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Cellometer-Applications-Wheel SINGLE SAMPLE Navigate Image q t t Current Image t u q p p p p p t t p p Re-Count Return Navigate Image q t t Current Image View Data File View Size Histogram Image t u q p p p p p t t p p C Sample ID: Dilution Factor: B l o o d TNC Clinical Blood Samples,WBCs in Whole Blood,PBMCs, Platelets Blood-Based Samples U n i q u e A s s a y s Insect Cells, Goat Semen,Rainbow Beads Unique Assays/Cell Types V i a b i l i t y Viability using Trypan Blue, Viability using AO/PIComparing Trypan Blue and AO/PI Staining Methods Induced Necrosis, Viability Measurements using PIAlternate Membrane Exclusion Dyes Viability B r e w e r y Brewery/Biofuels Yeast in Brewing, Ale and Lager Yeast Yeast in Biofuel, Advanced Yeast Analyses I - O Adoptive Cell Transfer Therapy,Immunology Immuno-Oncology P r i m a r y C e l l s Adipocytes, Fresh and Cryopreserved Primary Hepatocytes, Stem Cells Primary Cells C e l l C o u n t i n g History of the Hemacytometer,Sources of Hemacytometer Counting Errors,The Disposable Hemacytometer,Counting Mammalian Cells Using a Hemacytometer, Counting Yeast Cells Using a Hemacytometer, Comparing Manual & Automated Counting Methods Cell Counting F l u o r e s c e n c e GFP Transfection,Apoptosis, Cell CycleSurface Marker/Protein Detection,Autophagy Fluorescent Assays B r i g h t F i e l d NCI-60 Cancer Cell Lines,Cell Size Assay Bright Field