Measure Apoptosis in 3D Tumor Spheroids

Monitor Apoptosis in 3D Tumor Spheroids

  1. Directly image tumor spheroids in various microwell formats
  2. Non-invasive bright field imaging allows the user to image the same plate over multiple days
  3. Perform a two-color fluorescent viability assay
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The Celigo imaging cytometer has been developed to fully automate live cell analysis of tumorspheres. This automated morphometric analysis tool significantly reduces the time and effort needed to quantify key aspects of 3D spheres including size, growth, growth tracking over time and response to chemotherapeutics.

automate imaging and analysis of tumorspheres

Measure an Increase in Caspase 3/7 Activity in HCT116 3D Tumor Spheroids

caspase-3-7 activity in tumor spheroids

HCT116R2 and HCT116 spheroids were stained with caspase 3/7 reagent and imaged. The above images present a merge of bright field and caspase 3/7 (green) images.