Counting Cells with a Hemacytometer

Counting cells with hemacytometer
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History of the Hemacytometer

The hemacytometer has been an essential tool for hematologists, medical practitioners, and biologists for over a century. Read the full history.

Sources of Hemacytometer Counting Errors

From mixing and handling to cell distribution and accuracy, examine the sources and solutions of errors when using a hemacytometer.

The Disposable Hemacytometer

Streamline manual counting and reduce the chance of cross-contamination by using a disposable hemacytometer slide: CP2.

Counting Mammalian Cells Using a Hemacytometer

Detailed outline on how to use a hemacytomer to obtain a cell concentration and viability using mammalian cells.

Counting Yeast Cells Using a Hemacytometer

Detail outline on how to use a hemacytomer to obtain a concentration and viability (crystal violet and methylene blue) of yeast samples.

Comparing Manual and Automated Counting Methods

Comparison between A2K and a hemacytometer for accuracy, reproducibility and linearity following the recommended testing guidelines set by NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology).