Live Cell Analysis for Adherent Cell Growth Tracking

Celigo Direct Cell Counting Benefits

  1. Rapid scanning and analysis of multi-well plates; 384-well plate can be analyzed in <5 min
  2. Easy-to-use interface to image and identify a wide variety of cells in bright field
  3. Determine growth characteristics of cells in situ, directly where they are grown
  4. Reports growth curves, cell counts, confluence, doubling time and doubling rate for each well
  5. Analyze cells growing in T-flasks (T-25 and T-75); T-75 flasks can be analyzed in ~15 min
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Growth Tracking of Adherent Cells During or Post Drug Treatment

Determination of the growth characteristics of primary cells and cell lines requires live cell analysis methods and can be accurately analyzed in only a few minutes using the Celigo cell imaging cytometer. The Celigo provides a unique combination of bright field imaging, image segmentation and analysis tools for researchers to monitor their cell cultures. Specifically, whole-well imaging and label-free bright field cell counting allow the Celigo user to generate growth curves over time and monitor cell counts, doubling time and doubling rate, and measure confluence at the individual well level.

Label-free, Non-destructive, No Need to Trypsinize Adherent Cells

The growth tracking application automatically integrates label-free cell counts of the same well/flask from different time points to provide a live cell analysis method to directly direct measurement measure of growth rates and doubling times, which is also a good overall assessment of cell health.

Two Live Cell Analysis Methods to Produce a Label-Free Proliferation Curve

Method 1 – Cell Segmentation

cell segmentation - Cell Growth Tracking

The first method is to use cell segmentation, in which each cell is identified by the image analysis software to produce cell count. This method requires customization of the analysis parameters for each cell type.

Method 2 – Cell Confluence

measure cell confluence - Cell Growth Tracking

The second method is to measure confluence of the cell colonies. This method is most universal and applicable to the majority of cell types without customization.

Cell growth tracking using Celigo

cell segmentation - Cell Growth Tracking

Growth curves for CHO (DUXB11) cells grown in 96-well plates over 120 hours. Cells were imaged and counted using the Celigo Cell Counting application.

Streamlined cell culture maintenance using Celigo

measure cell confluence - Cell Growth Tracking

Example of workflow and output for monitoring adherent cell cultures in 96-well plates. Cells can be imaged and counted in culture vessels without staining or harvesting. Celigo updates and returns growth curves automatically.

Cell Count

cell count

Cell growth curves are displayed in a 96-well plate

Cell growth curves are displayed in a 96-well plate