvirus lytic transactivator RTA Journal of Virology PECs by peritoneal lavage and Splenocytes Cellometer Auto T4 Cell Counting
Peng Xiang, Andy February 2014 ISL1 Overexpression in Human Mesenchymal Stem Cells Promotes Vascularization Through MCP3 Stem Cells: Regenerative Medicine ISL1‐hMSCs Cellometer Auto T4 Trypan blue viability
Wilson, Todd February 2014 Mastocytosis associated with a rare germlineKIT K509I mutation displays a well-differentiated mast cell phenotype Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology IC2 Mast Cells Cellometer Auto T4 Trypan blue viability
Pick, Uri February 2014 Origin of b-carotene-rich Plastoglobuli in Dunaliella bardawil Plant Physiology Dunaliella bardawil Cellometer M10 Cell Counting
Podrez, Eugene January 2014 Phosphoproteomic Analysis of Platelets Activated by Pro-Thrombotic Oxidized Phospholipids and Thrombin PLOS One Platelet Cellometer M10 Concentration
Singh, Kamaleshwar January 2014 Chronic Oxidative Stress Increases Growth and Tumorigenic Potential of MCF-7 Breast Cancer Cells PLOS One MCF-7 Cellometer Auto T4 Cell Counting
Pick, Uri January 2014 Azide improves triglyceride yield in microalgae Algal Research Dunaliella tertiolecta, D. tertiolecta, Dunaliella salina Teodoresco, D. parva, D. bardawil, Pseudochlorococcum polymorphum, Scenedesmus dimorphus, Chlorella sorokiniana, Chlorella zofingiensis, C. desiccata, Chlorella vulgaris, Nannochloris atomus, Nannochloropsis salina, Dunaliella primolecta, P. tricornutum, Chaetoceros muelleri Cellometer Auto M10 Cell Counting
Wingard, Christopher January 2014 C60 Exposure Augments Cardiac Ischemia/Reperfusion Injury and Coronary Artery Contraction in Sprague Dawley Rats Toxicological Sciences Right lung bronchoalveolar lavage (BAL) Cellometer Auto X4 Cell Counting
Getzenberg, Robert January 2014 Correlation of Sprouty1 and Jagged1 with Aggressive Prostate Cancer Cells with Different Sensitivities to Androgen Deprivation Journal of Cellular Biochemistry LNCaP and PC3 Cellometer Auto T4 Cell Counting
Kalinec, Frederico January 2014 In vitr o assessme nt of antir etr o viral drugs de monstr at es po t ential for o t o t o xicity Hearing Research Auditory HEI-OC1 Cellometer Auto T4 Cell Plating
Prusiner, Stanley January 2014 Novel compounds lowering the cellular isoform of the human prion protein in cultured human cells Bioorganic and Medicinal Chemistry T98G glioblastoma, IMR32 neuroblastoma cells, and N2a neuroblastoma Cellometer Auto T4 Cell Counting
Saha, Margaret January 2014 The role of voltage-gated calcium channels in neurotransmitter phenotype specification: coexpression and functional analysis in Xenopus laevis The Journal of Comparative Neurology Research in Systems Neuroscience Neural tissue Nexcelom Cellattice Cell Plating
Nabergoj, Dominik 2014 Evaluation of Anti-inflammatory and Proapoptotic Activities of Synthetic Clathrodin Analogues in Human THP-1 Monocytic Leukemia Cells Thesis THP-1 Celigo Apoptosis with Annexin 5
Haigis, Kevin M. December 2013 Comparative Analysis of Radiosensitizers for K-RAS Mutant Rectal Cancers PLOS ONE DLD-1 Auto T4 Trypan Blue Exclusion
Koulen, Peter December 2013 Insert sequence length determines transfection efficiency and gene expression levels in bicistronic mammalian expression vectors International Journal of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology HEK293 Auto T4 Cell Counting
Malik, Anushree December 2013 Effect of temperature and humidity on pathogenicity of native Beauveria bassiana isolate against Musca domestica L. Journal of Parasitic Diseases HQ917687 Cellometer Vision HSL Trypan Blue Viability
Di, Y. Peter December 2013 Increased Susceptibility to Pulmonary Pseudomonas Infection in Splunc1 Knockout Mice The Journal of Immunology BALF Cellometer Vision AO Counting
Maillard, Ivan December 2013 Hematopoietic stem cells are acutely sensitive to Acd shelterin gene inactivation The Journal of Clinical Investigation Liver Auto T4 Cell Counting
NOLTE, INGO December 2013 Evaluation of Stem Cell Marker Gene Expression in Canine Prostate Carcinoma- and Prostate Cyst-derived Cell Lines AntiCancer Research CT1258 Auto T4 Cell Counting
Schlaf, Rudy December 2013 Characterization of fully functional spray-on antibody thin films Applied Surface Science E. coli O157:H7 Cellometer Vision GFP Transfection
Lei, Qun-Ying December 2013 Acetylation in Response to Glucose Signal Dehydrogenase Is Activated by Lysine 254 Glyceraldehyde-3-phosphate Journal of Biological Chemistry Escherichia coli Cellometer Auto T4 Cell Proliferation
Maillard, Ivan December 2013 Hematopoietic stem cells are acutely sensitive to Acd shelterin gene inactivation Journal of Clinical Investigation RBCs Cellometer Auto T4 Cell Counting
An, Youn-Joo December 2013 Interactionofcitrate-coatedsilvernanoparticles with earthworm coelomicfluidandrelated cytotoxicityin Eisenia andrei Journal of Applied Toxicology Coelomocytes Cellometer Auto T4 Cell Counting
Pastorino, John December 2013 Mitoneet mediates TNFa-induced necroptosis promoted by exposure to fructose and ethanol The Company of Biologists hepatocytes Cellometer Vision Reactive oxygen species (ROS)
Lin, Ming-Fong December 2013 p66ShcLongevityProteinRegulatestheProliferationof HumanOvarianCancerCells Molecular Carcinogenesis CaOV-3 Cellometer Auto T4 Trypan blue viability
Dolfi, Sonia C November 2013 The metabolic demands of cancer cells are coupled to their size and protein synthesis rates Cancer & Metabolism NCI60 Cellometer Auto T4 Cell Size Measurement
Hansen, Deborah K. November 2013 Reevaluation of the embryonic stem cell test International Journal of Regulatory Science D3 mESC Cellometer Auto T4 Trypan Blue Exclusion
Kenkel, Jeffrey M. November 2013 Comparison of Adipocyte Viability and Fat Graft Survival in an Animal Model Using a New Tissue Liquefaction Liposuction Device vs Standard Coleman Method for Harvesting Aesthetic Surgery Journal Adipocytes Cellometer Vision Viability (PI)
Mahato, Ram I November 2013 Synthesis and Characterization of an Anti-Apoptotic Immunosuppressive Compound for Improving the Outcome of Islet Transplantation Bioconjugate Chemistry PBMC Cellometer Auto T4 Cell Counting
Jain, Sandeep November 2013 Tear Fluid Extracellular DNA: Diagnostic and Therapeutic Implications in Dry Eye Disease Investigative Ophthalmology and Visual Science Tear Fluid Cellometer Vision AOPI Viability
Liu, Guodong November 2013 Visual detection of microRNA with lateral flow nucleic acid biosensor Biosensors and Bioelectronics CCRF-CEM Cellometer Auto T4 Cell Counting
LaRusso, Nicholas November 2013 HDAC6 Is Overexpressed in Cystic Cholangiocytes and Its Inhibition Reduces Cystogenesis The American Journal of Pathology cholangiocytes Cellometer Auto T4 Cell Counting
Delneri, Daniela October 2013 Chimeric Protein Complexes in Hybrid Species Generate Novel Phenotypes PLOS Genetics S. cerevisiae Cellometer Auto M10 Concentration
Vazquez, A October 2013 Contribution of serine, folate and glycine metabolism to the ATP, NADPH and purine requirements of cancer cells Cell Death and Disease Colon Cancer Cellometer Auto T4 Cell Size
Chakravarti, Arnab October 2013 In vitro study of combined cilengitide and radiation treatment in breast cancer cell lines Radiation Oncology T-47D Cellometer Auto T4 Trypan Blue Exclusion
McGettrick, Helen October 2013 Analysis of the effects of stromal cells on the migration of lymphocytes into and through inflamed tissue using 3-D culture models Journal of Immunological Methods Peripheral Blood Lymphocytes Cellometer Auto T4 Counting
Fortin, Marc-Andre October 2013 Manganese-impregnated mesoporous silica nanoparticles for signal enhancement in MRI cell labelling studies† Nanoscale P388 Cellometer Auto T4 Trypan Blue Viability
Huang, P October 2013 Metabolic regulation of cancer cell side population by glucose through activation of the Akt pathway Cell Death and Differentiation NCI-H460 Cellometer Auto T4 Cell Proliferation
Eliseev, Roman October 2013 Cells Showing the Warburg Effect Permeability Transition in Osteosarcoma Mitochondrial Dysfunction and Journal of Biological Chemistry hFOB Unspecified Cellometer Cell Counting
MacFarland, Sherri October 2013 Exploitation of long-lived 3IL excited states for metal-organic photodynamic therapy: verification in a metastatic melanoma model. Journal of the American Chemical Society HL-60 Cellometer Auto T4 Plus Cell Counting
Davalos, R. V. October 2013 In Vitro and Numerical Support for Combinatorial Irreversible Electroporation and Electrochemotherapy Glioma Treatment Annals of Biomedical Engineering J3T Cellometer Vision Cell Counting
Banerjee, Subhadra October 2013 Expression of the B-Cell Receptor Component CD79a on Immature Myeloid Cells Contributes to Their Tumor Promoting Effects PLOS ONE PBMC Cellometer Auto T4 Cell Concentration
Shroyer, Kenneth September 2013 Prostate Cancer Stem Cell-Targeted Efficacy of a New- Generation Taxoid, SBT-1214 and Novel Polyenolic Zinc- Binding Curcuminoid, CMC2.24 PLOS ONE CSC Cellometer Auto T4 Clonogenic/Sphere-Forming Capacity
Bogoslovsky, Tanya September 2013 Cryopreservation and Enumeration of Human Endothelial Progenitor and Endothelial Cells for Clinical Trials Blood Disorders and Transfusion PBMC Cellometer Auto T4 Trypan Blue Exclusion
