Demo on Demand: Modern Cell-based Assays for Cell and Gene Therapy Using Image Cytometry

modern cell and gene therapy

Watch this 30-minute virtual demo.

The Celigo Image Cytometer offers whole-well imaging and direct cell counting with best-in-class brightfield and fluorescent imaging for analyzing adherent and suspension cells directly in plates, flasks, and dishes of all sizes.

Many leading labs have used a Celigo plate-based imaging system to directly measure multiplex cell-based assays in real-time. The Celigo offers scientists the ability to perform many tasks with ease:

  • Screen and identify AAV-GFP vectors with a combined transduction efficiency and expression level analysis
  • Cell-based in vitro neutralization assays to identify pre-existing antibodies in patients
  • High throughput cell-mediated cytotoxicity assay directly counts live, fluorescently-labeled target cells
  • Perform kinetic T cell proliferation and activation assays
  • Fast results with quantification of cells in less than 5 minutes for brightfield and less than 8 minutes for fluorescence
  • Create beautiful publication-worthy multi-channel whole-well images
  • Count and analyze every cell in every well
  • A combination of brightfield and 4 fluorescent channels (green, red, far-red, and blue)
  • Accurately quantify cells and colonies and measure adherent cells without trypsinization
  • Even illumination and consistent image contrast from well edge to well edge