Live Cell Analysis for Suspension Cell Counting

Benefits of Celigo Cell Counting Applications

  1. Rapid bright field imaging and label-free in situ analysis of cells
  2. Whole-well image capture with a 1 u/pixel resolution
  3. Imaging of multi-well plates (1536-well to 6-well) and T-flasks (T-25 and T-75)
  4. Easy-to-use interface to image and identify a wide variety of cell types in bright field
  5. Straightforward image segmentation and cell identification software
  6. Graphic and numeric reports of growth curves, cell counts, doubling time and doubling rates

Cell Counting

The Celigo cell counting application a reliable live cell analysis method and features whole-well and label-free bright field imaging. It dramatically improves the counting accuracy of cell cultures and eliminates the need for detachment enzymes and hematocytometers to determine cell culture density. The flexibility and ease-of-use of the Celigo cell counting application also allow cell growth to be monitored over time and facilitates the daily management of cultures. The standardization of this process leads to increased consistency of quantitative cell-based assays.

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Proliferation Assay and Cytotoxicity Assay for Drug Screening Introduction

Celigo direct cell counting procedure

Celigo direct cell counitng procedure

Celigo Counting Benefits

  1. Image and count cells directly in situ
  2. Label-free cell counting requires no reagents
  3. Accurate, whole-well bright field imaging and segmentation counts every cell in every well
  4. Multiple reads of the same sample reduce cost and effort
  5. Accurate normalization of wells using the actual number of cells in each well
  6. Allows for morphological inspection and analysis