Lan, Ping September 2013 A 5-fluorouracil-loaded polydioxanone weft-knitted stent for the treatment of colorectal cancer Biomaterials HCT-116 Cellometer Auto T4 Cell Counting
Prusiner, Stanley September 2013 Antiprion compounds that reduce PrPSc levels in dividing and stationary-phase cells Bioorganic & Medicinal Chemistry ScN2a-cl3 Cellometer Auto T4 Counting
An, Youn-Joo September 2013 Derivation of guideline values for gold (III) ion toxicity limits to protect aquatic ecosystems Water Research P. subcapitata Cellometer Auto T4 Algae growth inhibition
Lemasters, John J. September 2013 Minocycline and doxycycline, but not other tetracycline-derived compounds, protect liver cells from chemical hypoxia and ischemia/reperfusion injury by inhibition of the mitochondrial calcium uniporter Toxicology and Applied Pharmacology Hepatocytes Cellometer Vision Viability
Zoon, Kathryn September 2013 Formation of Infectious Virus Particles Capsid Protein and Plays a Role in Nucleolin Interacts with the Dengue Virus Journal of Virology Hek293 Cellometer Auto T4 Trypan Blue Viability
Nichols, Michael R September 2013 The influence of gold surface texture on microglia morphology and activation Biomaterials Science BV-2 Cellometer Auto T4 Plus Cell Counting
Tizabi, Yousef September 2013 Protective Effects of Curcumin Against Rotenone and Salsolinol- Induced Toxicity: Implications for Parkinson’s Disease Neurotoxicity Research SH-SY5Y Cellometer Vision Apoptosis
Gildersleeve, Jeffrey September 2013 High-Throughput Profiling of Anti-Glycan Humoral Responses to SIV Vaccination and Challenge PLOS ONE Anti-IgA CP2 Bead Counting
Subramanian, Vidya August 2013 H2A.Z Acidic Patch Couples Chromatin Dynamics to Regulation of Gene Expression Programs during ESC Differentiation PLoS ONE Embryonic stem cells (ESC) AutoT4 Cell Counting
Louie, Maggie C. August 2013 Chronic Cadmium Exposure Stimulates SDF-1 Expression in an ERa Dependent Manner PLoS ONE MCF 7 Cellometer Mini Cell Counting
Migliaresi, C August 2013 Microencapsulation of cells in alginate through an electrohydrodynamic process Journal of Bioactive and Compatible Polymers B50 Cellometer Auto T4 Trypan Blue Viability
Suter, S.E. August 2013 Lymphoma Immunophenotype of Dogs Determined by Immunohistochemistry, Flow Cytometry, and Polymerase Chain Reaction for Antigen Receptor Rearrangements Journal of Veterinary Internal Medicine LN Cellometer Auto T4 Cell Counting
Zhang, Jianying August 2013 The effects of mechanical loading on tendons – an in vivo and in vitro model study PloS ONE TSC Cellometer Auto T4 Total Cell Number
Kotin, Robert M. August 2013 Production and Characterization of Novel Recombinant Adeno-Associated Virus Replicative-Form Genomes: A Eukaryotic Source of DNA for Gene Transfer PLOS ONE SF9 Cellometer Auto T4 Cell Density, Size and Viability
Parang, Keykavous July 2013 Surface Decorated Gold Nanoparticles by Linear and Cyclic Peptides as Molecular Transporters Molecular Pharmaceutics SK-OV-3 Cellometer Vision Trypan Blue Exclusion
Berger, Elizabeth A. July 2013 HIF-1a Is Essential for Effective PMN Bacterial Killing, Antimicrobial Peptide Production and Apoptosis in Pseudomonas aeruginosa Keratitis PLOS Pathogens Neutrophil, Peritoneal PMN Cellometer Vision GFP % Bacterial uptake
Pakhomov, Andrei G. July 2013 Two Modes of Cell Death Caused by Exposure to Nanosecond Pulsed Electric Field PLOS ONE U937 Cellometer Vision AOPI viability/Cell Diameter
Hodge, James W. July 2013 Combination Therapy with Local Radiofrequency Ablation and Systemic Vaccine Enhances Antitumor Immunity and Mediates Local and Distal Tumor Regression PLOS ONE MC38-CEA + Cellometer Auto T4 Trypan Blue Exclusion
Huang, Meng-Er July 2013 Redox-sensitive YFP sensors for monitoring dynamic compartment-specific glutathione redox state Free Radical Biology and Medicine HeLa Cellometer Auto T4 Cell Diameter
Kaltschmidt, Christian July 2013 1,8-Cineol inhibits nuclear translocation of NF-B p65 and NF-B-dependent transcriptional activity. Biochimica et Biophysica Acta HeLa Cellometer Auto T4 Trypan Blue Exclusion
Taylor, Julia A. July 2013 Metabolic disruption in male mice due to fetal exposure to low butnot high doses of bisphenol A (BPA): Evidence for effects on bodyweight, food intake, adipocytes, leptin, adiponectin, insulin andglucose regulation Reproductive Toxicology Adipocyte Cellometer Auto2000 Primary Cell A/O Staining
Stephanopoulos, Gregory July 2013 Reductive glutamine metabolism is a function of the -ketoglutarate to citrate ratio in cells. Nature Communications PC3, A549 Cellometer Auto T4 Cell number
Norelli, John June 2013 The potential role of PR-8 gene of apple fruit in the mode of action ofthe yeast antagonist, Candida oleophila, in postharvest biocontrol ofBotrytis cinereaJia Postharvest Biology and Technology C. oleophilia Cellometer Vision Cell Counting
McDonald, B. A. June 2013 An assay for quantitative virulence in Rhynchosporium commune reveals an association between effector genotype and virulence Plant Pathology Rhynchosporium Auto T4 Spore Counting
Malik, Anushree June 2013 Preparation, characterization, and insecticidal activity evaluation of three different formulations of Beauveria bassiana against Musca domestica Parasitology Research Condidia Vision Trypan Blue Exclusion
Shankar Pandey, Jing June 2013 Indentification of Small Molecules for Human Hepatocyte Expansion and iPS Differentiation Nature Chemical Biology Hepatocytes Cellometer Auto T4 Growth curve/ Proliferation
Thompson, Dawn June 2013 Evolutionary Principles of Modular Gene Regulation in Yeasts eLIFE S.cerevisiae, S. paradoxus, S. mikatae, S. bayanus, S. bayanusuvarum, C. glabrata, S. castellii, K. lactis, K. waltii, S. kluyveri, D. hansenii, C. albicans, Y. lipolytica, S. pombe, S. japonicus Cellometer Auto M10
Broder, Christopher C. June 2013 Host cell tropism mediated by Australian bat lyssavirus envelope glycoprioteins Virology N2a ; CCL-131; BHK, CCL-57, Hela-USU; PCI 13; CCRT, CCL-88; MDBK; CHO-K1; 293T, RK-13 Cellometer Vision GFP Expression
Lang, Mark L. June 2013 BAFF- and APRIL-Dependent Maintenance of Antibody Titers after Immunization with T-Dependent Antigen and CD1d-Binding Ligand The Journal of Immunology Splenocytes, Bone Marrow Cellometer Auto T4 Cell enumeration
Schweizer, Liang June 2013 Establishing a High-Throughput and Automated Cancer Cell Proliferation Panel for Oncology Lead Optimization Journal of Biomolecular Screening DU4475, MDA-MB231, MDA-MB468, HCT116, LS174T, Colo 205, CCRF-CEM, SET2, A549, NCI-H2087/ H661, A2780, LNCaP-FGC Cellometer Cell Counter Cell Counting
Wang, Xiaojia May 2013 Intravenously Delivered Graphene Nanosheets and Multiwalled Cardon Nanotubes Induce Site-specific Th2 Inflammatory Responses via the IL-33/ST2 Axis International Journal of Nanomedicine BALF Cellometer Auto X4 Fluorescent viability and cell counting using AO/PI for Primary cells
Li, Yi May 2013 5-Fluorouracil-loaded poly-L-lactide fibrous membrane for the prevention of intestinal stent restenosis Journal of Materials Science HCT-116 Cellometer Auto T4 Cell Number
Wilson, Todd M. May 2013 KIT GNNK splice variants: Expression in systemic mastocytosis and influence on the activating potential of the D816V mutation in mast cells Experimental Hematology Mast Cells, KIT-transduced IC2 cells Cellometer Auto T4 Cell Number
Nguyen, Thu Annelise May 2013 PQ1, a quinoline derivative, induces apoptosis in T47D breast cancer cells through activation of caspase-8 and caspase-9 Apoptosis T47D Auto2000 AOPI Viability
Kachroo, Priyanka May 2013 Age-Related Changes Following In Vitro Stimulation with Rhodococcus equi of Peripheral Blood Leukocytes from Neonatal Foals PLoS one Foal Leukoctyes Cellometer Auto T4
Singh, Harjeet May 2013 Manufacture of Clincal-Grade CD-19-Specific T Cells Stably Expressing Chimeric Antigen Receptor Using Sleeping Beauty System and Artifical Antigen Presenting Cells PLoS one PBMC, Daudi, NALM-6, EL-4 Cellometer Unspecfied Trypan blue viability
EL-Hage, Nazira May 2013 A Novel Bivalent HIV-1 Entry Inhibitor Reveals Fundamental Differences in CCR5-u-opioid Receptor Interactions in Human Glia Woltes Kluwer Health Primary Human Glial cells Cellometer Vision Fluorescent viability and cell counting using AO/PI for Primary cells
Lan, Ping May 2013 Changes of T cells and cytokines TGF-1 and IL-10 in mice during liver metastasis of colon carcinoma: implications for liver anti-tumor immunity. Journal of Gastrointestinal Surgery CT-26 Auto T4 Cell Counting
Chan, Leo April 2013 Automated quantification of budding Saccharomyces cerevisiae using a novel image cytometry method Journal of Industrial Microbiology and Biotechnology Saccharomyces Cerevisiae Cellometer Vision PI for Budding
Guercio, Annalisa April 2013 Canine Mesenchymal Stem Cells (MSCs): Characterization in Relation to Donor Age and Adipose Tissue-Harvesting Site Cell Biology International MSCs Cellometer Auto T4 Trypan blue viability
Vetro, Joseph A. April 2013 The efficacy of nuclease-resistant Chol-siRNA in primary breast tumors following complexation with PLL-PEG(5K) Biomaterials Breast Tumor Epithelial Cell Line Cellometer Auto T4 Trypan Blue Viability
Stice, Steven L. April 2013 Inhibition of DNA methyltransferases and histone deacetylases induces astrocytic differentiation of neural progenitors Stem Cell Research hNP (Neural Progenitor derived from hES) Cellometer Auto T4 Trypan Blue Exclusion
Hazlett, Linda D. April 2013 Mammalian Target of Rapamycin Regulates IL-10 and Resistance to Pseudomonas aeruginosa Corneal Infection Journal of Immunology PMN Cellometer Vision CBA Trypan Blue Exclusion
Braunhut, Susan J. April 2013 Quartz crystal microbalance measurements of mitochondrial depolarization predicting chemically induced toxicity of vascular cells and macrophages Analytical Biochemistry DH82 Auto T4 Trypan Blue Exclusion
Chou, Yu-Wei April 2013 Angrogens Upregulae Cdc25C Protein by Inhibiting Its Proteasomal and Lysosomal Degradation Pathways PLoS one LNCaP, MDA PCa2b, PC-3, DU-145, VCaP Cellometer Auto T4 Growth curve/ Proliferation
Barron, Luke April 2013 Role of Arginase 1 from Myeloid Cells in Th2-Dominated Lung Inflammation PLoS one Lung Leukocytes Cellometer Auto T4 Trypan blue viability
Tizabi, Yousef April 2013 PACAP Protects Against Salsolinol-Induced Toxicity in Dopaminergic SH-SY5Y Cells: Implication for Parkinsons Disease Journal of Molecular Neuroscience SH-SY5Y Cellometer Vision Apoptosis
Lim, Daniel V. March 2013 Automated Dead-End Ultrafiltration for Concentration and Recovery of Total Coliform Bacteria and Laboratory-Spiked Escherichia coli O157:H7 from 50-Liter Produce Washes To Enhance Detection by an Electrochemiluminescence Immunoassay Journal of Food Protection E.coli CP2 Cell Counting
Rusop, M. March 2013 Carbon Nanotubes in Cancer Treatment: A Preliminary In Vitro Study Using Neuroblastoma Cells Advanced Materials Research Neuroblastoma Not Specified Cell Viability
Beutler, John A. March 2013 Growth Inhibition of Human Colon Carcinoma Cells by Sesquiterpenoids and Tetralones of Zygogynum calothyrsum Journal of Natural Products COLO205, KM12 Cellometer Auto T4 Cell Counting
Wang, James H-C March 2013 Superparamagnetic Iron Oxide is Suitable to Label Tendon Stem Cells and Track Them In Vivo with MR Imaging Annals of Biomedical Engineering TSC Auto T4 Cell Counting
Zheng, Lixin March 2013 Quantitating Lymphocyte Programmed Cell Death In Vitro Using Simple Kill Assays Methods in Molecular Biology n/a Cellometer Mentioned Trypan Blue
Zhu, Ming March 2013 pSTAT3: a Target Biomarker to Study the Pharmacologu of the Anti-IL-21R Antibody ATR-107 in Human Whole Blood Journal of Translational Medicine CD4+ T cells Cellometer AutoT4
Hershkovitz, Vera March 2013 De-novo Assembly and Characterization of the transcriptome of Metschnikowia fructicola Reveals Differences in Gene Expression Following Interaction with Penicillium digitatum and Grapefruit Peel BMC Genomic Penicillium digitatum, Metschnikowia fructicola Cellometer Unspecfied
Wurz, Gregory March 2013 Antitumor Effects of L’BLP25 Antigen-Specific Tumor Immonutherapy in a Novel Human MUC1 Transgenic Lung Cancer Mouse Model Journal of Translational Medicine Splenocytes Cellometer Auto T4 Trypan blue viability
Huang, Hongzhou March 2013 Peptide Hydrogelation and Cell Encapsulation for 3D Culture of MCF-7 Breast Cancer Cells PLoS one MCF-7 Cellometer Auto 2000 Growth curve/ Proliferation
Muraki, Keiko March 2013 The Role of ATM in the Deficienct in Nonhomologous End-Joining near Telomeres in a Human Cancer Cell Line PLoS one EJ-30 clone B3 Cellometer Vision
Mei, Nan March 2013 Nitroxide TEMPO: A genotoxic and oxidative stress inducer in cultured cells Toxicology in Vitro TK6 Cellometer Auto T4 Trypan Blue Exclusion
Zhou, Huiping March 2013 Reduction of the HIV Protease Inhibitor-Induced ER Stress and Inflammatory Response by Raltegravir in Macrophages PLOS ONE J774A.1 macrophages Cellometer Vision AOPI
Sunita K, Agarwal February 2013 The embryonic transcription factor Hlxb9 is a menin interacting partner that controls pancreatic b-cell proliferation and the expression of insulin regulators Endocrine-Related Cancer MIN6 Cellometer Auto T4 Cellometer Number
Spetz, Anna-Lena February 2013 IFN-a Induces APOBEC3G, F, and A in Immature Dendritic Cells and Limits HIV-1 Spread to CD4+ T Cells Journal of Immunology MDDC, CD14+ Monocytes Cellometer Auto T4 Trypan Blue Exclusion
Zaharoff, David A. February 2013 Role of chitosan co-formulation in enhancing interleukin-12 delivery and antitumor activity Biomaterials MC38 Auto T4 Trypan Blue Exclusion
Zoon, Kathryn C. February 2013 Type I interferons induce autophagy in certain human cancer cell lines Autophagy Daudi Cellometer Vision CBA Cell Cycle
Williams, Kevin J. February 2013 An Essential Requirement for the SCAP/SREBP Signaling Axis to Protect Cancer Cells from Lipotoxicity Cancer Research U87Mg, U251, T98G, Sum159, CWR-R1 Cellometer Auto T4 Cell proliferation
Renzi, Anastasia February 2013 Modulation of the biliary expression of arylalkylamine N-acetyltransferase alters the autocrine proliferative responses of cholangiocytes Hepatology MCL-AANAT Cellometer Auto T4 Growth curve/ Proliferation
Ware, KE February 2013 A Mechanism of Resistance to Gefitinib Mediated by Cellular Reprogramming and the Acquisition of an FGF2-FGFR1 Autocrine Growth Loop Oncogenesis H1650, H1975, HCC827, HCC2279, HCC4006, PC9 Cellometer Unspecfied Growth curve/ Proliferation
Forgacova, Katarina February 2013 All Hematopoietic Stem Cells Engraft in Submyeloablatively Irradiated Mice ASBMT BMCs Cellometer Unspecfied
Thomas J Webster, Alexandra P Ross January 2013 Anodizing color coded anodized Ti6Al4V medical devices for increasing bone cell functions International Journal of Nanomedicine BT-1008 Cellometer Auto T4 Trypan blue viability
Marban, MD, PHD, Eduardo January 2013 Allogeneic Cardiospheres Safely Boost Cardiac Function and Attenuate Adverse Remodeling After Myocardial Infarction in Immunologically Mismatched Rat Strains Journal of the American College of Cardiology Cardiospheres Cellometer Cell size measurement
Tchounwou, Dr. Paul B. January 2013 Vernonia amygdalina – Induced Growth Arrest and Apoptosis of Breast Cancer (MCF-7) Cells Pharmacology & Pharmacy MCF-7 Cellometer Vision Apoptosis (Annexin V, Caspase3,8) / Necrosis (by PI usually)
Shankar Pandey, Gouri January 2013 Detection of Intracellular Factor VIII Protein in Peripheral Blood Mononuclear Cells by Flow Cytometry BioMed Research International PBMCs Cellometer Unspecfied Trypan blue viability
Lugli, Enrico December 2012 Identification, isolation and in vitro expansion of human and nonhuman primate T stem cell memory cells nature protocols TSCM Cells Cellometer Vision Fluorescent viability and cell counting using AO/PI for Primary cells
Scheer, Justin M. December 2012 Reorienting the Fab Domains of Trastuzumab Results in Potent HER2 Activators PLoS ONE BT474 Cellometer Auto T4 Growth curve/ Proliferation
Robertson, Kelly L. November 2012 Adaptation of the Black Yeast Wangiella dermatitidis to Ionizing Radiation: Molecular and Cellular Mechanisms PLoS ONE W. dermatitidis Cellometer Auto X4 Growth curve/ Proliferation
Wischmeyer, Paul E. November 2012 Fibronectin-Integrin Signaling Is Required for L-Glutamines Protection against Gut Injury PLoS ONE IEC-6 Cellometer Auto T4 Normalization
Hubbard, Simon J. November 2012 Quantitative analysis of chaperone network throughput in budding yeast Proteomics S. cerevisiae AutoM10 Cell Counting
Meade, B. Jean November 2012 Exposure to Triclosan Augments the Allergic Response to Ovalbumin in a Mouse Model of Asthma Toxicological Sciences BAL Auto T4 Cell Number
Pietilä, Elina November 2012 Optimization of siRNA Transfection for Breast and Flioma Cancer Cell Cultures Bachelor’s thesis / Opinnäytetyö (AMK) MCF 7 Cellometer Auto X4
Baron, Michael D. October 2012 GAnjam virus/Nairobi sheep disease virus induces a pro-inflammatory response in infected sheep Veterinary Research WBCs, MBDK, Vero-SLAM Cellometer Auto T4
Filbert, Helene October 2012 Serum-free freezing media support high cell quality and excellent ELISPOT assay performance across a wide variety of different assay protocols Cancer Immunology and Immunotherapy PBMC Nexcelom Cellometer Trypan blue viability
Nguyen, Thu Annelise October 2012 Gap Junction Enhancer Potentiates Cytotoxicity of Cisplatin in Breast Cancer Cells Cancer Science & Therapy T47D Cellometer Auto 2000 Trypan blue viability
Huang, Qiaoling October 2012 Mammalian cell-adhesion kinetics measured by suspension depletion Biomaterials MDCK, ATCC, CCL-34 Cellometer Auto T4
Létourneau, Mathieu October 2012 MnO-Labeled Cells: Positive Contrast Enhancement in MRI Journal of Physical Chemistry B HT-1080 Cellometer automated cell counter (?) Trypan blue viability
Shah, Hemangi B. October 2012 Type II NKT cells facilitate Alum-sensing and humoral immunity Journal of Leukocyte Biology Type II NK T, Spleen, bone marrow, LN Cellometer Auto T4
Miller, Christian October 2012 Mediator Phosphorylation Prevents Stress Response Transcription During Non-stress Conditions The Journal of Biological Chemistry RS453 Cellometer M10
Hutcheson, Jack October 2012 Modulating proximal cell signaling by targeting Btk ameliorates humoral autoimmunity and end-organ disease in murine lupus Arthritis Research & Therapy Spleen/Kidney Cellometer M10
Manevich, Y. October 2012 Allelic variants of glutathione S-transferase P1-1 differentially mediate the peroxidase function of peroxiredoxin VI and alter membrane lipid peroxidation Free Radical Biology and Medicine MCF-7 Cellometer Auto T4 Trypan blue viability
Podrez, Eugene A. October 2012 Engagement of Platelet Toll-Like Receptor 9 by Novel Endogenous Ligands Promotes Platelet Hyperreactivity and Thrombosis Circulation Research Platelet Auto M10 Platelet number
Verma, Manish October 2012 Sirtuin-3 Modulates Bak/Bax Dependent Apoptosis Journal of Cell Science HeLa, u2os, mda-mb-231 Cellometer Vision Apoptosis (Annexin V, Caspase3,8) / Necrosis (by PI usually)
Bennett, Richard L. September 2012 Increased Expression of the dsRNA-Activated Proteinkinase PKR in Breast Cancer Promotes Sensitivity to Doxorubicin PLoSONE MCF10A, MDA-MB-231, T-47D, MCF-7 Cellometer Auto T4 Trypan blue viability
Gallant-Behm,, Corrie L. September 2012 DNp63a represses anti-proliferative genes via H2A.Z deposition CSH Press – Genes & Development HEK293FT, H226, HaCaT, SC-13, Cal-27 Cellometer Auto T4 Cell Cycle
Helen, Huls September 2012 Imaging of genetically engineered T cells by PET using gold nanoparticles complexed to Copper-64 Integrative Biology Jurkat T cells Cellometer Auto T4 Trypan blue viability
Weckmann, Markus September 2012 Lamstatin – a novel inhibitor of lymphangiogenesis derived from collagen IV Journal of Cellular and Molecular Medicine HMVEC-Lly, HUVEC Cellometer Auto T4 Trypan blue viability
Liu, J. September 2012 Production of hydrogen peroxide and expression of ROS-generating genes in peach flower petals in response to host and non-host fungal pathogens Plant Pathology Monilinia fructicola Cellometer Vision Reactive oxygen species (ROS)
Byzova, Tatiana V. September 2012 Regulation of Cell Adhesion and Migration by Kindlin-3 Cleavage by Calpain The Journal of Biological Chemistry Platelet Cellometer Auto M10 Platelet Counting
Szymanski, Pawel T. September 2012 Sarcophine-diol inhibits expression of COX-2, inhibits activity of cPLA2, enhances degradation of PLA2 and PLC(γ)1 and inhibits cell membrane permeability in mouse melanoma B16F10 cells Marine Drugs CD-1 Auto T4 Plus Trypan blue viability
Medoff, Benjamin September 2012 IL-36a exerts pro-inflammatory effects in the lungs of mice. PLOS ONE Lung Lavage, BAL Cellometer Auto T4
Chattopadhyay, Sayani August 2012 Peptides that anneal to natural collagen in vitro and ex vivo Organic and Biomolecular Chemistry natural human dermal fibroblast (NHDF) Cellometer Auto T4 Plating cells
Petrovas, Constantinos August 2012 CD4 T follicular helper cell dynamics during SIV infection Journal of Clinical Investigation LN Cellometer Vision Growth curve/ Proliferation
Agarwal, Hitesh K. August 2012 Emtricitabine Prodrugs with Improved Anti-HIV Activity and Cellular Uptake Molecular Pharmaceutics T lymphoblastoid cells CCRF-CEM Cellometer Auto T4 Trypan blue viability
Debeb, Bisrat G. August 2012 Histone Deacetylase Inhibitors Stimulate Dedifferentiation of Human Breast Cancer Cells Through WNT/b-Catenin Signaling Stem Cells SUM159 Cellometer (?) Growth curve/ Proliferation
Mishra, Sapna August 2012 Nutritional optimization of a native Beauveria bassiana isolate (HQ917687) pathogenic to housefly, Musca domestica L. Journal of Parasitic Diseases Beauveria bassiana HQ917687 Cellometer Vision HSL Trypan blue viability
Wang, Juxian August 2012 Pharmacophore-Based Virtual Screening and Biological Evaluation of Small Molecule Inhibitors for Protein Arginine Methylation Journal of Medicinal Chemistry LNCaP C-81 Cellometer Auto T4 Growth curve/ Proliferation
Cecchi, Fabiola August 2012 Targeted Disruption of Heparan Sulfate Interaction with Hepatocyte and Vascular Endothelial Growth Factors Blocks Normal and Oncogenic Signaling Cancer Cell 184B5, U87, 293/KDR Cellometer (?) Growth curve/ Proliferation
Gibson, Christopher J. August 2012 Inflammatory Regulation of ABC Efflux Transporter Expression and Function in Microglia The Journal of Pharmacology and Experimental Therapeutics BV-2 Cellometer Vision ABC transporter inhibitor assay
Goldstein, David S. August 2012 Vesicular Uptake Blockade Generates the Toxic Dopamine Metabolite 3 4-Dihydroxyphenylacetaldehyde in PC12 Cells Relevance to the Pathogenesis of Parkinson Disease Journal of Neurochemistry PC12 Cellometer Auto T4
Chan, Leo July 2012 Novel image cytometric method for detection of physiological and metabolic changes in Saccharomyces cerevisiae Journal of Industrial Microbiology & Biotechnology Saccaromyces cerevisiae Cellometer Vision Fluorescent viability and cell counting using AO/PI for immune cells
Gao, Xiaohua July 2012 An essential role of p27 downregulation in fenvalerate-induced cell growth in human uterine leiomyoma and smooth muscle cells American Journal of Physiology – Endocrinology and Metabolism UtLM Cellometer Auto T4
Duran, M.C. July 2012 Enhanced protocol for CD14+ cell enrichment from equine peripheral blood via anti-human CD14 mAb and automated magnetic activated cell sorting Equine Veterinary Journal PBMCs Cellometer Auto T4 Trypan blue viability
Good, Miranda E. July 2012 Extracellular Loop Cysteine Mutant of Cx37 Fails to Suppress Proliferation of Rat Insulinoma Cells Journal of Membrane Biology iRin Cellometer Auto T4 Growth curve/ Proliferation
de Moraes, Mariana Agostini July 2012 Mechanical and Biological Performances of New Scaffolds Made of Collagen Hydrogels and Fibroin Microfibers for Vascular Tissue Engineering Macromolecular Bioscience Collagen type I Cellometer Cell Counting Chambers (SD100) Growth curve/ Proliferation
Faucher, Luc July 2012 Rapid Synthesis of PEGylated Ultrasmall Gadolinium Oxide Nanoparticles for Cell Labeling and Tracking with MRI ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces F98 Cellometer Auto T4 Trypan blue viability
Kvetnansky, R. July 2012 Stress stimulates production of catecholamines in rat adipocytes Cellular and Molecular Neurobiology Mesenteric adipose tissue adipocytes Cellometer Auto T4 Plus
Fiori, Stefano July 2012 Identification of differentially expressed genes associated with changes in the morphology of Pichia fermentans on apple and peach fruit FEMS, Yeast Research P. fermentans Cellometer Vision Counting
Dumas, Aline July 2012 Oncostatin M decreases interleukin-1B secretion by human synovial fibroblasts and attenuates an acute inflammatory reaction in vivo. Journal of Cellular and Molecular Medicine HSFs, LPs Cellometer Auto T4
Veeramani, Suresh July 2012 Reactive oxygen species induced by p66Shc longevity protein mediate nongenomic androgen action via tyrosine phosphorylation signaling to enhance tumorigenicity of prostate cancer cells Free Radical Biology and Medicine ASLNCaP-FGC, MDAPCa2b, VCaP, AI PC-3 Cellometer Auto T4 Reactive oxygen species (ROS)
Goodman, Cynthia June 2012 A cell line derived from the red flour beetle Tribolium castaneum (Coleoptera:Tenebrionidae) In Vitro Cellular and Developmental Biology-Animal T castaneum Cellometer Vision Cell size measurement
Kilfoyle, Brian June 2012 Development of paclitaxel-TyroSpheres for topical skin treatment Journal of Controlled Release HaCaT Cellometer Auto A4 Plating cells
Sui, Yuan June 2012 Pretreatment of the yeast antagonist, Candida oleophila, with glycine betaine increases oxidative stress tolerance in the microenvironment of apple wounds International Journal of Food Microbiology Candida oleophila Cellometer Vision
Lee, Dave June 2012 Improving metabolic flux predictions using absolute gene expression data BMC Systems Biology Saccaromyces cerevisiae Cellometer Auto M10
Chan, Leo June 2012 A novel image-based cytometry method for autophagy detection in living cells Autophagy HeLa Cellometer Vision Autophagy detection
Yik-Khuan, Ho June 2012 HTLV-1 tax-induced rapid senescence is driven by the transcriptional activity of NF-B and depends on chronically activated IKK and p65/RelA. Journal of Virology HeLa Cellometer Vision GFP Transduction
Ramaraju, Praveen June 2012 Synthesis and antimicrobial activities of structurally novel S,S-bis(hetero-substituted) disulfides Bioorganic and Medicinal Chemistry Letters Candida albicans CP2 Trypan blue viability
Chang, Hao-Ming June 2012 Trim71 cooperates with microRNAs to repress Cdkn1a expression and promote embryonic stem cell proliferation Nature Communications HeLa, Hek293 Cellometer Auto T4 Growth curve/ Proliferation
Zhang, Jianying June 2012 The Effects of Dexamethasone on Human Patellar Tendon Stem Cells: Implications for Dexamethasone Treatment of Tendon Injury Journal of Orthopaedic Research hTSC Cellometer Auto T4 Growth curve/ Proliferation
Clement, Yedjou May 2012 Basic apoptotic and necrotic cell death in human liver carcinoma (HepG2) cells induced by synthetic azamacrocycle Environmental toxicology HepG2 Cellometer Vision Apoptosis (Annexin V, Caspase3,8) / Necrosis (by PI usually)
Lovell, Kimberly May 2012 Semisynthetic neoclerodanes as kappa opioid receptor probes Bioorganic and Medicinal Chemistry Recombinant Chinese Hamster Ovary (CHO) Cellometer Auto T4 Plating cells
