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Below is a list of peer-reviewed journals, such as Nature, Breast Cancer Research and Journal of Cell Biology, that reference Celigo imaging cytometer. See how our customers are using the Celigo image cytometer in their research.

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wdt_ID Author Last Author First Title Journal Month Year Description of cells Description of how Celigo was used
1 Li Qin Silencing of synaptotagmin 13 inhibits tumor growth through suppressing proliferation and promoting apoptosis of colorectal cancer cells International Journal of Molecular Medicine January 2020 RKO and HCT116 Celigo cell counting assay was performed to detect the effect of SYT13 knockdown on the proliferation of RKO and HCT116 cells. Cell images were captured using Celigo image cytometer once per day for 5 days.
2 Tong Xing TINAG mutation as a genetic cause of pectus excavatum Medical hypotheses January 2020 hFOB1.19 cells Cell proliferation was inhibited in TINAG-silenced hFOB1.19 cells, as demonstrated by the results of Celigo (P
3 Kudsy Mary NUC-7738, a novel ProTide modification of 3’-deoxyadenosine, activates AMPK and kills renal cancer cells in vitro Molecular Cancer Therapeutics December 2019 Nine renal cancer cell lines The effect of NUC-7738 on the growth and confluence of nine renal cancer cell lines was assessed using SRB assay and Celigo scanner, under both 0.5% oxygen and normoxic conditions.
4 Zheng Yongchang GTSE1, CDC20, PCNA, and MCM6 Synergistically Affect Regulations in Cell Cycle and Indicate Poor Prognosis in Liver Cancer Analytical Cellular Pathology: The Journal of the European Society for Analytical Cellular Pathology December 2019 Human hepatoma cell BEL-7404 Celigo allowed rapid imaging and quantification of cellular fluorescence expression After plating, plates were analyzed using Celigo equipped with green fluorescence channel every 24 h for 5 days.
5 Heinze Annekathrin The Synergistic Use of IL-15 and IL-21 for the Generation of NK Cells From CD3/CD19-Depleted Grafts Improves Their ex vivo Expansion and Cytotoxic Potential Against Neuroblastoma Frontiers in Immunology December 2019 Tumor spheroids produced from SK-N-AS cells and co-incubated with CIK or NK cells Tumor spheroids were produced from 10,000 SK-N-AS cells and co-incubated with 200,000 CIK or NK cells. The cultures were imaged via a Celigo cell cytometer after 6 h, 24 h, 3, 5, 8 and up to 10 days.
6 Masci Allyson Integration of Fluorescence Detection and Image-Based Automated Counting Increases Speed, Sensitivity, and Robustness of Plaque Assays Molecular Therapy Methods & Clinical Development September 2019 V27 cells, VERO cells Results demonstrate that automated plaque counting by the Celigo imager is comparable to the traditional method of counting and highlights the potential to eliminate subjectivity in analyst to analyst bias.
7 Schneider Deborah The E3 ubiquitin ligase RNF40 suppresses apoptosis in colorectal cancer cells Clinical Epigenetics Journal July 2019 HCT116, HT-29, RKO, SW48, and SW837 cells Proliferation was tested by seeding 2000–5000 cells onto 96-well assay plates and measuring the confluence daily using a Celigo S cell imaging cytometer.
8 Wu Lun Gene expression alterations of human liver cancer cells following borax exposure Oncology Reports May 2019 HepG2 Cells Infected with Adenovirus The plates were scanned using Celigo Image Cytometer Instrumentation to acquire images every 24 h, measuring the number of viable cells with 5-day sequential monitoring.
9 Lucotti Serena Aspirin blocks formation of metastatic intravascular niches by inhibiting platelet-derived COX-1/thromboxane A2 The Journal of Clinical Investigation March 2019 CTCs For transwell migration and invasion assays, 5000 CTCs were resuspended in serum-free DMEM and seeded ... After 20 hours, cells adherent to the bottom well were fixed with 2% PFA, and GFP+ cells were counted with a Celigo
10 Yuan Yuan MAT2B promotes proliferation and inhibits apoptosis in osteosarcoma by targeting epidermal growth factor receptor and proliferating cell nuclear antigen International Journal of Oncology March 2019 U-2OS and MNNG/HOS cells U-2OS cells with green fluorescence were observed and counted using a Nexcelom Celigo Image Cytometer.
Author Last Author First Title Journal Month Year Description of cells Description of how Celigo was used