Resources: Cellometer and Celigo Applications Notes

Application Notes for Cell Analysis

Application Title Model Link
T-cell Immuno-phenotyping Novel Method for T-cell Immuno-phenotyping Using Image Cytometry Spectrum Download »
Cell counting, Seahorse™ normalization Normalization of Agilent Seahorse™ XF Data with Bright Field-Based Direct Cell Counting Celigo Download »
Cell proliferation Celigo® provides an alternative method to Cell Titer-Glo® for proliferation studies in suspension cells Celigo Download »
ADCC, Cell-mediated cytotoxicity, CDC, Calcein AM, PI Direct Cell Counting Assays for Immuno Therapy Celigo Download »
Cell Counting and Characterization Celigo Cell Counting Characterization Celigo Download »
Spheroid Analysis Non-invasive spheroid analysis and characterization Celigo Download »
Cell Counting Rapid label free direct cell counting in measurement of cell proliferation for compound screening Celigo Download »
Growth Tracking Automated label free growth tracking and culture management within flasks and multi well plates Celigo Download »
Cell Health Rapid cell based in situ cell health assessments Celigo Download »
Cell Cycle Cell cycle analysis on Celigo Celigo Download »
Transfection Optimization Transfection Optimization Using Expression Analysis Celigo Download »
Label Free Automated Cell Growth Tracking for Cytotoxicity, Proliferation Celigo Download »
Stem Cell Monitor iPSC Reprogramming, Stem Cell Pluripotency, Differentiation Celigo Download »
3D Tumor Spheroid Automated Imaging and Analysis of 3D Tumor Spheroids, Cancer Stem Cells Celigo Download »
Fluorescence Assays Multiplex Fluorescence Assays for Oncology Research Celigo Download »
Cell Line Development Cell Line Development – Single Cell Detection, Clonal Validation, Transfection Celigo Download »
Neonatal Cardiomyocytes Isolation, Quantitation and Viability Analysis of Neonatal Cardiomyocytes using Cellometer Cellometer Vision Download »
Cell Cycle Image-Based Analysis of Cell Cycle Using PI Cellometer Vision CBA Download »
Hepatocyte Development of a Novel Method to Assess Primary Hepatocyte Concentration and Viability Cellometer Vision Download »
GFP Transfection Quantitative Measurement of GFP Transfection Rates in 60 Seconds Cellometer Vision Download »
Apoptosis Rapid Detection of Apoptosis in Jurkat Cells with FITC Conjugated Annexin-V Cellometer Vision Download »
Adipocytes Automated Counting and Sizing Freshly Isolated Adipocytes with Minimal Sample Preparation Cellometer Vision Download »
Clumpy Cells Cellometer Tips for Counting Clumpy Cells Cellometer Download »
Primary Neuron Growth Monitoring Primary Neuron Growth and Development on Microruled Cell Culture Plates: Evaluation Utilizing Cryopreserved Rat DRG Neurons Cellatice Download »

Application Notes for Automated Cell Counting

Application Title Cellometer Model Link
Cell counting for single cell genomics Importance of Accurate Cell Counting for Single Cell Sequencing Platforms Using the Cellometer K2 Fluorescent Viability Cell Counter Cellometer K2 Download »
Cell counting, phytoplankton Alternative Image-Based Technique for Phytoplankton
Cell Counts in Shellfish Aquaculture
Cellometer Auto T4 Download »
Primary Cell Analysis Enumeration and Viability of Nucleated Cells from Bone Marrow, Cord Blood, and Mobilized Peripheral Blood Cellometer Auto 2000 Download »
PBMCs Concentration & Viability of PBMCs without Lysing Cellometer Auto 2000 Download »
Stem Cells Automated Methods for Counting and Analyzing Stem Cell Samples Cellometer Download »
WBCs Direct Count of White Blood Cells from Peripheral Blood Sample without Lysing Red Blood Cells Cellometer Vision Download »
PI Viability Simple, Fast Determination of Viability by Staining Cells with Propidium Iodide Cellometer Vision Download »
Insect Cells Insect Cell Counting and Size Analysis Using Cellometer Auto T4 Cellometer Auto T4 Download »
Cell Counting Cell Counting Repeatability and Consistency Cellometer Auto T4 Download »

Application Notes for Breweries and Biofuels

Application Title Cellometer Model Link
Yeast Yeast Concentration and Viability using Image-Based Fluorescence Analysis Cellometer X2 Download »