Huang, Weiwei May 2012 Triptolide Inhibits the Proliferation of Prostate Cancer Cells and Down-Regulates SUMO-Specific Protease 1 Expression PLoS ONE LNCaP, Pca, PC-3 Cellometer Auto T4 Trypan blue viability
Tate, Chandra r. May 2012 Targeting triple-negative breast cancer cells with the HDAC inhibitor Panobinostat Breast Cancer Research MDA-MB-157, MDA-MB-231, BT-549, MDA-MB-468, MDA-MB-361, MCF-7, ZR-7501, HEK293 Cellometer Vision Trypan blue viability
Oved, Keren May 2012 Genome-wide miRNA expression profiling of human lymphoblastoid cell lines identifies tentative SSRI antidepressant response biomarkers. Future Medicine: Pharmacogenomics LCL Cellometer Auto T4 Growth curve/ Proliferation
Surdo, Jessica Lo May 2012 Quantitative Approaches to Detect Donor and Passage Differences in Adipogenic Potential and Clonogenicity in Human Bone Marrow-Derived Mesenchymal Stem Cells Tissue Engineering: Part C hMSC Cellometer Trypan blue viability
Ray, Satyajit May 2012 Establishment of Human Ultra-Low Passage Colorectal Cancer Cell Lines Using Spheroids from Fresh Surgical Specimens Suitable for In Vitro and In Vivo Studies Journal of Cancer Colorectal Cancer Cells from Tumors Cellometer Auto T4 Trypan blue viability
Revelo, X.S. May 2012 In vitro effects of Escherichia coli lipopolysaccharide on the function and gene expression of neutrophils isolated from the blood of dairy cows Journal of Dairy Science bovine neutrophils Cellometer Vision Fluorescent viability and cell counting using AO/PI for Primary cells
Raoof, Mustafa May 2012 Chemosensitivation of Hepatocellular Carcinoma to Gemcitabine by Non-Invasive Radiofrequency Field-Induced Hyperthermia UT GSBS Dissertations and Theses Hep3B, HepG2, SNU449 Cellometer (Not specified)
Grasela, James May 2012 Development of cell lines from the cactophagous insect: Cactoblastis cactorum (Lepidoptera: Pyralidae) and their susceptibility to three baculoviruses In Vitro Cellular and Developmental Biology- Animal BCIRL-Cc-AM (derived from C. cactorum ovarian tissue), BCIRL-Cc-JG Cellometer Vision Trypan blue viability
Zhou, Hongyu April 2012 Accelerating the Multifunctionalization of Therapeutic Nanoparticles by Using a Multicomponent Reaction Chemistry: A European Journal HeLa, A549 Cellometer Auto T4
Pan, Hongjie April 2012 The Role of Tuberous Sclerosis Complex 1 in Regulating Innate Immunity The Journal of Immunology bone marrow derived macrophages Cellometer Auto T4 Cell size measurement
Farnung, Benjamin O. April 2012 Telomerase Efficiently Elongates Highly Transcribing Telomeres in Human Cancer Cells PLoS one HeLa , HCT116, DKO Cellometer Auto T4 Trypan blue viability
Cirak, Yalcin April 2012 Zoledronic acid in combination with serine/threonine phosphatase inhibitors induces enhanced cytotoxicity and apoptosis in hormone-refractory prostate cancer cell lines by decreasing the activities of PP1 and PP2A British Journal of Urology International PC-3 and DU-145 Cellometer Vision Trypan blue viability
Nevozhay, Dmitry March 2012 Mapping the Environmental Fitness Landscape of a Synthetic Gene Circuit PLoS Computational Biology Saccharomyces cerevisiae YPH500 Cellometer Auto T4
Sun, Mai March 2012 Comparative dynamic transcriptome analysis (cDTA) reveals mutual feedback between mRNA synthesis and degradation Genome Research RPB1, rpb1-N488D, rpb1-1 Cellometer
Chattopadhyay, Sayani March 2012 Collagen Mimetic Peptides for Wound Assessment and Healing ProQuest Dissertations and Theses NHDF Cellometer Auto T4
Shulga, Nataly February 2012 GRIM-19-mediated translocation of STAT3 to mitochondria is necessary for TNF-induced necroptosis Journal of Cell Science L929 Cellometer Reactive oxygen species (ROS)
Ali, Syed A. February 2012 A RUNX2-HDAC1 co-repressor complex regulates rRNA gene expression by modulating UBF acetylation Journal of Cell Science SaOS-2 Cellometer Auto T4 Growth curve/ Proliferation
Diep, Caroline H. February 2012 Down-Regulation of Yes Associated Protein 1 Expression Reduces Cell Proliferation and Clonogenicity of Pancreatic Cancer Cells PLoS ONE AsPC-1, BxPC-3, Capan-1, CFPAC-1, PANC-1, MIA PaCa-2, Hs 766T, HPAF-II, HPDE6, Htert- hpne Cellometer Auto T4
Li, Zhuang-hua February 2012 Copper-transporting adenosine triphosphatase (ATP7A) is associated with platinum-resistance in non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC) Journal of Translational Medicine A549 Cellometer Auto T4
Wawro, Debra February 2012 Photonic Sensor System for Screening Serun Biomarker Proteins in Ovarian Cancer Basic Science Perspective Caov-3, TOV-21G Cellometer Auto T4 Plating cells
Zuch, Daniel February 2012 Targeting Radioresistant Osteosarcoma Cells with Parthenolide Journal of Cellular Biochemistry SaOS2, LM7 Cellometer Automated Cell Counter Growth curve/ Proliferation
Joyce, Nancy February 2012 Potential of human umbilical cord blood mesenchymal stem cells to heal damaged corneal endothelium Molecular Vision Corneal endothelial cells Cellometer Auto T4 Trypan blue viability
Ehrentraut, Heidi February 2012 Adora2b Adenosine Receptor Engagement Enhances Regulatory T Cell Abundance during Endotoxin-Induced Pulmonary Inflammation PLoS ONE BAL Leukocytes, Splenocytes, CD4, T cells Cellometer Auto T4 Trypan blue viability
Guercio, Annalisa February 2012 Production of canine mesenchymal stem cells from adipose tissue and their application in dogs with chronic osteoarthritis of the humeroradial joints Cell Biology International [adipose-derived MSC (mesenchymal stem cell Auto T4 Trypan Blue Viability
O’Connor, Colleen M. February 2012 Adoptive T-cell therapy improves treatment of canine non-Hodgkin lymphoma post chemotherapy Scientific Reports T-cells and PBMC Cellometer Auto T4 Trypan blue viability
Powell, Emily February 2012 Identification of Estrogen Receptor Dimer Selective Ligands Reveals Growth-Inhibitory Effects on Cells That Co-Express ER(alpha) and ER(beta) PLoS ONE T47D-KBLuc cells Cellometer Cell Counter (TB Viability) Plating cells
Lock, Eric F. January 2012 Quantitative High-Throughput Screening for Chemical Toxicity in a Population-Based In Vitro Model Toxicological Sciences Lymphoblast Cellometer Auto T4 Plus Trypan blue viability
Clark, Eva H. January 2012 Plasmodium falciparum Malaria in the Peruvian Amazon, a Region of low Transmission, Is Associated with Immunologic Memory Infection and Immunity PBMC Cellometer Auto T4 Trypan blue viability
Holmuhamedov, Ekhson L. January 2012 Ethanol Suppresses Ureagenesis in Rat Hepatocytes: Role of Acetaldehyde The American Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Hepatocytes Cellometer Vision Fluorescent viability and cell counting using AO/PI for Primary cells
Liu, Jia January 2012 Increase in antioxidant gene transcripts, stress tolerance and biocontrol efficacy of Candida oleophila following sublethal oxidative stress exposure FEMS Microbiology Ecology Candida oleophila Cellometer Vision
Renzi, Sabrina January 2012 Mesenchymal Stromal Cell Cryopreservation Biopreservation And Biobanking MSC, Ede Cellometer Trypan blue viability
Liu, Jia January 2012 Increase in antioxidant gene transcripts, stress tolerance and biocontrol efficacy of Candida oleophila following sublethal oxidative stress exposure Federation of European Microbiological Societies Candida oleophila Cellometer Vision
Hong, Cynthia January 2012 Coordinate regulation of neutrophil homeostasis by liver X receptors in mice The Journal of Clinical Investigation Neutrophils Cellometer Vision Trypan blue viability
Davidi, Lital January 2012 Characterization of major lipid droplet proteins from Dunaliella Planta Dunaliella salina Cellometer M10 Growth curve/ Proliferation
Grunow, B. December 2011 Isolation of cells from Atlantic sturgeon Acipenser oxyrinchus oxyrinchuse and optimization of culture conditions Aquatic Biology Larvae Cellometer Vision Growth curve/ Proliferation
Morag, Ayelet December 2011 Genome-wide expression profiling of human lymphoblastoid cell lines identifies CHL1 as a putative SSRI antidepressant response biomarker Future Medicine/ Pharmacogenomics LCL Cellometer Auto T4 Growth curve/ Proliferation
Szymanski, Pawel T. December 2011 Sarcophine-Diol, a Skin Cancer Chemopreventative Agent, Inhibits Proliferation and Stimulates Apoptosis in Mouse Melanoma B16 F10 Cell Line Marine Drugs B16 F10 (numbers are subscripted) Cellometer Auto T4 Plus Trypan blue viability
Patel, Eshan December 2011 CO-exposure to nickel and cobalt chloride enhances cytotoxicity and oxidative stress in human lung epithelial cells Toxicology and Applied Pharmacology H460 Cellometer Vision
Cai, Xiongwei December 2011 Runx1 Loss Minimally Impacts Long-Term Hemotopoietic Stem Cells PLoS ONE HSC Cellometer Vision
Sethu, Palaniappan December 2011 Clinical application of microfluidic leukocyte enrichment protocol in mild phenotype sickle cell disease (SCD) Biomedical Microdevices Leukocyte-enriched sample, PBMC Cellometer Auto T4 Cell Number
Kalhan, A. November 2011 Adenosine A2A and A2B receptor expression in neuroendocrine tumours: potential targets for therapu Purinergic Signalling BON-1, KRJ-I Cellometer Auto T4 Growth curve/ Proliferation
Chan, Leo L. November 2011 A novel method for kinetic measurements of rare cell proliferation using Cellometer image-based cytometry Journal of Immunological Methods B1 B cells Cellometer Vision Growth curve/ Proliferation
Chikova, Anna November 2011 Naturally Occurring Variants of Human A9 Nicotinic Receptor Differentially Affect Bronchial Cell Proliferation and Transformation PLoS ONE BEP2D Cellometer Auto T4 Growth curve/ Proliferation
Herrmann, Jeremy November 2011 TGF-alpha Equalizes Age Disparaties in Stem Cell-Mediated Cardioprotection Journal of Surgical Research MSC Cellometer Auto T4
Liu, Jia November 2011 Effect of heat treatment on inhibition of Monilinia fructicola and induction of disease resistance in peach fruit Postharvest Biology and Technology M. fructicola Cellometer Vision
Bordin, Angela I. November 2011 Neutrophil function of neonatal foals in enhanced in vitro by CpG oligodeoxynucleotide stimulation Veterinary Immunology and Immunopathology Neutrophils Cellometer Auto T4
Guven, Adem November 2011 Cisplatin@US -tube carbon nanocapsules for enhanced chemotherapeutic delivery Biomaterials MCF-7, MDA-MB-231 Cellometer Auto T4
Piras, Vincent November 2011 Enhancing apoptosis in TRAIL-resistant cancer cells using fundamental response rules Nature HT1080 Cellometer Vision Apoptosis (Annexin V, Caspase3,8) / Necrosis (by PI usually)
Yu, Cheng-Rong October 2011 Persistence of IL-2 expressing Th17 cells in healthy humans and experimental autoimmune uveitis European Journal of Immunology Th17-DP cells Cellometer Automatic Cell counter Trypan blue viability
Espinosa, Avelina October 2011 Discrimination, Crypticity, and Incipient Taxa in Entamoeba The Journal of Eukaryotic Microbiology IP-1 and VK-1:NS Cellometer Vision Growth curve/ Proliferation
Kala, Sushila October 2011 Escherichia coli attaches to human spermatozoa: affecting sperm parameters Scholars Research Library Sperm Not specified (CP-2?) Growth curve/ Proliferation
Ismail, A. A. October 2011 Effects of High-Mobility Group A Protein Application on Canine Adipose-Derived Mesenchymal Stem Cells In Vitro Veterinary Medicine International Adipose-derived Mesenchymal Stem Cells Cellometer Auto2000
Patel, Akshal S. October 2011 Identification and enumeration of circulating tumor cells in the cerebrospinal fluid of breast cancer patients with central nervous system metastases Impact Journals: Oncotarget SKBR3, SF767 Cellometer Auto T4 Growth curve/ Proliferation
Locasale, Jason September 2011 Phosphoglycerate Dehydrogenase Diverts Glycolytic Flux and Contributes to Oncogenesis Nature Genetics HEK293T, H1299, MCF-10A Auto T4 Growth curve/ Proliferation
Chan, Leo Li-Ying September 2011 A rapid detection method for apoptosis and necrosis measurement using the Cellometer imaging cytometry Apoptosis Jurkat Cellometer Vision Apoptosis (Annexin V, Caspase3,8) / Necrosis (by PI usually)
Bernzweig, Julie September 2011 Anti-breast Cancer Agents, Quinolines, Targeting Gap Junction Journal of Medicine Chemistry T47D Cellometer Auto T4 Trypan blue viability
Montserrat, Anguera September 2011 Tsx Produces a Long Noncoding RNA and Has General Functions in the Germline,Stem Cells and Brain PLoS Genetics Mouse ES, 293T Unspecified Plating cells
Langenhan, Joseph M. September 2011 Synthesis and biological evaluation of RON-neoglycosides as tumor cytotoxins Carbohydrate Research Basal Epithelial Cellometer Auto T4 Plating cells
Roland, Wibke S.U. September 2011 Soy Isoflavones and Other Isoflavonoid Activate the Human Bitter Taste Receptors hTAS2R14 and hTAS2R39 Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry HEK 293 Cellometer Auto T4 Trypan blue viability
Locasale, Jason W September 2011 Phosphoglycerate dehydrogenase diverts glycolytic flux and contributes to oncogenesis Nature Genetics T.T., Human Melanoma Cellometer Auto T4 Growth curve/ Proliferation
Francis, Heather L. September 2011 Histamine stimulates the proliferation of small and large cholangiocytes by activation of both IP3/Ca2+ and cAMP-dependent signaling mechanisms Laboratory Investigation Pure Cholangiocytes Cellometer Auto T4 Growth curve/ Proliferation
Anding, Allyson L. September 2011 4-Hydroxybenzyl Modification of the Highly Teratogenic Retinoid, 4-[(1E)-2-(5,5,8,8-Tetramethyl-5,6,7,8-tetrahydro-2-naphthalenyl)-1- propen-1-yl]benzoic Acid (TTNPB), Yields a Compound That Induces Apoptosis in Breast Cancer Cells and Shows Reduced Teratogenicity Chemical Research in Toxicology MCF-7 Cellometer Auto X4 Apoptosis (Annexin V, Caspase3,8) / Necrosis (by PI usually)
Sundaresan, Alamelu September 2011 Cellular effects of lunar simulant mineral dust on Human Airway Epithelial Cells Interdisciplinary Transport Phenomena VII: Fluid, Thermal, Biological, Materials and Space Sciences Calu-3 Cellometer Auto T4 Trypan blue viability
Cecchini, Sylvain August 2011 Reproducible High Yields of Recombinant Adeno-Associated Virus Produced Using Invertebrate Cells in 0.2- to 200-Liter Cultures Human Gene Therapy Sf9, BIIC Auto T4 Trypan blue viability
Possemato, Richard August 2011 Functional genomics reveal that the serine synthesis pathway is essential in breast cancer Nature MDA-MB-468, MCF-10, BT-20,HCC70 Not specified Normalization
Nguyen, Hoang-Lan August 2011 Oxidative Stress and Prostate Cancer Progression are Elicited by Membrane-Type 1 Matrix Metalloproteinase (MT1-MMP) Molecular Cancer Research COS-1 Cellometer Auto T4 Plating cells
Zhang, Changfeng August 2011 Effects of Beta-aminobutyric acid on control of postharvest blue mould of apple fruit and its possible mechanisms of action Postharvest Biology and Technology P. expansum Cellometer Vision
Uhl, Elizabeth August 2011 Identification of Altered MicroRNA Expression in Canine Lymphoid Cell Lines and Cases of B- and T-Cell Lymphomas Genes, Chromosomes, & Cancer GL-1; CL-1, LN, PBMC Cellometer Auto T4
Matic, Ivan August 2011 Absolute SILAC-Compatible Expression Strain Allows Sumo-2 Copy Number Determination in Clinical Samples Journal of Proteome Research HeLa, sperm, CLL Cellometer Auto T4
Liu, Mei August 2011 Gene Expression of innate Th1-, Th2-, Th17-type cytokines during early life of neonatal foals in response to Rhodococcus equi Cytokine BAL fluid Cellometer Auto T4
Zhou, Yiran August 2011 Poly(ADP-ribosyl)ation Pathways in Mammals: The Advantage of Murine PARG Null Mutation Methods in Molecular Biology PARG null and W/T embryonic trophoblast stem cells Cellometer Vision Apoptosis (Annexin V, Caspase3,8) / Necrosis (by PI usually)
Yao, Hang-Ping July 2011 The Monoclonal Antibody Zt/f2 Targeting RON Receptor Tyrosine Kinase as Potential Therapeutics Against Tumor Growth-Mediated by Colon Cancer Cells Molecular Cancer HT-29, 3t3, mouse fb Auto T4 Growth curve/ Proliferation
Madiwale, Gaurav P. July 2011 Storage Elevates Phenolic Content and Antioxidant Activity but Suppresses Antioproliferative and Pro-apoptotic Properties of Colored-Flesh Potatoes against Human Colon Cancer Cell Lines Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry HCT-116, HT-29 Cellometer Vision/T4 Growth curve/ Proliferation
Yao, Hang-Ping July 2011 The monoclonal antibody Zt/f2 targeting RON receptor tyrosine kinase as potential therapeutics against tumor growth-mediated by colon cancer cells Molecular Cancer HT-29 Cellometer Auto T4 Growth curve/ Proliferation
Michalova, Jana July 2011 Hematopoietic Stem Cells Survive Circulation Arrest and Reconstitute Hematopoiesis in Myeloablated Mice American Society for Blood and Marrow Transplantation Bone Marrow Cellometer Auto T4
Chu, Uyen B. July 2011 Characterization of Interactions of 4-Nitrophenylpropyl-N-alkylamine with Sigma Receptors Biochemistry GPLM, RLM, Hek-293 Cellometer Auto T4 Plating cells
Austen, William July 2011 A Novel Approach to Adipocyte Analysis Plastic and Reconstruction Surgery Adipocyte Cellometer Vision Trypan Blue
Chou, Yu-Wei July 2011 Histone deacetylase inhibitor valproic acid suppresses the growth and increases the androgen responsiveness of prostate cancer cells Cancer Letters LNCap C-33, C-81 Cellometer Auto T4 Growth curve/ Proliferation
Holland, William L. July 2011 The Pleiotropic Actions of Adiponectin are Initiated via Receptor-Mediated Activations of Ceramidase Activity NIH Public Access Primary neonatal ventricular cardiomyocytes Cellometer Vision Trypan blue viability
Toepfer, Nicholas June 2011 Atorvastatin induces autophagy in prostate cancer PC3 cells through activation of LC3 transcription Cancer Biology & Therapy PC3, HEK293, BE2C Cellometer Auto T4 Growth curve/ Proliferation
Talebian, Laleh June 2011 Novel mobilization strategies to enhance autologus immune effector cells in multiple myeloma Front Bioscience, Elite Edition T cells, K562, RPMI8226 Cellometer Auto T4 Trypan blue viability
Sampson, Erik R. June 2011 The Orally Bioavailable Met Inhibitor PF-2341066 Inhibits Osteosarcoma Growth and Osteolysis/Matrix Production in a Xenograft Model Journal of Bone and Mineral Research hFOB, TE85, MNNG OS Cellometer Auto T4 Growth curve/ Proliferation
Farina, Annarita June 2011 Temporal proteomic profiling of embryonic stem cell secretome during cardiac and neural differentiation Proteomics ESC, EB Cellometer Auto T4 Trypan blue viability
Lee, Moo-Seung June 2011 Shiga toxins induce autophagy leading to differential signalling pathways in toxin-sensitive and toxin resistant human cells Cellular Microbiology Primary PBMCs, THP-1 Cellometer Automated Cell counter
D’Elia, Riccardo June 2011 Inhibition of Francisella tularensis LVS infection of macrophages results in a reduced inflammatory response: evaluation of a therapeutic strategy for intracellular bacteria FEMS Immunology & Medical Microbiology Digested Lung Tissue Cellometer Auto T4 Plating cells
Perrier, Emeline June 2011 Analysis of collagen expression during chondrogenic induction of human bone marrow mesenchymal stem cells Biotechnology Letters Bone Marrow-derived mesenchymal stem cells Cellometer Auto T4 Growth curve/ Proliferation
Kiehl, Thomas R. June 2011 Observations of Cell Size Dynamics Under Osmotic Stress Cytometry Part A CHO Cellometer Auto T4 Trypan blue viability
Sa, Qila May 2011 EMILIN2 (Elastin Microfibril Interface Located Protein), Potential Modifier of Thrombosis Thrombosis Journal Platelet, EOMA, NIH3T3, Raw264.7 Auto M10
Yang, L. May 2011 FZD7 Has a Critical Role in Cell Proliferation in Triple neagative Breast Cancer Oncogene MDA-MB-231, BT-20 Auto T4 Growth curve/ Proliferation
Jacobsen, Ilse May 2011 Pathogenesis of Candida albicans Infections in the Alternative Chorio-Allantoic Membrane Chicken Embryo Model Resembles Systemic Murine Infections PLoS ONE Candida albicans Auto T4
Ouellet, Veronique May 2011 CCN3 Impairs Osteoblast and Stimulates Osteoclast Differentiation to Favor Breast Cancer Metastasis to Bone The American Journal of Pathology 66cl4, RAW264.7 Cellometer Growth curve/ Proliferation
Shapovalov, Yuriy May 2011 Mitchondrial Dysfunction in Cancer Cells due to Aberrant Mitochondrial Replication The American Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Fetal Osteoblasts, 143B, Saos2 Cellometer Auto T4 Growth curve/ Proliferation
Credille, B.C. May 2011 Plasma and pulmonary disposition of ceftiofur and its metabolites after intramuscular administration of ceftiofur crystalline free acid in weanling foals Veterinary Pharmacology and Therapeutics BAL Cellometer Auto T4
Zierold, Claudia May 2011 Developing mechanistic insights into cardiovascular cell therapy: Cardiovascular Cell Therapy Research Network Biorepository Core Laboratory rationale American Heart Journal Bone Marrow, PBMC Cellometer Auto T4 Trypan blue viability
Gagnon, Joelle May 2011 Investigation of Improvements in the Quality of Life for Cancer Patients None (Thesis) HepG2 Cellometer X4 Trypan blue viability
Harada, Taishi May 2011 Role and Relevance of TrkB Mutations and Expression in Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer Clinical Cancer Research Baf3, A549, NCI-H1355/ H1373/ H1466/ H1944/ H2077/ H2087/ H2122/ H23/ H2347/ H3122/ H854/ H322/ H358/ H820/ H720/ H1299/ H1725/ H460/ H1173/ H128/ H211/ H592/ H620/ H678/ H69/ H82. NIH3T3 Auto T4 Growth curve/ Proliferation
Singh, Harjeet May 2011 Reprogramming CD19-Specific T Cells with IL-21 Signaling Can Improve Adoptive Immunotherapy of B-Lineage Malignancies Cancer Research K562-derived T cells Cellometer Auto T4 Trypan blue viability
Casalino, Laura May 2011 An Automated High Throughput Screening-Compatible Assay to Identify Regulators of Stem Cell Neural Differentialtion Molecular Biotechnology ESC Cellometer M10 Plating cells
Hafeman, S.D. May 2011 Bisphosphonates signigicantly increase the activity of doxorubicin or vincristine against canine malignant histiocytosis cells Veterinary and Comparative Oncology DH82, MH-1, MH-2 Cellometer Auto T4 Trypan blue viability
Ashley, Carlee E. May 2011 Cell-Specific Delivery of Diverse Cargos by Bacteriophage MS2 Virus-like Particles American Chemical Society Hep3B/””G2, PLC/PRF/5, Hepatocytes, T-lymphocytes, B-lymphocytes Cellometer (Not specified)
Ali, Rahat April 2011 Comparative Analysis of micronuclei and DNA damage induced by Ochratoxin A in two mammalian cell lines Mutation Research CHO-K1-BH4, TK6 Cellometer Auto T4 Trypan blue viability
Godoy, Jose R. April 2011 Segment-specific overexpression of redoxins after renal ischemia and reperfusion: protective roles of glutaredoxin 2, peroxiredoxin 3, and peroxiredoxin 6 Free Radical Biology and Medicine HeLa, HEK293 Cellometer Growth curve/ Proliferation
O. de Jong, Jill L. April 2011 Characterization of immune-matched hematopoietic transplantation in zebrafish Blood wild-type AB Cellometer
Miller, Douglas April 2011 Subtelomeric regions in mammalian cells are deficient in DNA double-strand break repair DNA Repair EJ-30 clone B3 Cellometer Vision
Ghosh, Jayeeta April 2011 Computational modeling of in vitro biological responses on polymethacrylate surfaces Polymer NIH/3T3 Cellometer Auto T4 Plating cells
Kropat, Janette March 2011 A Revised Mineral Nutrient Supplement Increases Biomass and Growth Rate in Chlamydomonas reinhardtii The Plant Journal CC-3269, CC-425, CC-125, CC-1690 Auto M10 Cell size measurement
Chan, Leo L. March 2011 Cellometer Vision as an Alternative to Flow Cytometry for Cell Cycle Analysis, Mitochondrial Potential, and Immunophenotyping Cytometry: Journal of the International Society for Advancement of Cytometry Jurkat cells, Lymphocytes, splenocytes Cellometer Vision Cell Cycle
Dhar, R. March 2011 Adaptation of Saccharomyces cerevisiae to saline stress through laboratory evolution Journal of Evolutionary Biology BY4741 Cellometer Auto M10 Cell size measurement
Robertson, Kelly L. March 2011 Engineered T4 Viral Nanoparticles for Cellular Imaging and Flow Cytometry Bioconjugate Chemistry A549 Cellometer Vision
Pakhomova, Olga February 2011 Electroporation-Induced Electrosensitization PLoS ONE Jurkat E6-1, human T lymphocytes, U-937, CHO-K1, human monocytes Vision Fluorescent viability and cell counting using AO/PI for Primary cells
Burr, Diana February 2011 Treatment with Connexin 46 siRNA Suppresses the Growth of Human Y79 Retinoblastoma Cell Xenografts in vivo Experimental Eye Research Y79 Auto T4 Trypan blue viability
Casalino, Laura February 2011 Control of Embryonic Stem Cell Metastability by L-Proline Catabolism Journal of Molecular Cell Biology TBV2, R1 ESC Auto T4 Trypan blue viability
Pathak, Shresh February 2011 IL-1B; Is Overexpressed and Aberrantly Regulated in Corticosteroid Nonresponders with Autoimmune Inner Ear Disease The Journal of Immunology PBMC Cellometer Auto T4 Trypan blue viability
Lightell Jr., Daniel James February 2011 Loss of Canonical Insulin Signaling Accelerates Vascular Smooth Muscle Cell Proliferation and Migration Through Changes in p27Kip1 Regluation Endocrinology Vascular Smooth Muscle Cells VSMC Cellometer Auto T4 Growth curve/ Proliferation
Pakhomova, Olga N. February 2011 Electroporation-Induced Electrosensitization PLoS ONE Jurkat E6-1 cell line, Human T Lymphocytes, U-937, Human Monocytes, CHO Cellometer Vision Fluorescent viability and cell counting using AO/PI for immune cells
Chen, Q. February 2011 Does oxygen concentration affect shedding of trophoblastic debris or production of inflammatory mediators from first trimester human placenta Placenta HMEC-1 Cellometer Auto T4 Cell size measurement
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Shu, Shi September 2010 Expression of Y53A-Actin in Dictyostelium Disrupts the Cytoskeleton and Inhibits Intracellular and Intercellular Chemotactic Signaling Journal of Biological Chemistry Dictyostelium AX3 Cellometer Auto T4 Growth curve/ Proliferation
Zhang, Jianying August 2010 Platelet-Rich Plasma Releasate Promotes Differentiation of Tendon Stem Cells into Active Tenocytes The American Journal of Sports Medicine Patellar Tendon Stem Cells (PTSC) Cellometer Auto T4 Growth curve/ Proliferation
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Dhar, Kakali August 2010 Tumor cell-derived PDGF-B potentiates mouse mesenchymal stem cells-pericytes transition and recruitment through an interaction with NRP-1 Molecular Cancer C3H, MDA-MB-23, PaCa-2, MCF-7 Cellometer Auto T4 Trypan blue viability
Ahn, Janice Y. August 2010 Retinoic acid accelerates downregulation of the Xist repressor, Oct4, and increases the likelihood of Xist activation when Tsix is deficient BMC Developmental Biology J1, EL16.7, CG7, 3F1 Cellometer Auto T4 Fluorescent viability and cell counting using AO/PI for Primary cells
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Moore, Alicia B. June 2010 Human uterine leiomyoma-derived fibroblasts stimulate uterine leiomyoma cell proliferation and collagen type l production, and activates RTKs and TGF beta receptor signaling in coculture Cell Communication & Signaling Primary fibroblasts, UtML, UtSMC Cellometer Auto T4 Plus Growth curve/ Proliferation
Hershfield, Michael S. June 2010 Treating gout with pegloticase, a PEGylated urate oxidase, provides insight into the importance of uric acid as an antioxidant in vivo PNAS CCRF-CEM Cellometer Auto T4 Cell Counting
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Zhang, Yu June 2010 The Proliferation and Differentiation of Osteoblasts in Co-Culture with Human Umbilical Vein Endothelial Cells: An Improved analysis using Fluorescence Activated Cell Sorting Cellular and Molecular Biology Letters MG-63, HUVEC Cellometer Auto T4 Growth curve/ Proliferation
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Zhang, Zhiyuan May 2010 Notch3 in Human Breast Cancer Cell Lines REgulates Osteoblast-Cancer Cell Interactions and Osteolytic Bone Metastasis Tumorigenesis and Neoplastic Progression Hbmob, MDA-MET^28 Cellometer (Not Specified) Apoptosis (Annexin V, Caspase3,8) / Necrosis (by PI usually)
Velez, Nadia May 2010 NS-1 mammalian cell culture in a bench top stirred tank bioreactor Bioprocess Development & Training Complex NS-1 Cellometer Auto T4 Trypan blue viability
Ganapathy-Kanniappan, Shanmugasundararm April 2010 The Pyruvic Acid Analog 3-Bromopyruvate Interferes with the Tetrazolium Reagent MTS in the Evaluation of Cytotoxicity ASSAY and Drug Development Technologies HepG2,Vx-2 Cellometer Auto T4 Trypan blue viability
Yao, Liu D. April 2010 MyD88 expression in the rat dental follicle: implications for osteoclastogenesis and tooth eruption European Journal of Oral Sciences DF Cellometer Auto T4
Manuri, Pallavi V. Raja April 2010 piggyBac transposon/transposase system to generate CD19-specific T cells for the treatment of B-lineage malignancies. Human Gene Therapy Daudi cells, GFP+ U251T Cellometer (Not specified) Trypan blue viability
Karabulut, Bulent March 2010 Regulation of apoptosis-related molecules by synergistic combination of all-trans retinoic acid and zoledronic acid in hormone-refractory prostate cancer cell lines Molecular Biology Reports PC-3, DU-145 Cellometer Auto T4 Trypan blue viability
Alno, Nora March 2010 Development of a three-dimensional model for rapid evaluation of bone substitutes in vitro: Effect of the 45S5 bioglass Journal of Biomedical Materials Research hFOB Cellometer Auto T4 Plus Growth curve/ Proliferation
Kannan, Pavitra March 2010 N-desmethyl-Loperamide Is Selective for P-Glycoprotein among Three ATP-Binding Cassette Transporters at the Blood-Brain Barrier Drug Metabolism and Disposition KB-3-1, MCF-7, H460 Not specified (most likely T4) ABC transporter inhibitor assay
Liu, Xiong March 2010 Mutation of Actin Tyr-53 Alters the Conformations of the DNase I-bindind Loop and the Nucleotide-binding Cleft The Journal of Biological Chemistry Dictyostelium, AX3, G-418 Cellometer Auto T4 Growth curve/ Proliferation
Zhang, Jianying March 2010 Mouse Treadmill Running Enhances Tendons by Expanding the Pool of Tendon Stem Cells (TSCs) and TSC-Related Cellular Production of Collagen Journal of Orthopaedic Research TSC Cellometer Auto T4
Orsburn, Benjamin March 2010 Differential Requirement for H2AX and 53BP1 in Organismal Development and Genome Maintenance in the Absence of Poly(ADP)ribosyl Polymerase 1 Molecular and Cellular Biology Thymocytes, CD-4, CD8a, CD3, B-Cell Cellometer Auto T4
Rothenburg, S. Michael March 2010 A Genome-Wide Screen for Microdeletions Reveals Disruption of Polarity Complex Genes in Diverse Human Cancers Cancer Research Cancer Cell line Cellometer Auto T4 Trypan blue viability
Rose, April A.N. March 2010 Glycoprotein Nonmetastatic B Is an Independent Prognostic Indicator of Recurrence and a Novel Therapeutic Target in Breast Cancer Clinical Cancer Research MDA-MB-453, MDA-MB-468 Cellometer Auto T4 Trypan blue viability
Ali, Syed A. March 2010 Transcriptional corepressor TLE1 functions with Runx2 in epigenetic repression of ribosomal RNA genes PNAS Osteoblastic cells, SaOS-2 Cellometer Auto T4 Growth curve/ Proliferation
Buttice, Audrey L. March 2010 Removal of Sediment and Bacteria from Water Using Green Chemistry Environmental Science & Technology Bacillus cereus Cellometer (Not specified)
Kambhampati, Suman March 2010 2-Methoxyestradiol Inhibits Barrett’s Esophageal Adenocarcinoma Growth and Differentiation through Differential Regulation of the Beta-Catenin-E-Cadherin Axis Molecular Cancer Therapeutics Bic-1, MDA-MB-231, MCF-7, PC-3, Mia-Paca2, OE33 Cellometer Auto T4 Trypan blue viability
Uslu, Ruchan March 2010 Regulation of apoptosis-related molecules by synergistic combination of all-trans retinoic acid and zoledronic acid in hormone-refractory prostate cancer cell lines Molecular Biology Reports PC3, DU175 Cellometer Auto T4 Trypan Blue Exclusion
Liu, Jia February 2010 Glycine betaine improves oxidative stress tolerance and biocontrol efficacy of the antagonistic yeast Cystofilobasidium infirmominiatum International Journal of Food Microbiology C. infirmominiatum, P expansum Cellometer Vision
Wang, Lihua H. February 2010 Monitoring Drug-Induced yH2AX as a Pharmacodynamic Biomarker in Individual Circulating Tumor Cells Clinical Cancer Research MCF7, PC-3, SKOV-3, HT-29 Cellometer Cell Counter
Shea, Barry S. January 2010 Prolonged Exposure to Sphingosine 1-Phosphate Receptor-1 Agonists Exacerbates Vascular Leak, Fibrosis, and Mortality after Lung Injury The American Journal of Respiratory Cell Molecular Biology HUVEC, BAL Cellometer Auto T4
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Varol, U. December 2009 The Effect of Racemic Gossypol and AT-101 On Angiogenic Profile of OVCAR-3 Cells: A Preliminary Molecular Framework for Gossypol Enantiomers Experimental Oncology OVCAR-3 Cellometer Trypan blue viability
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Wadugu, Brian A. December 2009 DNA Interstrand Cross-Linking Activity of (1-Chloroethenyl)oxirane, a Metabolite of Beta-chloroprene Chemical Research Toxicology 6C2 Cellometer Auto T4 Trypan blue viability
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Dovey, Michael December 2009 Oncogenic NRAS Cooperates with p53 Loss to Generate Melanoma in Zebrafish Zebrafish Zebrafish tumor cells Cellometer Cell Counter
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Chen, L.M. November 2009 IL-6, TNFa and TGFb Promote Nonapoptotic Trophoblast Deportation and Subsequently Causes Endothelial Cell Activation Placenta HMEC-1/Shed Trophoblasts Cellometer Auto T4
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Faber, Anthony October 2009 Differential induction of apoptosis in HER2 and EGFR addicted cancers following PI3K inhibition PNAS Medical Sciences HCC827/HCC 827 GR6/ PC9 Cellometer Auto T4 Normalization
Yang, Youfeng August 2009 UOK 262 cell line, fumarate hydratase deficient (FH-/FH-) hereditary leiomyomatosis renal cell carcinoma: in vitro and in vivo model of an aberrant energy metabolic pathway in human cancer Cancer Genetics and Cytogenetics UOK 262 Cellometer Auto T4 Growth curve/ Proliferation
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Qiao, Mu July 2009 Thiol Oxidative Stress Induced by Metabolic Disorders Amplifies Macrophage Chemotactic Responses and Accelerates Atherogenesis and Kidney Injury in LDL Receptor-Deficient Mice Arteriosclerosis, Thrombosis, and Vascular Biology Macrophage Cellometer Vision
Jung, Goeh July 2009 The Dictyostelium type V myosin MyoJ is responsible for the cortical association and motility of contractile vacuole membranes The Journal of Cell Biology JH10 (WT) Cellometer Auto T4 Trypan blue viability
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Brimacombe, Kyle R. June 2009 A Dual-Fluorescence High-Throughput Cell Line System for Probing Multidrug Resistance Assay and Drug Development Technologies OVCAR-8-DsRed2, NCI/ADR-RES-EGFP Cellometer (Not specified) Growth curve/ Proliferation
Chen, Q. June 2009 Anti-phospholipid Antibodies Increase Non-apoptotic Trophoblast Shedding: A Contribution to the Pathogenesis of Pre-eclampsia in Affected Women Placenta HMEC-1 Cellometer Auto T4 Cell size measurement
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Xiao, Funian April 2009 Electrically-Enhanced Chemodrug Delivery to Human Breast Cancer BIOMEDICAL MCF-7cell line Cellometer Auto T4 Trypan blue viability
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Duncan, Joseph A. March 2009 Neisseria gonorrhoeae Activates the Proteinase Cathepsin B to Mediate the Signaling Activities of the NLRP3 and ASC-Containing Inflammasome The Journal of Immunology Macrophage, THP-1 Cellometer Auto T4 Trypan blue viability
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Leskinen, Stephaney D. February 2009 Detection of E.coli O157:H7 in Complex Matrices under Varying Flow Parameters with a Robotic Fluorometric Assay System Frontiers in Pathogen Detection: From Nanosensors to Systems O157:H7 Cellometer Auto T4 Plating cells
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Gozgit, Joseph M. September 2008 Effects of the JAK2 Inhibitor, AZ960, on Pim/BAD/BCL-xL Survival Signaling in the Human JAK2 V617F Cell Line SET-2 The Journal of Biological Chemistry SET-2, Ba/F3 Cellometer Auto T4 Growth curve/ Proliferation
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Lichti, Ulrike April 2008 Isolation and short-term culture of primary keratinocytes, hair follicle populations and dermal cells from newborn mice and keratinocytes from adult mice for in vitro analysis and for grafting to immunodeficient mice PROTOCOL Newborn Keratinocytes Nexcelcom Cellometer Auto T4
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Guan, M. January 2008 Adenovirus-mediated restoration of expression of the tumor suppressor gene DLC1 inhibits the proliferation and tumorigenicity of aggressive, androgen-independent human prostate cancer cell lines: prospects for gene therapy Cancer Gene Therapy LNCaP, PC-3, 293A Cellometer (Not specified) Trypan blue viability
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